Ej20t vw swap meet

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ej20t vw swap meet

Volks-Swap:: The Subaru Conversion:: Pictures: Side by Side - EJ20 and Air Cooled VW I had a question I was thinking about an engine swap with a EJ20 DOHC Subaru Impreza Twin Turbo 95 jetta 5spd, (first waterpumper vw). Although this Volkswagen Beetle is still powered by a flat-four, the is now powered by a rebuilt Subaru EJ20G imported from Japan.

Thanks to the increase in power the Beetle reaches mph in about five seconds and averages MPG. Just undo about 10 bolts and the package tray comes out and you have access.

The turbo and intercooler are mounted in the factory positions with fans mounted on the intercooler controlled by the intake air temp sensor. The turbo retains the water cooling system and factory exhaust on the hot side.

ej20t vw swap meet

A turbo blanket and heat wrap keep everything cool. A custom made down pipe and resonator muffler exit in the stock beetle location.

ej20t vw swap meet

Custom built beetle KCR transmission — super street plus with highway flyer overdrive and super beetle input and first gear. All the tricks and custom bits they do to keep the transmissions together.

So You Want To Engine Swap Your VW Eh?

It handles the power flawlessly. New Kennedy Stage 2 clutch, New Kennedy adapter plate New Flywheel New high torque starter The engine and transmission are mounted 2 inches further forward using a custom built solid mount that ties in the engine mounts and trans mount and improves weight distribution. SOHC engines now use an adjustment screw to adjust valve clearance.

Engines with the earlier HLA are recommended to use 10W30 or 10W40 oil year-round; 5W30 can be used at very low winter temperatures. The roller rocker cam follower system that was introduced on the Impreza engines, is installed on all model year and later engines. The roller assemblies are not serviceable separately, but the rocker arms may be serviced as individual units. The carbon composition head gaskets with integrated o-rings are interchangeable from left to right on to NA engines only.

Subaru EJ engine

Other Engine Modifications The intake manifold has been reshaped to increase the airflow mass and speed, contributing to improved low and mid engine speed operation.

Components located on the intake manifold have been relocated as compared to the models. All engine for are the Phase 2 design.

1971 VW Gulf Beetle with EJ20 Swap

Changes in the Phase 2 engines are as follows: Additional Phase 2 Engine Features: The intake valves are positioned 23 degrees off-center with the exhaust valves positioned 20 degrees off-center.

Prior model year engines utilized a degree positioning angle. An IN1 or IN2 will be embossed on each rocker arm. As viewed from the front of the engine the Number 1 intake valve of each cylinder and the number 2 intake valve have an IN1 marked and IN2 marked rocker arm that mates with it. New IN1 rocker arms can also be identified by a Green painted mark on the top of the rocker arm.

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  • So You Want To Engine Swap Your VW Eh?

The IN2 rocker arms have a white mark. Proper positioning is maintained through the use of a wave washer located between the rocker shaft arm and rocker arm shaft support.