Honda crx b18c6 swap meet

honda crx b18c6 swap meet

K-Tuned Series K-Swap Budget Exhaust Header (Civic/CRX / Del . Honda Integra 2-door coupe i Type-R (B18C/B18C6 - DC2). its a Honda Crx, it originally set off as a D16 back in and raced a couple of years and then upgraded to a B18C6 (DC2 motor). One of the most common questions on CRX and Honda internet boards all over is "what's the best swap for me?" There is no answer to this.

About a good times is what it took me. Take your license with you in case you get pulled over too. Paramore - Decode Adrenaline Rush http: Subscribe for weekly uploads!

honda crx b18c6 swap meet

Decided to bring the car with me to TX, so no longer for sale. Leaving vid up for now. Short drive in my Honda CRX Si with 97,8xx miles I did quite a bit of work during my ownership from to present have all receipts: These are all high quality parts, not simply the cheapest available on Rockauto. Bridgestone Potenza REAS R14 approx miles ago - media blasted, primed and painted wheels in correct silver miles ago. All 4 wheels are pristine with no curb rash, chips, scratches etc. One of the H center caps has a scratch on it.

No it's not perfect; there are a few small areas where touch-up paint was applied. However there is no cracking or hazing and only a few stone chips. I never considered a respray; it looks great overall and if it was perfect you'd be afraid to drive and enjoy the car.

Plus it'd be a shame to lose the patina and would be hard to reproduce the semi-flat, yet still shiny look of that 's Greek White paint. Passenger side professionally repaired 3 years ago after a neighbor lightly bumped that wheel lip backing up. After carefully wire-brushing the area with a Dremel tool I used rust converter and white POR15 to touch this area up. See pic in photobucket album. It hasn't come back at all in almost 4 years.

I can find no rust whatsoever on the floorpan or underbody, including the notoriously rust-prone rear suspension mounts. There is a little bit starting to show on the rocker panels under the plastic cladding if you crawl underneath, and some on the front of the sunroof header, which I treated and coated with clear POR to slow the proces.

They really do all do this.

Supertune - K-Tuned Billet No-Cut Shifter Box (Civic/CRX /Integra K20Z/K24Z-Swap)

Header panel is perfect which is quite rare, and good since these are nearly impossible to find. Cleaned and greased sunroof cables at same time. Knocks a bit over big bumps due to poly-bushings, can fix temporarily with grease. Really improves the car's balance, virtually eliminating understeer without affecting the surprisingly good ride comfort.

Original steering wheel and shift knob are included. I wouldn't say it looks worn, more that it has a nice patina. Anyway I was never inclined to replace the carpets, and if they weren't decent it would have bothered me. Spare parts included with car: The previous owner installed an aftermarket muffler which wasn't QUITE obnoxious enough to make me replace it with a more stock-sounding one.

Easy enough for a muffler shop to do if you're so inclined original chrome, twin exhaust tips included.

honda crx b18c6 swap meet

A true classic and a true survivor, don't miss this chance to own it! Amazing Honda CRX 1. A deep bright shine which looks stunning really gives the car tremendous presence.

Honda Crx Si carbon fiber sunroof

All the protective trim is in exceptional condition with no scuffs on the vulnerable corners. The rear wheel arches are rust free but the protective rubber wheel arch strip is just starting to lift.

honda crx b18c6 swap meet

The windows are all number plate etched and the correct stickers in the inner door shuts are present. There are a few minor car park dings and the fully operational sunroof has one tiny undulations.

K-Tuned 409-Series K-Swap 4-2-1 Budget Exhaust Header (Civic/CRX 87-01/Del Sol/Integra 90-01)

Visible touched in stone chips can be seen. The piping is extra thick for added strength and to allow better weld penetration. These strength features add longevity and make a header that will be able to take the abuse of a firmly mounted K-swap engine. The strong interlocking flex-pipe can handle a lot of heat and has a 2. It flows very well and absorbs engine movement.

K-Tuned 409-Series K-Swap 4-1 Race Exhaust Header (Civic/CRX 87-01/Del Sol/Integra 90-01)

Like our other headers, they are designed to fit most K-swap chassis perfectly. The header does not interfere with shifter mounting kits and is well centered in the exhaust tunnel. The 3-bolt exit flange prevents leaks and allows for installation to the existing exhaust piping with minimal modification. Please note that all of our headers will require some exhaust welding for installation. After evaluating the price driven exhaust parts market and seeing some of our products copied using very low quality, thin gauge Asian mystery material, we decided it was time to make a move.

K-Tuned Series Headers are made with raw series steel which will offer customers a cost savings with no sacrifice to performance and fitment. We wanted to maintain a high level of quality because our stainless headers have had a good reputation for several years now. Our Series Headers are exactly like our stainless steel headers, we only changed the material to save our customers a few dollars.