Denver swap meet shooting

Law enforcement bikers fought outlaw gang in deadly Denver melee | Reuters

denver swap meet shooting

Scene from the shooting at the Colorado Motorcycle Expo in Denver. . country's largest indoor motorcycle swap meet with over booths. Several people were been taken to hospital following a shooting at the Colorado Motorcycle Expo in Denver on Saturday, Jan. 30, SWAP MEET SHOOTING UPDATE: (From the April edition of by a gunshot inside the Expo, which was held at Denver's National Western Complex.

Duran is thinking, 'They are going to kill us,' " the police report said. A Mongol returned fired, grazing Duran and striking another Iron Order member.

Brawl between heavily armed motorcycle clubs at Denver expo started over stairwell

Duran fired a second shot, hitting Mendoza in the chest. Later, Duran told police "he was not sorry he defended himself but he is sorry someone lost their life," the report said. The fight was fueled by racial tension and an ongoing, nationwide feud between the Iron Order and other outlaw motorcycle clubs. Outlaw motorcycle clubs believe the Iron Order does not follow traditional protocols within the culture.

They also say it draws heavily from the military and law enforcement and that its members pick fights with other clubs.

Indeed, the Iron Order in Colorado draws from law enforcement. An undercover Aurora Police Department officer who was working at the January event told detectives that he knew of at least seven active law enforcement members in the club, including two Adams County patrol deputies, an Aurora police patrol officer, a federal officer at the Denver Mint, an ICE agent and a state corrections officer.

denver swap meet shooting

The report names the 17 Iron Order members who attended the expo, and The Denver Post's research found four associated with the club who had served in the military.

The report also reveals that a large number of men in both clubs were armed as well as other motorcycle enthusiasts who were unaffiliated with a club but were attending the show. Some had permits allowing them to carry concealed weapons.

denver swap meet shooting

Some drew their guns but did not fire, while others never took their guns from holsters. One Iron Order member told detectives, "the situation was made a lot worse because of the guns. Police also found bloody clothes, hats, boots and sunglasses scattered in the stairwell where the fight began and in the National Western Complex parking lot, the report said.

denver swap meet shooting

After the shooting, the event continued as people walked through and around puddles of blood and spent shell casings. After Duran exchanged fire with Mongols, more shots were fired as police rushed to the scene. The shots can be heard in video footage filmed by an undercover Arvada police investigator. No one was injured from the second round of shots, and police never identified a shooter.

denver swap meet shooting

Undercover officers from Jefferson County and Wheat Ridge also had volunteered to help Denver police monitor the expo. The police had gathered early Jan. Two undercover Arvada officers were near the stairwell when the fight began.

denver swap meet shooting

One wrote that he saw a black Iron Order member being dragged through some doors by one of his fellow club members.

But two Mongols members rushed through and kicked the man, later identified as Winston, Whitfield, an attorney representing Iron Order and a member himself. But Las Vegas attorney Stephen Stubbs, who represents the Mongols, said it was Iron Order members who instigated the alcohol-fueled brawl by taunting them into an argument that led to the deadly shooting of a Mongols member.

Swap Meet To Return To Stock Show Complex After Motorcycle Club Shooting

Another club member was among the injured, he said. The corrections officer fired in self-defence, Whitfield said. He would not say whether he fired the fatal shot. Prisons spokeswoman Adrienne Jacobson confirmed an employee was involved in the shooting but would not identify him.

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He was not in police custody as of Sunday night, Whitfield said. Whitfield said one Iron Order member was shot, another stabbed and a third beaten.

Denver police have refused to release details about what happened or identify the clubs involved.

Swap Meet To Return To Stock Show Complex After Motorcycle Club Shooting « CBS Denver

Police spokeswoman Raquel Lopez said she wasn't aware of any arrests as of Sunday night, and detectives were trying to identify more than one shooter. Denver Health Medical Center, where the injured were being treated, said three patients remained in critical condition and three in stable condition Sunday.

The violence put new focus on Iron Order, made up mostly of police officers and military personnel, and the Mongols, recognized by law enforcement as a highly-organized criminal gang.