What is the relationship between trenches and seafloor spreading


what is the relationship between trenches and seafloor spreading

Relationship between bend-faulting at trenches and .. In the north, away from the trench a NW-SE seafloor spreading fabric dominates the. Continental Drift and Seafloor Spreading The Keys to Modern Earth and between plates: mid-ocean ridges (where ocean crust is created), trenches ( where. ON TEST How do subduction zones (areas with trenches) balance out the activity at mid- ocean ridges relationship between sea floor spreading and trenches.

what is the relationship between trenches and seafloor spreading

Ancient Myths About the Oceans The people who lived around the Mediterranean Sea began exploring this nearly landlocked sea several thousand years ago. Voyages of Exploration and Science: The Age of Discovery About years ago, European explorers turned to the sea to find faster trade routes to cities in Asia and Europe.

Discovering the Gulf Stream Besides being a famous statesman and diplomat, Benjamin Franklin was a well-known American scientist. He contributed to oceanography in the mid- to late s by making and compiling good observations of ocean currents off the US East Coast.

what is the relationship between trenches and seafloor spreading

Charles Darwin and the Voyage of the Beagle Inand in the teeth of a gale, the HMS Beagle, a British warship, left Devonport, England, for an expedition to map the South American coastline and to carry out chronometer surveys all over the globe. The Challenger Expedition Modern oceanography began with the Challenger Expedition between and It was the first expedition organized specifically to gather data on a wide range of ocean features, including ocean temperatures seawater chemistry, currents, marine life, and the geology of the seafloor.

How do ocean ridges and deep-sea trenches support the theory of seafloor spreading? | Socratic

The Oceans as Battlefield: The Development of Sonar The oceans have always played a big role in wars. Ships transported armies and supplies, blockaded harbors, besieged cities, and attacked enemy ships doing the same things.

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But the Civil War helped launch a stealthy new seagoing weapon that became common in 20th century warfare—submarines. Continental Drift and Seafloor Spreading: They believed that the oceans and continents were always where they are now.

Probing the Seafloor Oceanographers had been able to collect sediment and rock samples from the ocean bottom ever since the Challenger Expedition.

what is the relationship between trenches and seafloor spreading

But they did not have the technology to enable them to probe very far beneath the seafloor. You can help by adding to it. May Earlier theories e.

what is the relationship between trenches and seafloor spreading

The idea that the seafloor itself moves and also carries the continents with it as it expands from a central axis was proposed by Harry Hess from Princeton University in the s. When oceanic plates divergetensional stress causes fractures to occur in the lithosphere. The motivating force for seafloor spreading ridges is tectonic plate pull rather than magma pressure, although there is typically significant magma activity at spreading ridges.

Hydrothermal vents are common at spreading centers. Older rocks will be found farther away from the spreading zone while younger rocks will be found nearer to the spreading zone.

Additionally spreading rates determine if the ridge is a fast, intermediate, or slow. Spreading centers end in transform faults or in overlapping spreading center offsets.

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A spreading center includes a seismically active plate boundary zone a few kilometers to tens of kilometers wide, a crustal accretion zone within the boundary zone where the ocean crust is youngest, and an instantaneous plate boundary - a line within the crustal accretion zone demarcating the two separating plates.

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what is the relationship between trenches and seafloor spreading

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. April Learn how and when to remove this template message Plates in the crust of the earth, according to the plate tectonics theory In the general case, sea floor spreading starts as a rift in a continental land masssimilar to the Red Sea- East Africa Rift System today.

Because less dense objects rise in relation to denser objects, the area being heated becomes a broad dome see isostasy. As the crust bows upward, fractures occur that gradually grow into rifts. The typical rift system consists of three rift arms at approximately degree angles. These areas are named triple junctions and can be found in several places across the world today. Some suggested references are given below. Research Beneath the Sea" from the United States Geological Survey provides an overview of the methods and equipment that marine geologists employ to study the ocean floor.

The pamphlet describes studies of ocean floor topography, sediments and mineral resources. The kids in Mrs. Frizzle's class take a field trip to the deep ocean floor to study animal and plant life, a hot-water vent, and a coral reef for elementary school children. About Deep Sea Hydrothermal Systems: The Science Teacher, v.

Return to top Videos: Looks at the relationship between plate tectonics and marine mineral deposits; shows how the ocean floor is being mapped and looks at recovery systems for marine resources including underwater scoops and shovels and giant "vacuum cleaners".

Box ; Princeton, N. Describes methods of exploring the oceans; interaction of oceans with the biosphere, lithosphere, and atmosphere to create a unique environment; and the three main characteristics of oceans: Order from Scott Resources, P.