Taking the blame in a relationship

taking the blame in a relationship

You'll notice from my experience that I took specific steps to eliminate blame in our relationship. Here are the steps you can take to do the same. When you play the blame game in your relationship, five major things happen. Instead of taking responsibility for your emotions, you look at your partner as the. Blame can be a really toxic thing in relationships. being told: 'I think you're blaming me because you're not taking ownership of your own emotions' - this tends.

In particular…Blame creates inaction. Blame separates people from your values, beliefs, and commitment. If the problem belongs to someone else, then you have a reason to dig in your heels. You miss an opportunity to grow, to stretch, to challenge yourself.

You might miss a chance to change the way you think or act, or a chance to be deeply honest: Blame holds back real change.

Whose Fault is It? How Blame Sabotages Relationships

Blame feels global and ongoing. And without acknowledgment, they begin to fade. Why We Blame Blaming seems to be part of how we think.

taking the blame in a relationship

Joan was afraid that they were drifting apart, and was working hard to reconnect. But she got angry when she felt ignored. Nothing I do is right. Letting go of the blame, I would instead take full responsibility for it. Talking About It Accusing her and blaming her only made our relationship worse. Even if I felt certain it really was her fault.

taking the blame in a relationship

Eventually, though, I told her everything. We had been blaming each other a lot, and it was making our relationship not so good, and I was making an effort to stop. I was happy when she said that she would make an effort too.

taking the blame in a relationship

She soon stopped blaming me. But maybe, I had created the circumstances to allow her to leave the mess. Here are the steps you can take to do the same: Are you fighting, getting angry with each other, playing the blame game?

If you can catch yourself sooner, you can let it go and preempt sparking a fight. We want to be right. So just do an experiment, and see if you can take complete responsibility for your life, including your relationship. This will bond you together, and get you on the same team.

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Is Blame Destroying Your Marriage? | Blaming Spouse for Unhappiness | - Beliefnet

Please contact us so we can fix it! I have come to the realization that some of my behavior was unhealthyand I chose to take responsibility for it.

Recently, codependency was something my partner and I talked through. I recognized that I was relying too much on their affection and support and was not as engaged with supporting them.

Is Blame Destroying Your Marriage?

The support dynamic was imbalanced, and it showed in my low levels of self-confidence and need for my partner to be my only source of self-worth. When we communicated and I recognized that changing my behavior could make our relationship better, I took responsibility for working to change how we supported each other in the relationship. I was able to recognize the mutual importance of support, and this helped me grow in my relationship. What Taking Responsibility Looks Like It is important to distinguish between taking and deflecting responsibility for both you and your partner.

4 Steps to Let Go of Blame in Your Relationship

For you, taking responsibility looks like practicing self-awareness. Another way is being able to apologize and accept that what you do affects your partner. For your partner, taking responsibility looks like having open communication with you about their feelings and being willing to admit they can grow from the hard parts of the relationship.