Nes mario duck hunt world class track meet instructions

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nes mario duck hunt world class track meet instructions

World Class Track Meet is a Nintendo video game designed by Bandai and was as part of a single cartridge also containing Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt. and in May , a loose instructions manual for the game was sold for $ Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt/World Class Track Meet instructions for the Nintendo NES. Made by Nintendo. NES-WH-USA Picture is actual item for sale. Duck Hunt / World Class Track Meet on the NES, FAQ/Walkthrough by skcin7. Introduction ) Version History ) FAQ Introduction ) Controls 2.) Playing.

If you are like me, you have fond memories playing this game as a child. Let's face it, very few of you are probably just discovering this game now, but rather played it as a young child, and now are reliving the memories.

The game was designed and developed by Bandai, and was even released by Bandai as a game called "Stadium Events".

Stadium Events was released in September InNintendo was just booming. Nintendo NES was released in but it took a few years for it to really start to catch on, and there was a lot of press and concerned parents that Nintendo was making their kids lazy. Not much has changed. To satisfy the concerned irrational parents and capitalize, Nintendo wanted to release a game that would force children to get excercise while playing. Instead of making an excercize peripheral of their own, they decided it would be smarter to negotiate a deal with Bandai, which also meant they would not have to compete with them.

The negotiated a deal and purchased the rights to the Family Fun Fitness pad this is what the "Power Pad" was called before it was rebrandedand the 2 games that Bandai released for it: Stadium Events and Athletic World.

The game Stadium Events was promptly pulled from store shelves, and it is unknown what happened to the unsold stock. Only a few hundred, possibly over a thousand but most likely less copies of Stadium Events were sold before it was pulled from store shelves.

Only a few hundred copies of Stadium Events have since been found by collectors, making it a hot collector's item, and by far the hardest officially licensed game to find for the system. The only difference in the two games is the title screen. Everything else about the game - the levels, the music, the game play - is all exactly the same. I'm unsure why Nintendo didn't re-brand the game Athletic World - Bandai later re-released that game a few years later as a game compatible with Nintendo's Power Pad.

Heck, there were barely any Power Pad Games at all, let alone good ones. I'm not saying this game is all that great, I am just saying that all the other Power Pad games just suck, making this game the best of all the Power Pad Games. Don't get me wrong, though, because this is still a very fun game to play, if you have the Power Pad.

If you do not have a Power Pad, you can still play the game with a standard NEScontroller by tapping A and B in an alternating-repeating pattern to run, but the experience doesn't come close to the real time, leg moving, blood pressure raising fun of the Power Pad!

How many other video games can literally give you excercise as you play? All in all, this is a very fun game, provided that you have the Power Pad.

I would recommend it to anybody. A bonus is that this game commonly is found as part of a 3-in-1 cartridge, so it comes with Super Mario Bros.

You can also purchase this game as a standalone game all by itself, but that is less common. This game probably isn't as much fun if you don't have legs. All my guides are getting updates now for the first time in years so check them out: Technically it took me 1 day to finish this, but it was under a period of 5 hours. This game really needed a good guide, and since I've been playing it a lot lately, I figured I'd be the one to do it.

I certainly hope you enjoy it, and if you know of any possible information I left out, please let me know, and I'll add it to the guide and give you credit. I hope you enjoy the debut 1. It should be done in about a day. I have always been an NES fan, but recently I have started collecting. This is a game that I've been playing now that I have a Power Pad, and boy, am I reliving the memories!

This isn't the type of game that requires too much thinking in order to play it and successfully get through it. Just jump on the Power Pad and move your feet!

Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt / World Class Track Meet, Nintendo NES Instructions

It is not an RPG, you don't need to remember names of people or towns, or use clues, or level up, or anything like that. It's a fun mindless game full of fun and entertainment. I'm not dissing RPGs, I am merely saying that a good thing about this game is how little you have to think to play it. It is a game that anybody can enjoy, from ages 7 to I am sitting here on my computer writing this FAQ because I have shown a recent interest in this game, and I want to share my knowledge with everybody else who doesn't know as much.

Sure, there isn't too much to talk about in a short game like this, but I can still share all that I know. I hope you get a lot out of it, and if you know of anything I'm missing, please feel free to email me with the information that I missed, and I'll promptly add it into the guide, crediting you as necessary. I hope you enjoy this FAQ. There are 2 sides of the Power Pad. Make sure it's on Side B.

On the top-right of the Power Pad it will say either "Side A" or "Side B", but if you can't figure out which side is side B, side B is the side where there are 12 circles, 6 blue on the left and 6 red on the left.

Here are the Controls: Use these buttons if you're playing in 1-Player mode. Put your left foot on Button 1, and your right foot on Button 2. Obviously, this is how you control how fast your runner sprints. Repeatidly tap 1 and 2 in corresponding order to run. To jump, simply jump up into the air in real life, and the runner will jump on the screen. Use these buttons if you're the 2nd player in 2-Player mode.

Put your left foot on Button 3, and your right foot on Button 4. Repeatidly tap 3 and 4 in corresponding order to run.

Buttons 5, 6, 9, Buttons 7, 8, 11, It's basically a bunch of information that people native to World Class Track Meet already know, but if you are new to the game, you may want to give this section a quick read. You must own a special controller called the Power Pad, made by Nintendo.

Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt / World Class Track Meet FAQ for NES by FastaKilla - GameFAQs

The Power Pad is similar to a Dance Dance Revolution controller, because you control it with your feet by stepping on it. However, Nintendo, at the last minute, ordered that Bandai cease production of Stadium Events, and Nintendo would produce the game instead of Bandai. Tournament Mode is the most common mode, and considered the main part of the game. A score will be calculated for each event, and your final score will be added up at the end.

You can either play for a personal best, or against a friend as a competition. You'd have to purposely try to mess up this bad to get that slow of a time, however The line judge will start the "Get Set, Go" part only after both your feet are pressed on the Power Pad. But since you're not using the Power Pad, be sure to have both buttons pressed down on the keyboard and it'll work out fine. This is the "meat and bones" of this document. It contains the most information and is probably the part that you will spend the most time reading.

You must beat each opponent once in a M Dash, and once in a M Hurdles race. The M Dash race will come first, and if you win, then you'll go on to race the same opponent in the M Hurdles race. If you win in the M Hurdles, you will win either a medal or a trophy, and then you'll go on to the next racer. If you lose once, you have to start all over. There are no continues or second chances or anything like that. Obviously, the 6 opponents you face will get more and more difficult as you beat them.

Pink Average M Dash: Turtle is the perfect beginner racer.

He is extremely slow, often taking up to 20 seconds to finish the race. He is very slow, and the sole purpose of him being here is to give you a feel for the racing style before you go on to face the more difficult racers. Oh, and when it comes to the M Hurdles, you can seriously just plow through all the hurdles. You do not even have to jump over the hurdles, and you'll still beat him with ease. Light Green Average M Dash: Bear is once again a pretty simple race. He could give some of the lesser physical developed ie young children or old people some difficulties, but he should be a breeze for anybody else who has a pair of legs.

The hurdles is also easy. Seriously, anybody who takes longer than 20 seconds to finish the hurdles is not fit to play this game. Like I said before, this should be a breeze. Turquoise Average M Dash: Finally an opponent that should be giving you somewhat of a challenge. Even though he's still pretty easy, I can understand if this guy may be giving you trouble.

With an average Dash time of The Hurdles, just jump over all of them, and you should be fine. You can even trip over a few and still be fine. We haven't yet gotten to the Bobcat or Cheetah, where there is not any room for error. Here just take it easy and beat the Horse.

Yellow Average M Dash: Rabbit should be the first racer that actually gives you some difficulty. I remember when I was younger I could never beat Rabbit. You can get a mushroom to shrink, then you can get firepower while small if you get a flower. You will lose this when you die.

nes mario duck hunt world class track meet instructions

At the end of the dungeon part of before you go in the pipe before you choose to go to or warp to, orsmash the bricks you must be big [Super Mario] but leave 1 or 2 still there at the side most to the right I have done it with both. Jump backwards into the bricks, but don't smash them. You should moonwalk through the wall. Go to the first pipe to get -1, second pipe to getand it must be impossible to get into the third pipe if you take too long, the pipes will change to, and again.

In the -1 world, you play over and over and over, but you can't ever advance to another level, so you must restart. When you play Game A or B, you can supposedly control the ducks.

I haven't tried it yet my nintendo is broken right now. Recommended target range is 6 feet, but if you want to cheat, put the gun right up to the screen! It should look like this just the circles: You can run and jump can jump at every activity except Dash.

Use A to move blinking curser right, and B to move it left.

NES (Famicom)

Use control pad to enter individual info. The 6 choices at the beginning are: You will race M Dash, then M Hurdles against 6 opponents. You get a prize after beating each opponent medal or trophy. Turtle "Let's have a race" you will get Bronze medal.

Bear "It's my turn now" you will get Silver medal. Horse "I am really fast" you will get Gold medal. Rabbit "Can you beat me?

Bobcat "Can you keep up with me? Cheetah "If you beat me, you're the best" Gold trophy. To beat this, you need to vibrate your feet as fast as you can.

nes mario duck hunt world class track meet instructions

Don't just "run in place" because your legs will go up too high. The game recognizes when your feet hit the pad, so vibrate as fast as possible.