The relationship code wattpad romance

the relationship code wattpad romance

And so as relationships. Book 1 of Goddesses' Romance Series (NO SOFT COPY AND NO COMPILATION) Pag Beauty Titlist ang . The Relationship Code . considered “romantic” after the introduction of corporate authorship in Lessig provides a broad overview of the relationship between code and IP on the sites like Wattpad are interesting spaces in which to explore the way code helps. Read Chapter 4- Silent Treatment from the story The Code of The Alpha by MaybeManhattan "It's too early in this relationship for the silent treatment, babe. ".

the relationship code wattpad romance

Lau and Yuen also had global aspirations, so they decided to avoid certain letters, like H, which is unpronounceable in French, and R, which is difficult for Japanese speakers. Lexicon, a marketing firm in Sausalito, California, that specializes in brand naming, suggests that certain hard consonants evoke zippy, confident vitality.

With its T, P and D triumvirate, Wattpad is as springy as a yo-yo. The first few months were discouraging. Growth on the site was sluggish; some days they only had 10 or 20 visitors. Lau says he knew each individual user by name and location. One day in the spring ofLau and Yuen met for coffee at Tim Hortons. Everything changed in June when Apple released the iPhone.

Suddenly, mobile reading could be a user-friendly experience. Around the same time, a user with the handle Red Flame published the first original story on the site, a Victorian vampire novel called Blind Truths.

She emailed everyone she knew, and quickly they saw hundreds of new users engaging with the site and posting comments. We had to enhance the social side of the app, the comments, the groups, the model where readers can follow their favourite writers. The mobile moment and the social media moment had converged in a spectacular supernova. Bythey were ready for their first official round of funding. He immediately started working up a list of potential investment partners, including Union Square Ventures, a billion-dollar venture capital firm based in New York.

Wattpad was a natural addition to the OMERS portfolio of Canadian start-ups like Hootsuite an app that lets users manage all their social media accounts on one screen and Ottawa e-commerce operation Shopify. For now, Wattpad has three company goals: The app is sleek, lively and breezily intuitive. Growth-wise, the company has surged from 19 million unique monthly users this time last year to 32 million, with a sign-up rate ofnew users every day.

Only 10 per cent of the users are writers.

The rest are readers, mostly female and between 13 and 35, who latch onto Wattpad stories with fanatical zeal. Monetization on a free app is the tricky piece. They followed up with a second campaign tied to the release of The Purge: Starbucks could back a romance novel where two baristas fall in love slinging venti Americanos, or a TV cop procedural might hitch its name to a suite of gritty crime thrillers. Wattpad helps each advertiser find the right story, the right message and, using its algorithms, the right readers.

The ones that have are behemoths with hundreds of millions of users, like YouTube which was acquired by Google in and Twitter which launched a successful IPO last year. Orlando told me much the same thing: That deflective optimism echoes the dot-com buoyancy of the s, the last time investors assumed that popularity equalled profit.

Twenty years later, many of the same backers are greedily jockeying for a share of the booming mobile market, heedless to its potential risks.

the relationship code wattpad romance

Lau believes in the billion-user business model: Harry Styles, the much-worshipped lead singer, was reimagined as a chip-on-shoulder tattooed bad boy who falls in love with the fictional heroine Tessa Young; his band members became his college roommates. Before its author had even finished writing it, After became the most-read book on the site; imaginator1D, who now goes by the pseudonym Anna Todd, quickly published two sequels, and a prequel called—what else? The tactic helps her determine which titles to promote in the featured lists.

She called up Adam Wilson, a senior editor at the Simon and Schuster imprint Gallery Books, which had massive success last year republishing the Twilight fan fiction Beautiful Bastard it sold 1.

I could see why readers were drawn to it. The novel hits bookstores this month. The bar is higher, of course, for the printed word, but in terms of sheer output and consumption, Wattpad is probably the most successful book publisher in the world. For readers, having the book doled out in parcels accelerates the suspense and anticipation. Their gushing comments are indecipherable cryptograms of emoji, exclamation points and exaggerated vowels. When they fall particularly hard for a title, they often create GIFs and fan art illustrating their favourite quotations, using stock images or celebrities to depict the main characters.

The book images that appear on the app are often covers created and sent to the author by fans as a gesture of their devotion. Wattpad poses a seismic threat to the traditional book industry. The company positions itself as a great democratizer, a platform that gives every writer a voice and an audience, regardless of experience, pedigree, connections or skill.

Readers, too, theoretically benefit from the model, with access to millions of free titles. One of the greatest powers and perils of the digital age is the rise of disintermediation—eliminating the distributors from the supply chain. In theory, removing book publishers and editors from the process is a win-win: But publishers and editors are there for a reason. In the era of self-publishing, the value of the written word has plummeted.

Whether this is a step forward to accepting Wattpad as literary or a downgrade in the quality of standards in Philippine literature is still up for debate. Undoubtedly, it misdirects conceptions about the social standing of a man and woman and if not, it imposes a specific idea of the supposed attitude of an individual towards the opposite sex. In any case, Espiritu finds this phenomenon as fashioning a culture of mediocrity.

For instance, one of the most heated plot under Wattpad is the transformation of a less attractive girl into attaining a certain standard of beauty such as fair skin without any perceivable blemishes that is particularly pervasive in this country. The repetitive formulation and representation of male characters that are unrealistically masculine and prejudicially dominant presents a cognition that men should, to some degrees, act and be like this. The latent effect of such plotlines may lead to wrong and poor conceptions about the way we view the world itself.

To support this, Lua says that these repeating gender stereotypes may have the danger of influencing numerous readers to accept these negative and unrealistic stereotypes as the general consensus as to how a man or woman should act. Regarding the stereotypes reinforced in these books, Lua says that these appeal to many readers because it is very formulaic but that it because of it it may become more problematic. In the end when asked of her if Wattpad is improving or degenerating the quality of Philippine Literature, she says that it is too early to tell but that she is not quick to dismiss the possibility of this form of online reading.

If Wattpad improves the quality of its stories and enforces a stricter form of quality control then it may be beneficial to the state of Philippine Literature.

the relationship code wattpad romance

Some see it as a plague eating away of what is left in Philippine literature while some view in a more positive light as it may be the first step to the advancement of a new standard of literary excellence emphasizing simplicity.

He emphasized that this is an unfortunate truth that radically needs to be addressed. Though it is acknowledged that Wattpad is contributing to the rise of Filipino readers and aspiring writers, certain dichotomies come with it which triggers disapproval from valuables in the literary sphere.

One of the main concerns troubling academics about Wattpad is the lack of proper quality control. This paper aimed to illustrate the negative ramifications of Wattpad, however after conducting an interview with Lua we were able to visualize the possible effects that were blind to us before. The positives of Wattpad have still not been totally realized because of the lack of quality control enforced on the writers of many of these Wattpad stories but the possibilities are still there nonetheless.

A possible mode of action to improve the writing of these aspiring writers is to conduct extensive seminars which will aim to enhance their basic foundational skills in terms of proper usage of grammar and encourage their ability to make creatively thought-out plotlines that do not reinforce negative stereotypes that may impact their audience in ways that were not intended.

Modern Philippine literature is continuously growing and developing Lua, As time progresses and standards of arts evolve, Wattpad may garner a more favorable reception because art and beauty is a personal-social conception, thus it is not constant.

the relationship code wattpad romance

Despite its shortcomings, writer Jun Cruz Reyes argued that many of these books depict the social realities of nature which intentionally or unintentionally enlightens an individual to the pressing matters of today as cited in Chua, Wattpad will affect literature and literacy in the Philippines. Might the overall quality of Philippine modern literature degenerate or conform and enrich a rather lacking form of artistry depends on the youth and their willingness to enhance their craft into a more sensible writing and readership.

To support this claim, we quote Espiritu: She is the director of the Bienvenido N. When asked about the current state of Modern Filipino Literature, Doctor Lua replied that there is a new form of writing emerging in Filipino Literature right now. She mentions that there is also an interesting occurrence in the language used in Modern Filipino Literature. There is now both an increase in the variety of languages used by Filipino authors such as Cebuano, Ilocano, and other dialects found in the Philippines and an increase in the number of stories written in these languages.

There is also an increase in the use of Taglish in writing, however it is not generally accepted in literary circles. Due to all of the occurrences happening in Philippine Literature, Doctor Lua would describe it as exciting. Due to the increase in the use of technology in modern times, there has been an increase in self- published Filipino writers online.

Many of these works are published on Wattpad in a variety of languages such as English, Tagalog, and even Taglish. According to Doctor Lua, Taglish as a vernacular form of language is not new and has been around for a while. She is not against these published Taglish Wattpad stories if the story is engaging and if the use of Taglish is at an acceptable state. However, when questioned about the rules of the usage of Taglish she answered that as of now there is none so it could be gleaned that Taglish is still not widely accepted in the academe area and that it may be considered to be the lingua franca of the Filipinos.

About the increase number of readers and writers in the Philippines due to Wattpad, she views it is as a good thing even if the language used may not be of the academic standard. However, she is concerned of the quality of these works because of the lack of editing done on them to reduce the number of grammatical errors and to improve the language in these books.

She is concerned that the lack of editors polishing and correcting the mistakes could lead to a lower level of literature.

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She herself has mixed feelings on the increase of readers and writers, while on one hand she is happy that more people are becoming interested in literature, on the other she is concerned about the quality control or lack thereof found in these books. They will not think of these things as errors because these books are published.

She says that these repeating gender stereotypes may have the danger of influencing numerous readers to accept these stereotypes as the general consensus as to how a man or woman should act. If Wattpad improves the quality of its stories then it may be beneficial to the state of Philippine Literature.

the relationship code wattpad romance

He graduated with the degree Bachelor of Arts Major in Literature. He is very particular about the studies of genders. In fact, he is an avid advocate of gender equality and the LGBT cause. In an online interview with Johann Vladimir Espiritu we were able to acquire his opinions regarding the hit sensation of Wattpad in the Philippines.

That does not automatically mean they are literary, of course. Entertaining, perhaps, but barely literary nor artful.

He finds the increase of readership of Wattpad alarming as it is a direct reflection of our literary sensibility in the country —the stature and quality of our education. Furthermore, he suggests that this misdirects writing sensibilities and in any case fashion a culture of mediocrity.

Yes, it is disturbing that many of us do not read--and that many of us choose Wattpad when we do read-- but that should not disturb the fixedness of literary beauty as it is supposed to be reflected by truly literary works of art.

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