What is the relationship between tranio and lucentio

what is the relationship between tranio and lucentio

The central master-servant relationship in the play is of course Lucentio and Tranio, but, whilst Tranio overtly pays every respect to his master and does. Tranio reminds Lucentio that studying philosophy is all good and well, but they need to have a little fun with the ladies, too. Lucentio agrees. Just then, Lucentio . The relationships between servants and masters closely reflect the gender relationships in Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew. Lucentio and Tranio's.

Ay, mistress, and Petruchio is the master, That teacheth tricks eleven and twenty long To tame a shrew and charm her chattering tongue.

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The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance. Act 1, Scene 1 Lucentio enters with his servant Tranio. He has just arrived in Padua, eager to study philosophy.

what is the relationship between tranio and lucentio

Tranio says that he, too, Katherine is "too rough," i. Katherine responds harshly to Gremio and Hortensio, and Tranio notes how difficult and badly behaved Katherine seems. Katherine, so that they may fairly compete for Bianca's hand in marriage.

what is the relationship between tranio and lucentio

They exit, leaving Tranio and Lucentio alone on-stage. Tranio asks if Lucentio also heard about the arrangement with Katherine, and saw Bianca's rude, boisterous Tranio asks the group how to get Petruchio enters with Hortensio disguised as a tutor named Litio.

Tranio in The Taming of the Shrew

Tranio disguised as Lucentio enters with Biondello. Petruchio introduces himself and tells Baptista he is interested These roles are echoed in Petruchio's relationship with Katherine. Shakespeare uses Lucentio and Tranio's relationship in the play as an ideal for both the master and servant relationship as well as gender relationships.

Though Lucentio is the master, he always treats Tranio with respect and kind words. When the pair arrives in Padua, Lucentio tells Tranio that he his happy that he is with him: In return Tranio refers to Lucentio as "gentle master mine" and "good master.

what is the relationship between tranio and lucentio

Though Tranio takes great risk in putting on the apparel of his master, he takes it in order to please Lucentio: Because so well I love Lucentio. It could be that Tranio is just taking on this disguise in order to have the chance to play the part of a master and noble. However, Shakespeare constantly reminds the audience that Tranio's intentions are pure and all for the love of his master.

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When Biondello exclaims how he wish he could play the master, Lucentio replies: But, sirrah, not for my sake but your master's, I advise you use your manners discreetly in all kind of companies. When I am alone, why, then I am Tranio; but in all places else your master Lucentio. He does not abuse his temporary power as master with the other servants and continues to treat them as his equals except when he must keep up his pretense around the public.

Tranio even goes as far to have Vicentio imprisoned in order to do as Lucentio told him.

what is the relationship between tranio and lucentio

Tranio is Comfortable in His Role It is interesting to note, however, that Tranio seems so natural acting as a privileged member of the wealthy elite. Shakespeare puts his own spin on the concept of a doppelganger, an often shadowy or mystical mirror image of a person.

Possibly Shakespeare was suggesting that status is really no more meaningful than being a dressed up servant playing a part. Just how comfortable Tranio is in his part becomes clear in the next scene, when he injects himself directly in the mix as Lucentio, immediately rubbing elbows with Padua's affluent merchant class. Unlike Grumio, whose lack of education works for laughs, Tranio speaks multiple languages, including scholarly Latin, and seems to be the intellectual equal of those he has just joined on a higher rung of the social ladder.

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Tranio Bids for Bianca When he introduces himself to Baptista, Tranio is once more all sophistication and graciousness. Lucentio's family name doesn't hurt, but Tranio understands exactly how to wield it.

He does so when Petruchio declares his intent to marry Kate, putting Bianca back on the market as far as suitors Gremio and Tranio are concerned, who bargain for her in a bidding war.

what is the relationship between tranio and lucentio

Tranio obviously gets carried away and offers a far larger dowry than Baptista ever expected or Gremio believes is possible.