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legend of the legendary heroes relationship

The Legend of the Legendary Heroes - Ryner & Ferris (their relationship in a nutshell! Lol). A page for describing Heartwarming: Legend of the Legendary Heroes. Ferris and Ryner's relationship as a whole, with notable moments including: The first . However, a long journey, and through the experience of multiple dangerous species, have formed a close bond and developed a strong relationship and mutual.

He couldn't move, which prevented any ability to lash out. Ryner-half spends a long time studying human—One thousand, two thousand years? To counter Human, they can use Love, but the problem with that none of them understand what that thing called Love is. It takes Ryner Reed a great deal longer to come up with a solution. They would make an eroding magic, one that will link with all Human, and the magic will have Love.

Because it has Love, it will be sad, because Human is pretty according to Ryner Reed. This magic would be sad, lonely, and affect them as well as Human. It would infect them with Love. Asruld didn't understand this, these other emotions, and thus just insists that Ryner Reed implement this magic.

They would be infected by Love, they would learn all of these feelings and be influenced by them. They may crumble from it. Asruld still doesn't care, because at that moment, he doesn't have the capacity to do so.

They were born, with some of the knowledge that came with being mature in their respective races, infecting with touch, spreading Love to the Human. The line of kings became the line most susceptible to becoming Asruld, and they would slowly build up the Love needed to overthrow the magic of the Goddesses. However once that was accomplished, the order changed.

Come, devour all the things you love, complete this magic. Destroy the magic of the Goddesses. It's heavily implied that this isn't physical cannibalism, but some sort of spiritual one, which resulted in a huge magical formation in the sky, all but erasing Human.

But the God controlling him didn't care—the Humans were a kind of magical formation to them. Eventually, all there was left was his wife, the form that held the half of the Lonesome Demon known as Ryner. In order to complete the magic, he would have to continue, and devour her. The pair had a little insight before the end—that they would reincarnate, and have the same choice.

The world was destroyed and reconstructed This incarnation of the Hero showed great amounts of guilt, and he was able to devour this Ryner. However, this world cycle didn't have enough power—they didn't have enough power to 'win'. Instead, this cycle ends in a curse. A curse to mar the plans of those Gods that dictated what they did. And then the world reset. Please note that the names will seem familiar, but Eris and Ryner are not directly the same.

Asruld is more or less the same. Sion Astal was born the son of the king by a commoner. He lived with his mother, but was constantly beaten up by his half-brothers—sons of the king who were by noble women. When he was young, his mother committed suicide possibly by poison, reads like she sort of wasted away toward the endand his half-siblings helpfully provided him with a dead dog to accompany that "dirty mother dog" to the other side.

What he does between the death of his mother and when he reaches the academy at 17 isn't known, other than he survived many assassination attempts.

At 17, he is part of Roland Special Academy that trains the children of criminals or peasants to take the front ranks of the army so that the children of nobility don't have to. Here, Sion was top of his class, and spread his influence, slowly gaining competent people to help him in his goal—fix the corrupt nature of this country and its incompetent, warmonger of a king.

legend of the legendary heroes relationship

It is within this academy that he meets Ryner Lute, a lazy slacker of a boy who held the title of Roland's Strongest Magician at 13, and was also the bearer of the magic eyes known as Alpha Stigma. Ignoring the danger everyone points out—Alpha Stigma bearers are monsters, they go berserk and kill and are terribly dangerous—he seeks to add Ryner to those who follow and support him, wanting to make use of the Most Deadly Magician's strength, regardless of his chance of blowing up the surrounding countryside by going insane.

As Ryner is as lazy as he is, Sion resorts to blackmail. After succeeding at an improbably quick mission complete, Sion takes his school class out for some illegal celebratory drinking Drinking age in Roland is 22, no one at this academy is over After drugging the rest to sleep, he chats with Ryner and finally gains him as a friend. This moment is broken up as Sion is targeted by some highly skilled assassins.

Ryner shows a remarkable lack of care, leaving Sion to fend for himself, and Sion ends up saved by Ferris Eris although after he manages to seriously injure one and temporarily disable a second.

The Eris family is called a 'Sword Clan', and is generally known to be a group of insanely skilled warriors that serve the crown, but as Ferris was ordered to help Sion, Sion makes use of the family to discover exactly who is behind all the assassins. He does this without saying he is a common-born prince, because that's just how he rolls.

The result of this is the start of his acclimation to sleep deprivation; Iris and Ferris begin guarding him in his sleep—which usually includes eating dango in his ceiling.

Despite all hopes, there ends up being war with the southern country of Estabul. All the students are shipped out, and with Sion's connections, he's able to send all his friends with him to a place far enough away that they shouldn't be involved in any fighting. Only this is Sion Astal's life, the one constantly hunted by his powerful half siblings. Those siblings lured 50 Estabulian Magic Knights soldiers who are near universally extra-crazy, as well as stronger than the rest into this plain in order to kill Sion, using a Estabul spy that had been caught and turned into a double agent some years before.

This doesn't happen, because there is an Alpha Stigma there. Ryner Lute kills the 50 knights, as they decided to play Poke The Monster, and near purposefully enraged him.

Sion and his remaining classmate, Keifer, are nearly killed by Ryner, but a mumbled phrase from the Alpha Stigma has Sion realizing how to calm him down—close his eyes. Roland's magic knights are sent to the area to kill off the Estabul Magic Knights, only to find that three teenagers remain.

Sion, guessing that they were going to kill them, just to claim there were no survivors, as those Magic Knights wouldn't have been there but for a trap, attempts to take down the leader. He is only a student, however, and is easily defeated—but able to strike up a truce. Sion is named Hero, the one who orchestrated the defeat of the Estabul magic knights. Sion tries to prevent this, but Ryner is locked away in return for Keifer being released, as Keifer was their double agent who didn't perform as wanted.

Shortly after this, Lucile invites him to House Eris, where he tells Sion that he has a few questions, but before he gets started, he has to agree to a condition—if Lucile doesn't like any of Sion's answers, Sion will be killed on the spot.

Lucile reminds Sion that this is house Eris, the clan that judges and protects Kings, and Sion agrees. Lucile proceeds to test Sion—having him walk down a hallway that tests him this hallway had Lucile crying tears of blood, when it was testing him. Eventually, Sion reaches the point where he can lay claim to the Mad Hero's power, and he does so. This is the point where Sion takes in the Mad Hero's consciousness and memories, and gains a few of Lucile's.

But he passes, and Lucile vows to guard him and serve him. The rest of the events between gaining the Hero and becoming king are vague—he gains allies, he fights a duke who ought to be dead named Lieral he and Lucile lose miserablyhe accidentally starts war early, and he sets himself up as an orphan by introducing the king to a dagger several times.

Sion gaining the throne happens within a year of Ryner being released. Either way, two years after acquiring the Mad Hero, Sion sits on the throne. After making a late night visit to see exactly what Ryner is up to, he has Ryner scheduled for execution, given a day of pampering, then acquired by Ferris.

Meeting with the other two, he tells them what they will be doing—heading out to find artifacts known as Hero Relics—objects of destruction, for a lack of greater term, with the intent of setting up a magical Cold War.

No one would attack a country with these Hero Relics, after all. Ferris is to go with him, to ensure Ryner does as he is told, and the pair head out after some casual trolling and bullying.

Some time prior to freeing Ryner but after gaining the throne, Sion tricks a boy into believing he is an assassin, as the boy is trying to kill a noble to save his sister. After helping the boy figure out options, he reveals to Fiole that he is the king, and then hires him as a secretary.

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They manage to recover Eslina, Fiole's sister, even if the noble's actions won't change due to Sion's current lack of power. While the two are out traveling, Sion spends the time fixing Roland's interior—growing his own power over the corrupt nobility and generally doing his best to thwart them.

This does have ramifications—his commoner secretary is messily murdered as a warning after Sion saved the boy's sister. There are continued assassination attempts and personal jabs. Despite this, he still moves forward ; he promotes Milk Callaude to the Taboo Breaker Squad, and gives her the job of hunting after a taboo breaker who recently left Roland.

He neglects to mention that this Taboo Breaker is Ryner Lute, that he isn't a Taboo Breaker at all, and that he knows that she knows Ryner from childhood same "orphanage". He does give more information to her second in command, having known Luke Stokkart Luke was part of his rebellion longer, but mostly this is a mixture of 'for amusement' and 'keep track of where Ryner is'.

Miran Froaude joins him—another of the adopted children that is a custom among Roland Nobility—with the intention of acting as Sion's 'Master Assassin'—doing the things that Sion needs done, but cannot dare do openly, as Sion must be a beacon of light. Sion agrees to this, and when they take a trap-like trip to Nelpha, the northern country where Ryner and Ferris are, Froaude's job is to uncover the plot to kill Sion—and remove it. Miran proceeds to ensure that Sion is able to conquer and control every land he sets his mind to—as Miran is quite certain that is what Sion intends to do.

He isn't far off—this is why Sion doesn't reprimand him terribly for instigating rebellion in Estabul. Sion is aware that Miran is a bloodthirsty creature, with little to no morals, and instead assigns Major-General Claugh Klom to lead crushing the rebellion, as Klom is much more likely to kill a few rather than all.

This still weighs heavily on him, sending a friend out to kill. This prevents a bloodbath—or just prevents one as extreme as Miran would have implemented—and gains him the support of Noa Ehn, the princess of Estabul. During these events, he sends Iris to Ryner and Ferris with a warning to not investigate the dragon they accidentally unleashed.

Shortly after this, some pressure to provide a heir is pushed on Sion by his subordinates. Of course, Ryner and Ferris didn't listen—due to problems with receiving the message—and shortly after this report was returned, news of Gastark's movements reached Sion.

The rest of the continent was gearing toward war, and Roland was unstable internally, incapable to grow power to be able to stand on its own. He's offered a plan; play nice with the nobles, give them all that they want, and when they gather in one place, kill the lot of them naturally, this plan came from Miran.

Around the same time, nobles try to assassinate Noa Ehn, to rekindle the war between Estabul and Roland, which pushes Sion into making a move. Ryner and Ferris are saving Arua Instead of letting the nobles get what they want, luring them in with false promises, he purposefully antagonizes them. All of his trusted subordinates got promotions, which was coincidentally no noble who held anti-king opinions. Gastark was moving, he needed to secure his country, and while his nobles didn't like it, they were part of his country.

If they wouldn't listen to him, when he needed the authority, then he would have to remove them to keep the authority. If they would follow him, they would be forgiven. If they rebelled, they would be purged. His argument is sound—they need the unity—and so his comrades agree. He would sacrifice the least possible to gain the largest effect. His subordinates re-pledge themselves to him.

legend of the legendary heroes relationship

The result wasn't what Sion expected—the nobles were all but silent, and hundreds of capable people jumped out of the woodwork. His promotions had been based off of merit, not blood, and that enabled plenty of people to decide they didn't need to hide how far they could go from a noble.

Ferris Eris

Sion was uneasy about the nobilities silence. It didn't last long, but it also resulted in more or less what he expected—the nobles in the lands of Miran's family were starting to make a fuss.

Which was, of course, all according to plan. Miran enacts the expected purge of all of the anti-king nobles, which had been gathered there, but runs into a pink haired man with a similar artifact and powers. The result is a burnt down mansion, as the pink haired man moves on to try to target Sion. This doesn't work out—Lucile is more than a match for the attempt, and sends the man running with a warning to his boss. He leaves Sion with some creepy words, as is his habit—if Sion ever runs out of power, or fails at being a king, he will die.

Lucile will kill him, and put a new king on the throne, simple as that. Once Claugh and Miran returned, they discussed what had happened. It was unlikely that the pink haired man had come from a neighboring country, and far more likely he was from the north—such as Gastark. The loss of the anti-king nobles was something Sion still didn't like, but he also didn't know the powerful noble who had been helping one of the more antagonistic ones.

With few of these powerful nobles left within the country, suspicions are cast outside the borders. Sion pardons the remainder of the Anti-King Nobles, and Froaude cheerfully informs them it wasn't Sion's orders, when they start acting snippy, deflecting darkness from Sion's public image.

Miran inspects Runa, while Claugh is sent to further stabilize Estabul with the aid of Noa, because they need the military to be solidly blended and on Sion's side. As the Silwelt household doesn't know magic, but is strong enough to try for Lucile's strength, Sion feels comfortable sending them out to spy on Gastark.

It turns out that Gastark has allied with Runa—although through threats—nullifying a longstanding truce between Roland and Runa. News that Gastark has some terribly destructive, unknown magic reaches them—which they take, correctly, that Gastark has some sort of Hero Relic.

Sion doesn't like the idea of a mad scrabble between countries to get Hero Relics. Sion spends some time reflecting on his helpessness — he is the king, yet this mad world is fighting his goals. This infuriates him—he's gotten this far only to be repeatedly shown that even with the power he's gained, his dreams are still impossible.

It doesn't mean he will give up, though.

Ryner Lute

He will find another way. He heads to actually try to sleep for once. After dodging assassination via book, there he finds that Ryner has returned and made himself at home in his bed. Throughout the story, his many actions that has proven that such as devouring the "Demon portion" of "The Lonely Demon" and the simulacrum of "The Goddesses" as well as triggering the awakening of "The Mad Hero" in Sion's body. Before Sion became king, Lucile tested his "eligibility" to ascend the throne by having him entering a contract with "The Mad Hero", and thereafter backing him in the revolution, which in truth was driven by his own hidden agenda, where he will not hesitate to kill Sion if he Sion strays from his Lucile intended path.

While he can apparently be at anywhere almost instantly within Roland, because of a curse, Lucile's movements are restricted and he is unable to set foot outside the Roland Empire. However, the limitations are correlated to the current boundaries of Roland, and as Roland's boundaries expand, Lucile's ability to move freely expands as well. Lucile normally stays in the shadows, close to Sion whenever he is in Roland, in order to guard him from assassins sent by "The Goddess".

He once told Ryner that they are both monsters and are not worthy of having Ferris who is a human. He further states that he only allowed Ryner to be with Ferris because he cannot obtain or reach for anything with his blood-stained hands when his life itself is of no value. She was raised in the same orphanage as Ryner and as a child asked him to marry her, although Ryner does not seem to remember this. Milk was sold to the noble Callaud family soon after and endured harsh training and entered the military to improve the Callaud family standing.

She dislikes Ferris, but is willing to put up with her because she makes Ryner happy. Milk is not aware that Ryner is actually following orders from Sion and believes that Ferris is the person forcing Ryner to break the rules. She is also unaware that Ryner is an Alpha Stigma bearer. Thereafter she learns about the events happening around Roland. She now works for Roland as one of Sion's best agents, along with the taboo breaker squad.

She also now has the determination to kill. Milk is a reincarnation of a Goddess. In the latest installment, Milk confesses her love to Ryner, and asks to hold his hand. However, Ryner tells her that while he doesn't mind holding her hand as a friend or even as family, he will not hold her hand as a lover. This is because Milk only looks at him as the person he was when he was a child, and he himself doesn't understand love.

She responds to him, saying that she will do her best at trying to fall in love with how he is now, and says that she has confidence in doing so. He was instrumental in helping Sion succeed in the revolution to overthrow the previous tyrant, Sion's father, and today he holds the position of Field Marshal of Roland's army.

Despite the fact that he is not in complete agreement on many of the tough decisions that Sion had to make out of necessity, he remains absolutely loyal to Sion.

Claugh dislikes putting himself in a safe place while others are fighting, and prefers to use his muscles to handle the military side of the country, than to use his head to work out the intricacies of politics, policies, among other stuff. Because of this he is often envious of Miller for being able to reject promotions, and of Luke for being able to go on stealth missions. Aside from his battle prowess, Claugh was described by Froaude as a highly charismatic person, is well liked by both the populace and his men, and this was an essential quality to head the army during tough times.

While suppressing the rebellion from the vassal country of Estabul, Claugh saves the former princess of Estabul, Noa Ehn, from death during Froaude's extermination exercise on Estabul's nobles. While he was initially oblivious to the romantic feelings that Noa carries for him, as well his own feelings, eventually they develop a more steadfast mutual love relationship, though Claugh still carries some reservations and doubts.

There are three things that Claugh hated in his life: When he was a child, part of his right arm was bitten off by Tiir, and in order to maintain the functionality of his arm, he was tattooed with a red magical inscription on his arm. This inscription when invoked, gives Claugh the power to almost instantaneously slice anything into fine pieces with his right hand, including human beings.

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He mistook Tiir's eyes to be Alpha Stigma, since Alpha Stigma is much more common than other Cursed Eyes and the general awareness of the existence of other Cursed Eyes is much less, and saw him as a monster. Later, he fought a battle with Tiir and was overwhelmed easily, losing his right arm in the process. Claugh led the invasion of Imperial Nelpha. He respects and is on close terms with Claugh and addresses him as senpaiand like Claugh, was an instrumental force in the revolution led by Sion against the previous tyrant of Roland.

He is in charge of mainly the domestic and administrative affairs of Roland and also holds a military rank of major general. Calne has a reputation of being a philanderer. He has had many relationships with older married women.

It began as a form of information gathering, [4] but appears to stem partly from his way with dealing with stress from the dissented nobles daily, as well as him holding the belief that military people like him may die any time and should not be involved in a long-term relationship. As such, and adding to this the fact that Fiole is a good friend of his, although it is hinted he is secretly in love with Eslina, he never once confesses his feelings. Subsequently, due to the betrayal of Remurus Empire, he suffered defeat and is apparently captured in battle with his fate currently unknown.

Junichi Suwabe Japanese ; J. He quickly rose through ranks and was awarded the rank of Colonel at a young age of seventeen. Believing that Sion has the caliber of a true king, one who can make difficult decisions and who understands the importance of making small sacrifices for the greater good, he came to Sion and proposed that they work together with Miran undertaking the covert ops and dark deeds of necessity.

Froaude as he's referred in the story mostly by his last name believes that the only way to attain maximum peace is to unite the whole continent under one ruler. He is cold-hearted, emotionless, and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals with the maximum possible efficiency. Despite his extreme methods, sometimes carried out autonomously without the knowledge or permission of Sion, he holds a deep loyalty towards Sion, and is willing to risk his life if necessary, to achieve the grander goal of uniting Menoris under Roland's, and Sion's, rule.