The importance of eye contact in a relationship

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the importance of eye contact in a relationship

If you seek to improve your communication skills, mastering eye contact is one important area to address. By learning the fine art of eye contact. But today we'd like to begin with an exploration of why making eye contact is so important in forming relationships with other people, and why it. Those who know the importance of using eye contact would always build trust in your relationship, you should learn to use eye contact more.

We respond positively or negatively to dilated pupils that signal attraction, increased blink rates caused by stress, and darting eyes that underscore discomfort or defensiveness. It is also used as a synchronizing signal. People tend to look up at the end of utterances, which gives their listeners warning that the speaker is about to stop talking. There is often mutual eye contact during attempted interruptions, laughing, and when answering short questions. The robot called Robovie used for the experiments was given the ability to combine gaze with speech.

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Having been programmed to play the part of a travel agent, Robovie was able to control the flow of a booking negotiation quite effectively with strategic eye contact: When it looked equally at two people, they took turns speaking. Those at whom Robovie only glanced spoke less, and those who were ignored completely spoke the least.

This pattern was consistent about 97 per cent of the time. But greater eye contact, especially in intervals lasting four to five seconds, almost always leads to greater liking. As long as people are looking at us, we believe we have their interest. If they meet our gaze more than two-thirds of the time, we sense that they find us appealing or fascinating.

C Eye contact helps you to create a bond with others Maintaining eye contact, no matter if you speak or listen, helps you to better connect with others. It will signal them that you are open and that you have nothing to hide — or at least that you are speaking the truth.

Doing so will help you to establish trust with other people, which helps you to quickly form a bond with them. D Eye contact engages others When you do not look others in the eyes when you speak, it can come across as if you are having a monologue. You can avoid all this by maintaining eye contact when you speak. Doing so invites your listeners to actively participate in the discussion. In short, keeping eye contact will encourage your listeners to become active participants in the conversation.

E Eye contact makes you more confident As astonishingly as it sounds, keeping eye contact when you speak will make you feel more confident about yourself. At the same time, the way you behave and speak will become more assertive and convincing.

Naturally, becoming more confident by looking others in the eyes is not something that happens immediately. In the beginning, keeping a higher level of eye contact will feel a bit awkward. But as soon as you are getting used to it, you will become less nervous, which in turn allows you to be more confident.

the importance of eye contact in a relationship

Another positive side-effect of maintaining eye contact when you speak is that it will slow your speech down in a natural way. Instead of hastily trying to get your voice heard, you will speak slower, leading others to perceive you as more skilled, experienced, or authoritative.

How to improve eye contact The good thing about eye contact is that it can be learned just like any other skill. But if you are willing to practice and strengthen your eye contact skills regularly, you will be able to see encouraging improvements in your day-to-day life. Improving your eye contact skills is not even difficult. In fact, you can affect positive changes quite easily in a relatively short time.

Maintain the right balance Balance is of great importance when it comes to eye contact.

The importance of eye contact in relationships

Effective eye contact is curious, appropriate and balanced. If you stare at people when they speak, you can make them quite uncomfortable. Always ask yourself what kind of eye contact is appropriate in the particular situation you are confronted with.

As general rules of thumb, consider these eye contact guidelines: At the same time, you want to avoid staring too intensively at them while they speak.

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Instead of continuously staring them in the eyes, allow your sight to move away every once in a while. Show them that you are reflecting or thinking about what they are saying by shortly looking away and by giving nonverbal cues. The situation is different when you speak. You can take eye contact pauses while speaking in order to collect your thoughts.

Staring too intensively in the eyes of a listener may come across as somehow irritating, e. This is nothing to be ashamed about. The good news is that you can learn to overcome nervousness and discomfort when looking others in the eyes. The key to overcoming these awkward sensations lies in diligent practice.

the importance of eye contact in a relationship

Gradually increasing the amount of eye contact you keep while speaking will help you to slowly but surely adapt to the unfamiliar experience. In this sense, you are progressively desensitizing yourself to the way it feels when maintaining a higher level of eye contact. By taking one step at a time, or rather one look after another, you will quickly increase the duration of eye contact that is comfortable to you.

In the beginning, you may want to increase the duration of eye contact from one second to two seconds to three and so on. Take yourself time and progress at a pace that feels natural.

All that matters is that you make a conscious effort to gradually increase the duration of eye contact. Focus on one eye Have you ever talked to a person who repeatedly shifted their attention from one of your eyes to the other every second or so?

In fact, it can be quite irritating if someone is not focusing on one of your eyes but is instead actively switching from one eye to the other. Needless to say, it is quite uncomfortable to maintain eye contact with someone who appears to be watching a tennis match on your face. It somehow creates a hectic atmosphere and is not at all comforting. You can feel free to switch eyes every once in a while — just make sure that it is not done too frequently.

Maintain the right duration of eye contact Always make sure that you are not staring at the other person. More eye contact is not always better.