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nato india relationship

Reason: The strategic realignment underway in South Asia makes a stronger formal relationship with India long overdue. Pakistan has chosen. The irony is that India joins the list at a time Europe's relations with for a " European Nato" and the idea of developing a nuclear weapon is. India and NATO experienced a distinctly cool relationship throughout most of the post-Second World War period and for 20 years following the.

Switzerland[1] which is surrounded by the EU, has also maintained their neutrality by staying out of the bloc. All these countries, however, have joined the Partnership for Peace programme and at least Sweden and Finland signed a specific host country support agreement with NATO in While President Ilham Aliyev has generally supported non-belligerency though not neutrality due to the unresolved conflict with Armenia over Nagorno-Karabakh since his rise to power inAzerbaijan has hosted NATO military exercises and high-profile meetings in The Parliament of Cyprus voted in February to apply for membership in the program, but President Demetris Christofias vetoed the decision as it would hamper his attempts to negotiate an end to the Cyprus dispute and demilitarize the island.

Foreign relations of NATO

However, a poll indicated that the public was strongly against NATO membership. On the other side, president Tarja Halonen of the Social Democratic Party opposed changing the status quo, as did most other candidates in the election. Her victory and re-election to the post of president has currently put the issue of a NATO membership for Finland on hold for at least the duration of her term.

Finland could however change its official position on NATO membership after the new EU treaty clarifies if there will be any new EU-level defence deal, but in the meantime Finnish Defence Forces are making technical preparations for membership, stating that it would increase Finland's security. Finland has received some very critical feedback from Russia for even considering the possibility of joining NATO, [13] with a study suggesting this could have repercussions for Russia's relations with the EU and NATO as a whole.

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The former communist government was seen as more allied with Russia and is already a member of the Commonwealth of Independent States. In the letter it was suggested that Russia was needed in the wake of an emerging multi-polar world in order for NATO to counterbalance emerging Asian powers.

Russia considers itself a great power," although he said that Russia did not rule out membership at some point in the future. Serbia however joined the Partnership for Peace programme during the Riga Summit. While this programme is sometimes the first step towards full NATO membership, it is uncertain whether Serbia perceives it as signaling an intent to join the alliance.

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Although current Serbian priorities do not include NATO membership, the Alliance has offered Serbia an invitation to enter the intensified dialogue programme whenever the country is ready. A modified version now qualifies non-alignment in peace for possible neutrality in war. And why should it? And neither is it an attempt to outflank the United Nations as the ultimate arbiter of global security.

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The suggestion to use NATO as a forum for consultation and cooperation is much less grandiose, and much more pragmatic. In an age that is increasingly shaped by the forces of globalisation, managing common security challenges requires a much tighter network among key players.

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Srikant Afghanistan is a compelling case in point. Afghanistan has thus become a prime example of how new challenges create new dependencies and relationships.

nato india relationship

NATO has made a sustained effort to adapt its policies and structures to these new realities. Today, the 28 member Alliance entertains diplomatic and military relations with over 30 non-members throughout the world. The scope and intensity of these relationships vary according to the specific interests of each partner country.

Some countries prefer to keep things low-key, with ad-hoc staff-level talks or by attending seminars or courses. Others limit their interaction with NATO to political dialogue.

nato india relationship

Still others opt for a much closer military partnership, to be able to take part in demanding operations alongside NATO Allies. As one eminent Indian analyst put it at a conference in Delhi, India is simply too big to be just another partner country to the Atlantic Alliance.

Finally, since India enjoys close bilateral relations with all major NATO allies, and in particular its ever closer ties with the United States, some see little added value in building closer ties to the Alliance. First, any concern that India could be relegated to the status of a junior NATO partner is misplaced.