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el rancho drive swap meet

Delta Drive, Nampa, ID Trucks and Auto Auctions Phone El Rancho Drive, Sparks, NV Peavine Auctions, Consignments. Maclin Markets - The original Open Air Markets and largest swap meets, flea markets and craft fairs in Southern California with locations in Ontario, Indio, Hemet. New Development Underway at Former Indoor Swap Meet Site . El Rancho High School student and Generation 1st Degree - Pico Rivera member Bethania Perez . food items left as part of the 24th annual Stamp Out Hunger food drive.

Shortly before midnight, as Chalino was taking requests, Eduardo Gallegos, a year-old unemployed mechanic high on alcohol and heroin, jumped up on the short stage and, from a few feet away, fired a. Chalino pulled his gun, leaped from the stage and, as he ran through the crowded dance floor, fired at Gallegos, who cranked off another few rounds.

People rushed the doors and smashed windows, trying to escape. Someone took the gun from Gallegos and shot him in the mouth, then the crowd wrestled him to the ground. When it was over, seven people were wounded, including accordionist Hernandez, who was shot in the thigh.

Rene Carranza, a year-old local, was hit in the leg and bled to death as friends lugged him to a car and drove to a hospital. Other victims were said to have been taken by friends to Mexicali, 90 miles to the south. While he convalesced, sales of his cassettes shot up, and he finally began to get radio play - though DJs would air only one of his love songs, "Nieves de Enero" "Snows of January".

At his first appearance following the shooting, at El Parral a few weeks later, hundreds of fans were locked out when the club had to shut its doors - at 6 p.

But the Coachella shooting may have taken its toll on Chalino. In the months that followed, he did two strange things. To his friends, he gave away his prized gun collection.

And to Musart, he negotiated the rights to his music.

el rancho drive swap meet

His wariness of businessmen did Chalino in. He demanded up-front money instead of royalties. Who could say whether there'd be any, after all, and in any event, who could trust a record company to keep track?

So he committed what his friend Angel Parra calls "his greatest error. Chalino's royalties today are worth several million dollars. His widow, Marisela, and their son and daughter, though not penniless, must rely on relatives for financial help. He put his life in order. He never thought his records would sell as well as they did, or would have helped us out as much as they would have.

He never felt like an artist. He never knew the magnitude of what he would become. With the Musart money, Chalino bought a home for his family in Paramount - an L. He was singing live again. Marisela didn't want him to go. Culiacan was a dangerous place; he knew L. But Chalino had asked for and received half the money in advance. He had to go. Culiacan is a city ofpeople, and that Friday night in May2, of them packed into the Salon Buganvilias.

The crowd exploded in cheers as Chalino, flanked by six scantily clad young women, took the stage. After the show, Chalino, his brother Espiridion, a woman friend and some of her relatives left the club in a car, but were stopped at a traffic circle by armed men in a federal police car.

Chalino and Espiridion were taken from the car. They offered the gunmen money, believing them to be police officers. The gunmen didn't accept, but they released his brother. I just met him at the show,'" says Hernandez. He was blindfolded, and his wrists had rope marks. He had been shot twice in the back of the head.

El-Rancho Drive-In and Public Market - JUNKMARKET Style

The reaction in Culiacan was immediate. Back in Los Angeles, the news clicked quickly along the informal network his music had created at high schools in Bell, Long Beach, Compton, Huntington Park. Girls cried at Paramount High.

El Parral filled up that night. Only Chalino's music was played. There was a minute of silence. People broke into tears. Out in Coachella, the D. The trial of Eduardo Gallegos proceeded without its key witness. Gallegos, who never gave a reason for the shooting, was convicted and is serving 15 years to life in prison.

Musart took full advantage. We said, 'Why should we keep all his tapes locked up? I want one of each. I just found out this morning that he was shot.

Then radio stations started announcing it. Pretty soon people just started buying his cassettes like crazy, you know: Soon a Chalinomania gripped Los Angeles on down to Sinaloa. So many people would play him in their cars, their houses, their dances. Both Musart and Cintas Acuario quickly stripped the vocal tracks from his original recordings and wove them in with singers and bands Chalino had never even met.

Musart would put out 10, and Cintas Acuario 12, of these horrible ersatz recordings. But the demand was there: All but one of Musart's 15 Chalino albums still sell at least 10, copies annually. A kind of Sinaloazation of L. Mexican culture was taking place. If tourists or the average Angeleno thought mariachi synonymous with Mexico, Mexicans in L. And if being Sinaloan - with its drug undertones - was suddenly cool, to be from the Sinaloan hills was even more so.

Thus emerged the Chalinazo, a new style of dress in which urban kids imitated Mexican hicks. At clubs, they'd dress up in cowboy hats and boots, large belt buckles, and jackets with epaulets made from the skin of some exotic animal; eventually, gold chains and silk shirts were added. It was nothing short of a Mexican roots renaissance, though this time led not by a small group of Chicano college professors, intellectuals and artists, but by a large swath of working-class youth.

He was like a Billy the Kid. Everybody wanted to kill him, but because he was a man they couldn't. They invited him to a party. At the party they began shooting at him.

Las voses de El rancho en El Broadacres Swap meet Las Vegas NV

Surrounded by his enemies, he said, 'I'm going to take a few of them with me. He wasn't going to apologize to nobody. He died like a man. Bug Off Screen has been recognized as the instant screen leader for more than 20 years because of its excellent quality, great customer service, and original patented design.

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Drive-ins within 100 miles of Jenny Lind, CA

The summer season runs June-September with hours from 7am to noon. Open for shoppers Sat. Free parking and admission for shoppers. Del Amo Swap Meet www. One of the largest swap meets in the area with over stores.

Bienvenidos a Del Amo Swap Meet. We have plenty of paved parking, hundreds of vendors, aisles of fresh produce, lots of good food and bargains galore just waiting for you.

New and used merchandise. Market hours 7am - 2pm. Kern County Marketplace www. Full restuarant on site, come and visit! Visit us online at www. Madera Flea Market www. But they still had the custom of the Sunday drive in the country. They could drive for miles to the nearest drive-in.

It was unlikely in those days for a factory worker to go out in his work clothes to a hard-top movie theater.

You could come as you were to a drive-in, and you wouldn't have to find a baby-sitter. The kids could run around when they got there, too. They used to have billboards: In a New Yorker article inHarvey Elliott, owner of the Bronx's Whitestone Drive-In, spoke out against the "ugly rumor" that the drive-ins are passion pits, assuring the reporter that he sends police around to check the cars. As Segrave points out, "Demographically, this was a small percentage of the drive-in patrons.

A disproportionate amount of teenagers got all the publicity. The drive-ins were mainly family places. After the early-'70s oil embargo, cars got a little too small for that sort of thing. Where there's a will, there's a way, however.

The pre-WWII drive-ins--there were of them before hadn't yet come up with the tinny, individual speakers hanging on their steel post waiting to be hooked to a windowsill. In those days, the sound came out of a bullhorn underneath the screen, and patrons had to roll down their windows to hear, letting in the weather and the mosquitoes. The movie industry at the time was like any other; products were distributed by franchises that bore the name of the company, in this case the studios: Cut off from the more prestigious product, drive-ins relied on whatever they could get.

An ad from the Starview, a long-gone Boulder Creek drive-in that opened in Marchpromotes a movie called SOS Submarine--"a suspenseful drama of 13 doomed men in a sunken sub," with the postscript "Not a war short. In the s, independent theaters mostly exhibited cheap Westerns from studios like Mascot and Republic, and melodramas and detective pictures from Monogram.

To look over ads from that decade is to trip again and again across the name of Maria Montez. Princess, of Atlantis, Arab temptress, jungle goddess--Montez always wore the same dismayed expression of a woman who has just realized she's lost her keys. Later, after the Supreme Court broke up the studio's exhibition monopolies, the drive-ins could afford somewhat better pictures. Other lawsuits in the early s made sure that drive-ins could bid on first-run pictures.

Still, some drive-in owners faced the competitiveness of bidding by making their own low-budget movies. Alameda's Bob Lippert Sr. Other chains in North Carolina--a state with many more drive-ins than California--produced such titles as Rottweiler! Intermission My friend Mike worked at a Peninsula drive-in for two years during the mids. And it was like drive-ins seemed so They didn't draw the line between the A-movie and the B-movie. You know, I'm always sorry I never saw a porn movie on that big screen.

One of those urban myths you used to hear was about the porn drive-in causing accidents on the freeway. I kept hearing that, it always seemed like a lie. There weren't any accidents at our theater, even though we ran R-rated titty movies for days. They sent a very square Mercury reporter to interview the owner and ask him what the difference was between an X-rated movie and a hard-core movie. The owner said you had to pay the money to find out.

The city made him build a very expensive foot-high fence around it, too, so that no one ran off the road. When I go to talk to the manager at the Capitol Drive-In, he's nervous: I do call them, and the calls go into the well of forgetfulness. Call the Skyview in Santa Cruz, and the people who own it are actually willing to talk, for a few minutes anyway.

The nephew of owner Marvin Martin, who has owned the Skyview since the late s, tells me his uncle is busy that day evicting a deadbeat tenant from the swap meet. We even have free bottles for baby's formula," read the ads. Today, the Skyview Drive-In is a two-screen theater, having expanded inwhich hosts a weekly flea market.

Over the top of the toll booth, a small marquee announces: MissionImpossiblepg 13 and Twister. The second movie tempts fate. The highlight, a tornado dismantling a drive-in, happened in real life a few days before in Ontario, Canada--another example of nature copying art. In the center of the rolling lot is the projection booth--an elevated box with one carpeted room and a large walk-in closet, overlooking the Hot Wheels-sized cars milling around on the parking lot below.

Small square windows look dead into the center of the north and south screens and slots, respectively.

el rancho drive swap meet

This afternoon, they are installing UltraStereo, Sony's answer to Dolby Sound, which they plan to have ready for tonight's opening of Mission: When it gets off the ground, true stereo will issue from the low-frequency FM broadcaster, which is also in the booth.

It consists of a couple of small metal boxes and a wire the thickness of a finger that runs up to a hole in the roof of the small building.