Swap meet hawaii aloha stadium capacity

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swap meet hawaii aloha stadium capacity

Located in Central Oahu, the Aloha Stadium is Hawaii's largest outdoor arena car shows, fairs and the ever popular Aloha Stadium Swap Meet & Marketplace. State of Hawaii; Management: Stadium Authority, State of Hawaii; Capacity. host to a number of other events including professional sporting events, concerts, car shows, fairs and the Swap Meet. Aiea, Hawaii. pugliablog.info .gov. 0 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, UH Football Hawaii Bowl current stadium events are SEATING CAPACITY Total Suite Annual Loge .. the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet & Marketplace, and the 50th State Fair.

swap meet hawaii aloha stadium capacity

On the plus side, Aloha Stadium has live bands performing during tailgating — you can find local bands set up on top of the entrance gates — and the marching band at Aloha Stadium is fun to watch during pregame and again during halftimeparticularly the flag bearers waving their brightly colored UH banners.

Before kickoff you can see them spell out U-H, similar to pregame formations seen at other college football venues. However, be sure to arrive early, because there are two things you will NOT see elsewhere — first off, at Aloha Stadium you will hear two songs sung before kickoff: The Rainbow Warriors have been known to perform the Haka on the road as well, though in the past they have been penalized 15 yards for it.

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See the Rainbow Warriors take the field, and perform the Haka, here: There are plenty of restaurants and attractions in the area, but you will likely need to drive to them, as the stadium is bordered by several freeways, and thus is not really pedestrian friendly. Admission to the memorial is free, however, only walk-up tickets are available per day, so unless you book weeks or months in advance, you should plan on getting there at 7 am when they open to guarantee yourself a seat.

swap meet hawaii aloha stadium capacity

If you are looking for something to eat before or after the game, chop suey and sushi restaurants abound on the island, and there are also myriad small bakeries around, where you can purchase all manner of Hawaiian pastries and sweet breads — feel free to stop in at one as you pass by. Alternatively, Restaurant offers both American and classic Hawaiian fare, and is not far from the stadium.

swap meet hawaii aloha stadium capacity

For starters, the stadium is at least a 6-hour flight from the US mainland, and even if you live elsewhere in the islands, it will still take a boat ride or a plane trip to get to Oahu. If you are flying in, Honolulu Airport is the most convenient, as it will get you within a few miles of Aloha Stadium; H-1 is the main freeway to get you to the stadium itself, from either the east or the west.

As originally built, Aloha Stadium had various configurations for different sport venues and other purposes.

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Four movable 7,seat sections, each 3. In Januarythe stadium was permanently locked into its football configuration due to cost and maintenance issues. There are several issues regarding rusting of the facility, several hundred seats that need to be replaced, and restroom facilities that need to be expanded to accommodate more patrons. It was intended to create a protective patina that would eliminate the need for painting, but in the ocean salt-laden air of Honolulu, it has never stopped rusting.

The new stadium may also be used to attempt to lure a Super Bowl to Hawaii in the future. The Aloha Stadium Authority plans to add more luxury suites, replacing all seats, rusting treatments, parking lots, more restrooms, pedestrian bridge supports, enclosed lounge, and more.

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There is also a proposal that would close the 4 openings in the corners of the stadium to add more seats. Inthe playing field was refurbished in part due to a naming rights sponsorship from Hawaiian Airlines. As a result of the sponsorship deal, the field was referred to as Hawaiian Airlines Field at Aloha Stadium.

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