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Hey folks, the 19th annual El Torreon Bicycle Swap meet is coming up next month. There are always all sorts of old bikes at this swap. (I bought. El Torreon Bicycle Tribal Gathering & Swap Meet's photo. AUG 18th Annual El Torreon Bicycle Swap Meet. Public Kansas City, Missouri. Show Map. pugliablog.info El Torreon Bicycle Swap Meet Entrance is free—whether you want to swap, shop, or a little.

If you are trying to determine the make and model of your bicycle, go to our Vintage Bicycle Picture Database which details bicycle features, wheel sizes, etc. Please email kbcurvin aol. Sears Tricycle posted by: Below is the info I have on my bike and a like to pictures or it. Tricycle There are 2 seial numbers On back left fork Number 2C On what I think is called the bottom Bracket under the crank bearings? Number is not all visible bad stamp on bottom of numbers but it is Number or Candy Blue with 4 diamond and stripes pattern on chainguard.

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On seat post tube there are black, white, orange, red horizontal stripes then a horzizontal checkerboard pattern, then vertical stripes of orange, red and blue, then the checkerboard and stipes again on the bottom.

Sturmey Archer Right Hand grip shifter, I think 3 speed shift at rear left whell hub. Shift gears are inclosed in hub. Front brake on left hand goed to front caliper says Excel Racfer. And has coaster brake. Front tire Goodyear Speedway "" 24 x 1. Ape hanger handlebars, wide like 60's Schwinn StingRays Large basket in rear between tires.

I'm looking for a flat rim, Shimano, 3 speed, chrome, 20 X 1. Please take a look, and by all means feel free to bid!

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I really miss getting to meet old friends and actually handling the goods before parting with my hard-earned bucks. I'm gonna try to get up to Alan Kinsey's long-enduring swap in Des Moines later this year but meanwhile in the heat of the summer, this swap in KC is the best in the MidWest.

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We even have a Pub Cruise the night before. Collectors and pickers from all over have been calling in for directions and information so we've had to scramble to arrange for more space. I know you won't find these on any collector's dream list, it was just my first bike. I wonder how many thousands of hours I spent on that bike for about years before it was completely totalled.

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Just thought it would be great to have another now to hang in my family room and remenisce. I found one on EBAY a couple of years ago, but the auction had ended and the buyer wouldn't sell. Thanks for taking the time. It's a nice bike, but not particularly valuable.

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You might get a hundred bucks for it, if it's in really clean shape. They're good campus bikes, and used ones are bought by people for that sort of usage. English 3-speeds are the only only ones with an actual collector base, and they're still pretty reasonably priced. Growing up, we had our interests in different but surprisingly interconnected scenes, entertainment, and lifestyles. Kool machines and underground culture. As well as the art: Comix, worked with Roth, and many hot rod mags, even as editor of Speed and Custom and Custom Rodder.

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The music we liked was self-produced underground: The art and comix you had to chase down in weird little shops. Watching old B-movies you could only find mail-order in some cheap, nerdy fanzines you found in that weird shop. We try to illustrate these interconnected cultural influences and interests by having a loose theme in our show imagery and entertainment.

Trip out on some Sci-Fi Hot Rod Art in the Gallery, rock out to some spooky, spacey surf at the Stage, and freak out on our way-way out animated cult films. When we were first seeking out a few others of like-mind, throwing little Sunday BBQ- in-the-park shindigs years ago, we were tickled to just see a few people into the same neat old stuff we were.