Why is the family a covenant relationship

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why is the family a covenant relationship

Kingdom Family Talks. May 25 In this episode, Leif talks about covenant relationships. Leif loves the way the honor and do relationship!. After the Fall the institutions of marriage and the family were in no way The fact that God has condescended to assume a Covenant relationship as a Father to. A covenant relationship is different than a contractual relationship. Family law scholar Bruce Hafen clarifies this difference and how it plays out in marriage.

The reason the temple marriage ceremony is so important is that it creates eternal ties between a husband and wife and their future children.

Mere genetic ties will not be binding after death and neither will family relationships not bound by covenant. God wants his children to have the blessings that come through covenant relationships, blessings that include eternal ties to our families and to God himself. He invites his children to come to him and make covenants, to create a relationship with him, and to become part of his family.

The Atonement of Jesus Christ is what allows us to become one with God by entering into covenantal family relationships. History of Covenants Throughout history, the establishment of covenants has created ties between people who were previously unrelated, as with the covenant between God and Abraham and the covenant Israel made at Sinai. Long before Israel made their covenant with God at Sinai, ancient kings made treaties with each other, using the covenant form described by Dennis McCarthy in his book Treaty and Covenant: The stipulations in the treaties were what held the two parties together.

If one party failed to keep the stipulations, he or she violated the covenant and would therefore face punishment. One of the earliest covenants recorded in the Bible is the covenant God made with Abraham.

why is the family a covenant relationship

Abraham was a righteous man who, through his obedience, was able to develop a close relationship with God such that God called Abraham his friend see James 2: Each individual descendant who wished to be part of the covenant had to make that covenant for himself. They prayed for it, worked for it, and lived for it. Just as Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob did, we must desire, work for, and then keep the covenants we make.

He redeemed us from sin. In ancient Semitic tribes, kinship was an extremely deep relationship, different from those we are familiar with today. If the blood of a kinsman was spilled, [it was as if] the blood of the kinship group, of each member, was spilled. Each individual is required to make his or her own covenant with God. Covenant adoption It is easy to see the connection between adoption into an ancient tribe and the covenant adoption into the family of Abraham.

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By taking in this spirit in baptism, gentiles are ritually created heirs in the family. At Sinai the people of Israel agreed to obey a set of stipulations, and then they participated in an ordinance to symbolize the covenant into which they had entered. In this ordinance, Moses sprinkled blood on an altar and read from the book of the covenant; Israel agreed to obey all the words of the Lord; then Moses sprinkled blood on the congregation see Exodus This is similar to Arabic rituals that mixed blood to create a covenant.

They often applied the blood to a symbol of a deity, who was then included in the covenant. Marriage as metaphor Marriage is a metaphor for our covenant relationship with Christ.

It is an excellent example of a covenant ordinance that establishes a kinship relationship where none existed before—the kind of covenant ordinance that Jesus performed in the Garden of Gethsemane. In fact, marriage is the metaphor Christ himself used for his relationship with his followers when he taught the parable of the ten virgins. When a prince marries a commoner, the young man would not say to his bride after the wedding: If you try very hard to live in the right way you will perhaps one day be admitted into the royal family.

It is important that you live as a member of the royal family should. Just as in a marriage covenant, we have responsibilities to keep once we enter this relationship with Christ, and we remember these responsibilities each week as we partake of the sacrament.

In return, he promises that we will always have the Holy Spirit to be with us see Moroni 4: Consumerism in relationships is evident in movies, as well. In a popular movie, a character explains that men should be like toilet paper: Another threat is the acceptance of divorce as a remedy for marriage problems. While some divorces are warranted and are in the best interests of all parties, research has shown that those with divorce acceptance attitudes were also less likely to work hard at enriching their marriages.

Building a Covenant Commitment What can couples do to safeguard their marriages as covenant relationships? Religious faith strengthens marriage, regardless of the religious tradition. Research shows that religious couples are more likely than others to have successful marriages, marriages marked by a stated willingness to wed the same person again, an absence of discord, and a low probability of divorce. Religious beliefs often emphasize that couples have sacred obligations to one another and to their children.

The Marriage Covenant

Couples unified in a faith often see God as a principal partner in the relationship. Couples who practice their faith together are more likely to have less conflict, to reach a mutually satisfying resolution if there is conflict, and to remain committed to each other and the marriage when conflict does occur.

why is the family a covenant relationship

Many religions that emphasize marriage as a sacred covenant have divorce rates far lower than US and world averages. This kind of commitment involves a firm resolve to improve your marriage and a willingness to change. For example, it is a commitment to changing behaviors and attitudes-such as resolving differences in a more healthy way, spending a date night alone together, or resolving a personal hang-up that is interfering with your marriage.