Keep passion alive relationship

KEEPING THE ROMANCE ALIVE: 6 Passion-Boosting Tips for Your Flaccid Relationship

keep passion alive relationship

With the day to day stress that life brings, it's important to find out ways to keep passion alive in relationships. Well, now you have to keep the passion alive. It takes work, but if you're dedicated to the relationship, you'll enjoy it. Here are 15 ways to make sure things don't. Losing the spark in a long-term relationship is often inevitable, just like Passionate love is more about sexual arousal, while compassionate.

In a relationship based on mutual trust and respect, women are far from timid. They find the freedom to express themselves in ways they may not have previously. As the relationship grows in trust, many women find their pleasure increases.

This is true even if extreme pleasure existed from day one. Tip 2 - Touch Often A loving touch will leave us feeling happier and calmer than we had felt the previous instant. We all crave that which makes us feel good, and what could feel better than the loving touch of the one we love.

How to Spark Things up to Keep the Passion Alive in Relationships |

We all see the new couples who cannot keep their hands off one another. Why does this craving seem to fade over time? Some people feel silly "acting like a teenager" especially in front of others.

They may fear it is inappropriate to show affection in public. But a gentle touch, holding hands, even brushing the hair out of your loved one's eyes will never be inappropriate. These simple actions show your love in a very concrete way. My man will put his hand on the small of my back when we are out.

This makes me feel protected and special. We often hold hands when we walk.

How to Spark Things up to Keep the Passion Alive in Relationships

I feel more connected when we touch. With a gentle squeeze, I'll know that I am the focus of his attention. This addage of life works for relationships also. If your relationship seems to be the same old, same old, you need to increase your playfulness. Playfulness is a spontaneous mood lifter.

Laughter boosts our moods and puts life in perspective. A playful partner is interesting, enjoyable and lively. Playfulness adds zest to the relationship and keeps us in the here and now. Be spontaneous, be unpredictable, be zany and have fun together. Silly, little, fun things that you do together take on great meaning.

These begin with spontaneous playfulness, but over time become codes that have special meaning.

keep passion alive relationship

Your attractiveness increases when you smile and laugh, and as you laugh and play you feel better about yourself and the world around you. Playfulness Source "The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart. These studies also show that when someone looks at us with dilated eyes, especially if they are smiling, we find them more attractive. No talking is needed, all is said in a look. Spend time gazing into your loved one's eyes.

keep passion alive relationship

As they gaze back, you both will feel a bond strengthening. You will feel their love and affection for you, and they will feel your love and affection for them. The giving and recognizing this look of love has been ingrained into us.

Our hearts know what our brains may not admit. Melissa Manchester - "Looking Through the Eyes of Love" Tip 5 - Sex, Sex and More Sex Whether you want to call it sex, making love or by some other term, it is the greatest gift given to two people who love and respect each other.

Don't keep this gift to yourself, share it with the most important person in your life. As they say, practice makes perfect. Sharing activities of mutual interest is the glue that makes relationship work and create happiness.

keep passion alive relationship

Go ice skating, take a salsa lesson, rent rollerblades, go for a full moon hike, rent a bicycle built for two, or celebrate a milestone other than your anniversary—like the anniversary of the first day you made love. Be generous with praise. What you focus your attention on, grows. When you feel grateful for the good things in your life, you attract more of those good things to you.

Touch and embrace often. So many couples hold back kissing, touching, or holding each other until they have time or the desire to have sex. So even a simple hug each day is actually good for your health and wellbeing.

KEEPING THE ROMANCE ALIVE: 6 Passion-Boosting Tips for Your Flaccid Relationship

Give your partner a 20 second kiss when they walk in the door or are leaving for the day. Affection is the way to make love all day outside of the bedroom. Carving out time during the day to be intimate and present to your partner strengthens your bond and builds the desire for affection, setting the stage for great lovemaking. Communicate clearly, honestly and frequently Talking to each other is one the main tools we use to connect with each other.

Turn off the phone, close the door, and tell the kids, unless there is an emergency, not to even think about knocking. Then, sit down and take a few minutes to breathe and settle in with each other.

Ask your partner what he or she needs from you. Openness and honesty are essential. The goal is to show more and see more of each other, rather than defend the status quo.