Best way to spice up your relationship

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best way to spice up your relationship

Most couples will go through dry spells when they have sex less. Here are five ways to spice up your sex life no matter how long you have been. One way to spice things up in a relationship is to dress a little sexier. Is there a favorite Set up a living room or a bedroom with just the right tone. Turn down the. You need to spice up your relationship because you're feeling that you've fallen into the same roles day after day. What better way to spice up your relationship.

Dress up for date night.

best way to spice up your relationship

When you decide on a date night, you should make a special effort to look nice. You both can dress up much nicer than you need to just to feel good and have fun. Girls can put on sexy, stunning dresses and high heels, and their men can even put on a suit or a nice coat.

You'll feel sexier if you walk around looking sexy. Even if you're not having date night, make a point of looking nicer than average for a while.

This will make both of you feel more inclined for romance. Don't forget to compliment your honey's looks. Be sweet and romantic. Tell him how cute he looks, or how great his blue eyes look against his shirt.

Once you look the part, you can act the part. If you're dressed up and ready for romance, then it's time to do something romantic. Going on romantic dates will spice up your relationship and make you more eager to get it on once the date is over. Here are some great date ideas for romance: Sit together and look at the stars.

Bring a bottle of wine and some chocolate along with you. Pick a night when you know there's a full moon, and kiss as you look up at the heavens. Listen to romantic music together. Go to a smoky jazz club and caress your partner's hand as you groove to the music. Dress up and see a concert pianist. Sipping some delicious wine and taking rides through wine country will put you in the romantic mood.

Go for a ride. Take a hot air balloon ride, a ride of a horse and carriage, or even drive near the beach with the top down. Walk along the beach as the sun is setting. Have a romantic picnic. Go to a park and split a bottle of wine, a delicious salad, and some cheese and crackers. Have a romantic date inside your own home. You can't go on a romantic date all the time, but you can make your environment more romance-ready.

Cook a simple but delicious meal, turn the lights down low, and lights some candles. Turn on some jazz and you'll be even more turned on. Though every night can't be date night, you should schedule a date night as often as you can. At least once a week should do the trick. Whether you're on a hot air balloon ride or at the grocery store, you can always find ways to add more romance to your relationship. You have to learn how to think and act romantically no matter where you are.

Say romantic things in a creative way. Leave little notes around the house that let your loved one know how much he really means to you. Even a post-it note on the mirror will do the trick. If you're a girl, kiss your loved one at unexpected times and tell him how amazing he is or how he looks.

If you're a guy, be a gentleman. Pull out chairs, open doors, and give your woman her coat if she's cold, or even if she insists she isn't cold. Write a love poem to your honey. Just pour your heart out. You can even go to a park and spend an hour writing romantic notes or poems to each other and then exchange them. Never forget to compliment your honey for his best attributes. Tell him how much you love him every morning and day, and right before you go to bed. Be romantic even when you're apart.

Whether you're both off at work or if one of you is away for a few days, don't forget to send a text message, email, or voicemail that says how much you love your significant other. Spend more time just kissing.

Spicing up your relationship isn't just about making love. It's about enjoying every little thing about your loved one, which includes his tender kisses. Communication can be romantic.

Make time to talk to share your thoughts and feelings with your loved one. Take the time to write your loved one a long letter about how you're feeling. Method Being More Naughty 1 Get naughty with food. The right food can make your relationship and your sex life naughtier and much more exciting. Don't be afraid to get naughty with your favorite sexy foods. Here are some tricks to try: If you're a girl, have your man pour some wine on your chest and lick it off.

Suck on a popsicle, mint, or an ice cube and then either kiss or pleasure your significant other. Enjoy the new sensation. Eat when you're naked. If you're eating sexy foods, like fruits and chocolate, this will get you more in the mood. Have dessert for dinner. Put it in naughty parts of your body and have your significant other eat it off of you.

Put little chocolates on your significant other's naked body and eat it off. Don't use your hands — only your mouth. Dirty talk can help you feel more excited and will put some of the spice back into your relationship. Whether you're giving your lover some dirty talk under the sheets or if you're texting or talking on the phone, dirty talk can help put you in the mood for doing the dirty. Be naughty on the phone. Tell your honey what you wish he could do to you. Plan a meeting so you can make your fantasies a reality, or have some phone sex.

Talk dirty before any foreplay.

best way to spice up your relationship

The right words will turn your partner on before you even start kissing. Talk dirty when you're making love. Let your honey know how you feel and how much you love his body. Send sexy messages that tell your sweetie that you can't wait to hook up later. Be as graphic as you want. Just make sure he's not in a place where someone else can read your texts. Watching sexy stuff with your honey will get you in the mood faster than you can take your shirt off.

15 Romantic Tips to Spice up Your Relationship

It may feel a little strange at first, but watching other people get turned on will not only turn you on, but it will also give you some great love-making ideas in the process. Watch some sexy raunchy television. Watching people make out, touch each other, or even make love on television will get you in the mood.

Look at sexy pictures together. That was how people got turned on in the days before porn. If you're up for it, watch some porn together. Your relationship will be more exciting if you know that you can hook up at any moment. Though it's important to plan date night and to make a conscious effort to communicate and spend more time together, it's also important not to plan too much.

9 Ways To Spice Up A Long-Time Relationship Outside The Bedroom

Whisk your honey away in the middle of the day and check in to a hotel to make love. Don't tell him where you're really going until the last minute. If you want to have sex, go for it. Unless your honey is really not feeling it, if the urge strikes, don't be afraid to hook up.

Kiss when you're feeling passionate. Kissing can spice up your relationship just as much as sex. If you're in the mood, kiss your honey or move in for a make out session in an unexpected place. You do not have to be sexual for this to be an intimate and romantic occasion. Take your time and enjoy your time together. Wear his or her favorite cologne Try wearing some of her favorite cologne or his favorite perfume.

Nothing starts up the senses quite like the sense of smell and that lingering scent will be sure to leave a lasting impression to the point of where you will be nuzzled up to one another.

7 Ways to Bring The Spark Back In A Relationship

Have a date that is completely unlike any other Surprise the other with a special date on the rooftop or a random day trip to a fantastic area to take a hike together. Clear your schedule and make a quick weekend getaway or just even make time to go out for coffee on a weekend morning. Make sure you make time to have these dates on a regular basis. Use you imagination in bedroom Use your imagination and try something new in your bedroom.

You do not always have to be in the same old position or even be yourself. Make out How long has it been since you actually sat on the couch or in a theater and made out like teenagers? Sometimes just bringing back that thrill of being glued lip to lip is exciting and exhilarating which can be fun and add a little bit of spunk back into your romance.

Wine can help Drink some wine together. Take a little together time and spend it peacefully talking.

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Relax with a glass of wine in front of a cozy fireplace or out on a blanket underneath the stars. Just a little bit of wine can help lighten the mood. For non-drinkers, even a sparkling grape juice can be just as romantic.

Remember, it is all about who you are with. Sexy messages Lighten the mood and be playful throughout the day by sending little flirty or sexy and romantic messagesemails or texts throughout the day. Let your other half know that you are thinking of them. Romantic atmosphere Set up a living room or a bedroom with just the right tone. Turn down the lights, put on a little bit of music, and spend a little bit of intimate time together.

Just the two of you alone, letting the weight of the day just melt away can be a significant distraction and help spice up the love in your romantic life. Appeal to all of the senses You do not just have to use perfume or cologne and sexy clothing. Light relaxing candles that smell divine.

Put on some light music that is romantic. Feed each other some of your favorite foods.