The tower card in a relationship reading

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the tower card in a relationship reading

Yesterday I was doing a reading for a friend of mine who's just started a relationship with a new guy, and guess what, The Tower showed up. When the Tower tarot appears in your tarot reading, this can signify a For love and relationships, The Tower means that there is a change. If so, the tower is influencing events and has appeared in your Tarot reading. You may lose a job, but your love relationship will grow stronger as a result.

Resistance is the pain not the situation. What you are holding onto is stopping you from reaching your true potential.

The Tower Tarot Card

The situation is not based on true love and companionship, you must leave to be able to bring in your true worth and desires. The tower tarot card is definitive and necessary. It represents an opening, an awakening.

the tower card in a relationship reading

With destruction there is always new formations, new opportunities. The structures of the past are no longer serving and need to dismantle. It is a vital experience that will move you from an emotional rut into a place of liberty and love.

In business, finance and projects this card suggests that things may fall apart rapidly. Loss may be incurred. Perhaps you are struggling and need an outside event to create the change for you.

the tower card in a relationship reading

A new experience is for your greater good and this card shows that your true vocation is calling you and you need to listen and make the necessary changes to head towards a more fulfilling life purpose. Spiritually the tower is a very powerful card, it represents awakening. The period of moving from ego to pure consciousness. You may have been resting on your laurels, you may have been in denial about your true self, your true worth or have been running away from feelings that have been dormant for some time.

It warns that the structures you have built to stay in ego are falling apart and you may need to have external catastrophe to awaken you to truth. There is beauty in this card as it purifies.

Under these circumstances, though, the attitude that you need to adopt is one of resilience and hope. You must work on your strength and get past all the darkness so that you can start rebuilding. You should already know this as a fully functioning adult. But when the Tower is there, you have to be extra careful and extra critical of your dealings. You can end up broke, or worse, in jail, just like the Five of Pentacles. No one knows when it will happen. It can be sooner or later than you think.

The Relationship Challenges Of The Tower Tarot Card | 7th Sense Stories

Some preparation is better than no preparation at all. No one wants to see a symbol of turmoil or destruction in their cards, of course. Knight of Swords Tarot Card and its Meaning Now you can allow yourself to finally feel the sadness, the anger, the disbelief. Now you can face the issues you have been putting in the backburner for the longest time.

The Tower Tarot and its Meaning for Love, Money and Happiness

Now you can ask the questions that have been burning inside you for years. What I Iike about the Tower card is that it stands for inspiration, reality, freedom, and release from the shackles that hold you down.

It slaps you with the harsh truth, and is all for honesty. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to wake you from your stupor. Tough love, oh yes.

the tower card in a relationship reading

You are your own knight in shining armor, and you need to weed out the lies and the fakes from your life.