Tri state swap meet colorado 2013

tri state swap meet colorado 2013

I haven't set up at a swap meet in 20 years until this weekend. . the largest indoor meet in Colo at the Stock show grounds(we must've seen 25 or http://, He normally .. First of all I am not defending Jim and I want to state that I have the upmost. Even though Proposition 8 was repealed in , there are still places Photo courtesy of Tri State Swap Meet Denver Colorado on Facebook. Terri Keitel shares sights from the Pioneer Power Swap Meet and Show in LeSueur, Minn., and the Tri-State Gas Engine and Tractor.

Cajun Carnival Photo courtesy of Off the Clock: Cajun Carnival on Facebook. February 3, 6 — 9: Denver Botanic Gardens, York St. The Denver Botanic Gardens is known for hosting some of the most beautiful and diverse species of plants and flowers in the city.

Dust off your masks and dancing shoes for a festive early Mardi Gras celebration. Great for singles, couples and friends. Laissez les bons temps router. Grab a drink and take a live tour through the universe guided by certified Museum astro-nerds. Check out their website for more information.

Get ready to go to space and beyond! February 3, 8 — 11 p. She is a visual artist currently living in Denver, Colorado. February 3, 8 — Chris Tucker is a well-known actor, comedian and humanitarian. Currently, his one-man standup comedy tour has received rave reviews all over the world. For this event, get ready to listen to some vulgarity, funny personal stories and some Hollywood gossip.

February 4, 2 — 5 p. The NOH8 Campaign is a tax-exempt c 3 charitable organization whose mission is to promote marriage, gender and human equality through education, advocacy, social media, and visual protest. February 4 to February 5, 8 a. The Tri-State Swap Meet started in the parking lot of a local car club and has been the largest indoor swap meet for automotive enthusiast since February 5, 2 — 5 p.

Through discussion and practice of yoga asana, breath work and meditation, get ready to embrace the elements and learn how we can support our own healing and balance. Come and balance your body and lifestyle. Mark Your Calendar When: Things have changed but mostly with us. But Charlotte is coming up in September and I will be there.

If you are coming, stop by ZO 48,49,50 I'll be there if I am not walking around. Bob McLaughlin Why not grow a setand stop with the slams on other people?

Nobody else is whining herebut while we're at itthe worst kind of vendor is the one who cops out in the middle of an eventthen goes home and badmouths everybody else.

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There's no place in the swapmeets for a guy selling socks or hatsI agreebut you should wash your mouth out with soap. My momma could do that for you, if you need some decent upbringin'. USA1 Some people need to get a life and not bee so touchy. They would blast music from the 30s 40s and 50s and you would have to scream over it to explain how to use your products over it.

Carlisle events put loudspeakers around the field and every 5 min. High5 If you haven't been to a swap meet in 20 years, yes it's changed. Ebay, craigslist, and even the classifieds here have supplanted swap meets. The internet has changed our method of buying for good.

Some of you claim you save on shipping costs by buying at swap meets. There's the fuel burned to get there, parking fee, the gate fee, and your meals while attending. Pretty much a trade-off. Anyway, the variety and quality of parts is definitely dwindling. So unless you have a core group of friends attending, there isn't much incentive to go.

I would not have used Jim's term for buyers who want to get the best deal possible, but historically Jewish merchants have been sharp traders. As for the teetotaler "insult" I too am amazed that there was not one beer can or bottle in that pic. Your comments about why he left the meet early are not needed. I was there and you were not--I left after about an hour and yes I saw people drinking beer.

tri state swap meet colorado 2013

But if your going to tell someone to "grow a set" or to "wash their mouth out with soap", your should do that face to face and not behind a computer screen miles away.

I will gladly provide you my address if you wish to discuss this in person. But now I only go if a buddy want's to go. I did get to Hershey on 92', I found almost no trifive parts, but one respectable tail light assembly. My uncle found a trunk handle for his 52' Plymouth.

And yes it did rain both days we were there.

Tri-State Bonanza, Yuma County Fairgrounds May 31, 2010

It wasn't meant to be an ethnic slur, however I stand corrected for my poor choice of words. I used to love the swap meets at the good guys shows in Pleasanton. Now most all you see is big time vendors and few individual sellers.

tri state swap meet colorado 2013

That was where all the good deals were is with the individual sellers. The first down turn for swap meets was when the businesses started going, then Ebay Now I just go to talk to friends and drink a few beers with them.

You see the same junk parts every time. We always called them " Bebacks " they came in all shapes, sizes, races and religions. On the rare ocasion one did return it made my day when the item was gone and almost always at a higher price. If I have offended anyone I do not care.

tri state swap meet colorado 2013

Do you have parts for a 55' you can pm me if you do. My family is still in the business with me as technical advisor. We sell chemicals and coatings for restoration work. I always tried to explain in detail to every customer how to use these coatings and chemicals properly so they would work effectively with less aggravation.

I had to do at least one show every month in order to survive. I did love the lifestyle of traveling in my camper chain-smoking my brains out without the wife yelling at me. Most of the vendors were great guys that worked on old cars and knew what they were talking about. Car shows were for us, those of us that actually got our hands dirty and got satisfaction helping your buddy accomplishing his goals, usually through your mistakes and experience Everything changes.

I did not take your comment as a slur, Jim.

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No offense intended nor taken. I was speaking only for myself, as I wanted to clarify that I do not engage in such practices and those of any and all ethnicities who do so annoy me as much or more than they annoy you. Water under the bridge, Jim. We live a ways West of Spring, Texas. Don't get up your way often, but am hoping to carry some parts up to a friend in Oklahoma in the next 6 months or so. If we swing by, I'll buy you a beer. Best regards, Fiddy5Coupe Maybe the extra dirt makes you feel like you got a barn find?

Only thing I bought was from one of those new reproduction part vendors in a trailer. EBAY was the beginning of the death spiral for swap meets.

tri state swap meet colorado 2013

I went to both Spring and Fall Carlisle since the mid 's. Went to Hershey in the fall too. Was a vendor at Corvette Carlisle for close to 15 years. I could see the decline over the years. Big vendors quit coming due to the PA sales tax "police".

Little guys thought their stuff was worth big bux, and had exorbitant prices pasted on greasy dented parts. PA tried to collect sales tax from the "little guys" who were cleaning out their garages.

It reached a point at Carlisle that many of the spaces were used for parking only I saw ads for Zephyrhills for years in HMN.

Expected a big deal. First time I went, I arrived at 8: It was a wasteland, and still is IMHO.

LOTSA street rod stuff Chuck Pats 55 The guy that ran it, Jerry Kelly was a true gentleman and would bend over backwards to please both vendors and spectators alike.

I wish everyone ran a show like he did, he could teach the others a few things. Teetotalism refers to either the practice of or the promotion of complete abstinence from alcoholic beverages Bplacke I get entertainment out of watching people argue over price on stuff they are trying to get rid of anyway.

I feel what you're saying, I moved to NW Florida inhaven't been to a good swap, other than an annual Mustang show in Pensacola, some good parts for a Mustang owner. Oh no, he says, I'm selling it for another guy. At the end of the day, and everyone is packing up, he says do you still want that Corvette tail section?

He says come get it. Hanging on my garage wall still. Gas City is a blast. A great swap meet and a lot of really "cool" cars. I'm looking forward to it next month. Get to see friends and find out what everyone is working on, and so forth. When my pile of parts gets big enough to fill my pickup, I'll go as a seller.

I know I price my stuff too cheap, 'cuz I'm always the guy out of stuff for sale first. I'm ok with that. I found a guy parting out a 56 Chevy wagon at a local swap meet. Bought a dirty, filthy rear wagon bumper from him for My wife took one look at it when I got home and thought I was nuts. Two hours later, I called her out to the shop.

I'd polished it, swapped the end pieces with better ones i had, and she couldn't believe it. I put together a regular rear bumper from the parts I had, polished it all up, and sold it at the next swap meet for That's my kind of swap meet fun. I'm surprised no one mentioned the Pomona swap meet. Lately, I've only been able to make it about once a year they do it 6 or 7 times.

Four of us will pile in to our Tahoe, and pull my trailer over with one of us's car or truck for sale on it. We leave Friday morning. We have a Pomona weekend party out of it. We've sold a vehicle at the last 3 we've attended, and drug an empty trailer home miles. Everybody buys a tank of gas, we have a cheap, clean motel to stay at, eat way too much unhealthy food for the weekend, and generally have a great time with friends, everyone buying stuff they need at the swap meet, too.