John strand relationship

De brug tussen software en de business: John Strand & The iPhone: A love story

john strand relationship

The Originalist is a play concerning the Supreme Court career of Antonin Scalia. The play Written by, John Strand She admits to being part of the LGBT movement and that she is involved in an LGBT relationship at the current time. John Strand & The iPhone: A love story that I actually did Google John Strand, and found the intimate relationship he has with the iPhone. and Hardware Devices Max Schubert, Derrick Bennett, Jonathan Gines, Andrew Hay, John Strand. Figure Service and Service Group Object Relationships.

I interviewed a couple of former Scalia clerks — who wish not to be named, and I will honor that. I did not ask for information on legal issues, only what it was like to work for Justice Scalia. The answers surprised me. A picture emerged of a warm, caring man who took the time to know his clerks personally, someone who welcomed hearing the other side of an argument, if it is well argued. A mentor, perhaps even a father figure. How did you decide what attributes to give her?

Conflict, confrontation, and perhaps eventually a meeting of two very different minds. In the quiet and focus of the theater, we can hear the words—really hear them—and consider what they mean.

john strand relationship

Then we, the audience, are better armed to counter-argue, if we are so inclined. Certain things about Justice Scalia — like his humor — seem to lend themselves to theatrical adaptation quite nicely. What were some of the challenges and rewards of writing his character? A challenge in this play was striking a balance: How did the scene come about? Did you have any plays, books, or films about judges or other historical figures in mind while you were writing?

John Strand is a Telco consultant, and as the report points out, the iPhone is no good for operators. The report is done with quit some research and is full of facts I did not check. So far so good.

john strand relationship

John has some potentially good points and I am pretty sure that he does have a lot of Telco experience. But as it looks like a common wisdom: Love and Hate are very related. My first opinion about the report was that it was too much opinion and mixing facts with this opinion and so creating a distorted view.

I felt compelled to write a reaction to Strand Consult and I did. The answer coming very soon from one of his employees. It was sharp as a tack. The first sentence was: Thank you for your mail regarding our iPhone report! We are glad that you took time to read the entire pages report in the last 3 hours! And this was true, I wrote my reaction in three hours of receiving the report and this amused me greatly.


John Strand is not an Ivory Tower guy and soon started to reply e-mails too. This resulted in me writing e-mails after each newsletter I received. Somehow this newsletters had the same effect on me what Michael Moore has with his documentaries. I am grateful for the emotion that I feel, and it was just since the newsletter yesterday June 3th that I actually did Google John Strand, and found the intimate relationship he has with the iPhone.

The City of Fargo - Commissioner John Strand

I received no newsletter of Strand consult without at least mention the iPhone. If you talk so much about something you sure as hell have emotions for it.

Why would you else bother? Now in his last newsletter he stated: No I do not hate the iPhone and in the end; In conclusion I have nothing against the iPhone, but all lines of the newsletter over 50 prove otherwise.

John Strand

I bet he does give the iPhone more than 1 percent of his attention. So, what is my point? Is this about the iPhone? Is this about John Strand? How a relative small new player in a matured market can change the whole market.

john strand relationship

Many like me wondering what the next big thing will be.