What was the relationship between victorian poets and romantics

Difference Between Romantic and Victorian Poetry | Romantic vs Victorian Poetry

what was the relationship between victorian poets and romantics

Poetry written during the reign of Queen Victoria from to is defined the history of poetry, providing the link between the Romantic Movement and the . Key difference between Romantic and Victorian poetry lies in the way in the power of imagination and man's relationship to the supernatural. The Victorian literature is a connection between the romantic period and the literature of the 20th century. The Victorian era literature is distinguished by a strong.

Realism One of the chief markers of Romanticism is a deep belief in the power of nature. Poets such as Keats, Shelley, Wordsworth and Coleridge are famous for looking to the natural world for inspiration in a corrupted world. This idealism led them to write sonnets short line lyrical poems that contemplate the beauty of nature.

Victorian Age Literature:Romanticism,Novels,Writing Style,Poetry,Authors

By contrast, Victorian writers had little faith in nature to overcome the problems of the world. Poets and novelists such as Hardy, Tennyson and Browning depicted the world as dark and disturbed. Charles Dickens' novels, meanwhile, showed the misery of the working poor. Restraint Romanticism is also known for its emotional outbursts, what poet William Wordsworth called "the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings.

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  • Victorian Age Literature:Romanticism, Novels, Writing Style, Poetry,Authors
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What is Romantic Poetry? The Romantic era originated in the s and ended around s. The birth of the Romantic period is known to be associated with intellectual artistic movement with which people gained more knowledge and entered into great depths of education.

what was the relationship between victorian poets and romantics

Romantic period mainly focused on literature or art that was emotional and aesthetic. During this era, people were encouraged to re-connect with nature; they were reminded of nature and its values, and were given freedom to express their individual imagination and taught of spirituality, value of human kind.

what was the relationship between victorian poets and romantics

There was also an overturning of previous social conventions, especially in terms of the position of the aristocracy. All in all, it can be said that Romantic poetry is idealistic, emotional, romantic, and greatly influenced by nature.

what was the relationship between victorian poets and romantics

The reclaiming of the past was a major element of Victorian literature; Victorian poets displayed an interest in the medieval literature of England. The heroic and chivalry knights were a particular favorite of Victorian poets.

The Differences Between Romanticism & Victorianism

The use of sensory elements was another important characteristic of Victorian poetry. Many Victorian Poets used imagery and the sensory elements to express the struggles between Religion and Science and ideas about Nature and Romance.

Victorian Poetry was produced during the approximate period from to Themes Romantic Poetry predominantly used the theme of nature.

what was the relationship between victorian poets and romantics

In addition, themes of pastoral life, medievalism, Hellenism, supernaturalism can also be observed. Victorian Poetry used medieval myths and legends as well as realistic issues such as the struggle between science and religion.