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Despite everything wrong in their marriage, Lucy loved her husband and Desi was married to Edith Mack Hirsch from until her death in. Help us build our profile of Desi Arnaz and Edith Mack Hirsch! Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your . Daughter Lucie has revealed that the couple's marriage was falling . Desi tied the knot with Edith Mack Hirsch (pictured on their wedding day.

Ball filed for divorce in September after she was convinced Desi was being unfaithful to her. The fact that he came home drunk several times did not help. The divorced never materialized and the couple subsequently got back together, welcoming two kids, a daughter, and a son, named Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz, both actors, born in and respectively. Desi Arnaz with his first wife Lucille Ball and their kids Source: Over Sixty The marriage began to collapse due to the actor's increasing issues with alcohol and womanizing.

As per his memoir, the pressures of managing the production company was enormous. Moreover, supervising the company's day-to-day operations became too much of a burden as it grew much larger.

He felt compelled to seek outlets to alleviate the stress. Arnaz was also suffering from diverticulitis at the time. The couple ended up divorcing in This led to the actor meeting his second spouse Hirsch. In her bio 'Love Lucy', Lucille reveals she had known Edith for years. They were good friends and she was pleased her former husband married Edith. Despite finding some happiness with his second partner, Lucy claimed this did not stop her ex-husband's gambling and drinking ways.

This was shortly before Arnaz bid farewell to the world. After getting diagnosed with lung cancer inArnaz passed away several months later on 2nd December at the age of Moreover, three years after his death, his first spouse Lucille Ball passed away on 26th April Her birth sign is Aries.

She got well known only after marrying actor Desi Arnaz. He has a quick, brilliant mind; he can instantly find the flaw in any storyline; and he has inherent good taste and an intuitive knowledge of what will and will not play. He is a great producer, a great director. Considering the high level his wife was working at, the fact that he was her best partner says a lot. Everything she said or did was absolute gold, but Desi's reactions made it even better.

Don't take my word for it, though. Desi never won an Emmy for his work -- he wasn't even nominated! Lucy, Vivian Vance, and William Frawley were consistently nominated, with Lucy taking home the prize twice and Vance once. One of the show's writers, Madelyn Pugh Davis, said "He always knew she was the star. Never in all those years did I ever hear him say, 'Where's my part? People were always asking her to do commercials and things, and he'd say, 'No, she doesn't do that.

During filming of the infamous episode "Lucy Does a TV Commercial," Desi recalled how hard it was for him and another actor to keep their composure: Producer Jess Oppenheimer wanted to take the chance, leading to one of the biggest TV events in history when Lucy gave birth to a son on the small screen and in real life. While Ball recovered, CBS aired old episodes of the show, but with a newly filmed scene at the start that had Ethel, Fred, and Ricky reminiscing about a past adventure.

These episodes eventually gave rise to the idea of the rerun. Frequent director William Asher later said of this time "When they were having the baby and we did the show about the birth of Little Ricky, Desi was terribly emotional about her.

He really was crazy about her. You could feel how they felt. After an episode full of failed and hilarious attempts, she goes to his show at the Tropicana and has a waiter pass a note to Ricky asking him to perform "We're Having a Baby, My Baby and Me. In reality, it hit Desi and Lucy, too. All of their emotions about having another child suddenly came to the surface, resulting in genuine tears.

If you listen closely, you can hear crew members yelling "The song! Once the take was over, they thought they'd have to do another, more professional take, but the audience was adamant that the first one was perfect.

Just try watching this scene and not getting the feels. Intheir movie Forever, Darling was released to disappointing reviews and bad box office returns. The film has some good moments, including James Mason and Louis Calhern, and the Technicolor is gorgeous, but there's definitely a spark missing from Forever, Darling.

The title song, however, became very popular in the Arnaz family -- Desi would often sing it at anniversaries and weddings, including his daughter Lucie's. When he finished the song, he hugged and kissed a crying Lucy, although they had been divorced for years by that time.

You can hear a recording of the tune here. As their Desilu empire expanded, Lucy and Desi realized they needed to cut back on their work. InILL changed into The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour; each episode featured one or two celebrity guests and for the next three seasons, the number of episodes was enormously cut down. It was during this time that the Arnaz marriage really began to crumble.

The couple made one final effort to get their act together by taking a European vacation with their kids, but it was an unmitigated disaster. I was completely disenchanted, bitter, and unforgiving The atmosphere on the set was tense and cold, which was made even worse since Desi was both actor and director for the last few episodes of the show.

Lucy later wrote that she "never realized we never really liked each other. We had a great attraction going for each other in the beginning but we didn't approve of each other. He disapproved of my moderation and my conservatism. I was square, he said. I disapproved of the way he worked too hard, played too hard, and was never moderate in anything.

I had lost my good humor and sense of proportion. When you're too mad and too rattled to see straight, you're bound to make mistakes. You can't go on and on for years being miserable about a situation and not have it change you. The filming of their last episode of ILL was very emotional. Ernie Kovacs and his wife Edie Adams were the guest stars, and Edie's performance of "That's All" had the whole place tearing up.

The final scene was a fitting end: Lucy and Ricky one-up each other until they call a truce and seal it with a kiss. As Desi wrote, "This was not just an ordinary kiss for a scene in a show. It was a kiss that would wrap up twenty years of love and friendship, triumphs and failures, ecstacy and sex, jealousy and regrets, heartbreaks and laughter…and tears.

The only thing we were not able to hide was the tears. After the kiss we just stood there looking at each other and licking the salt. That was just a technicality, though. William Asher believed that Lucy "always loved him. And there's no question that he loved her always.

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Later, he married her double. Edie [Mack Hirsch] was a marvelous girl in her own right, but she sure as hell looked like Lucy. Desi was very unhappy about the breakup, and I think she was too.

I don't think either one of them ever got over it. Lucy's marriage to comic Gary Morton and Desi's to Edie Hirsch both outlasted their 20 years together, and by all accounts, these marriages were quieter and happier Now the together was gone, and I was left with just me.

Lucy married Gary in Mostly I didn't want my kids to have another dad. And I couldn't see Lucy with another man. But I gave my blessing because I wanted Lucy to be happy. There was nothing else I could do but try to be happy for her. Harris said that "[a]t her own request, Lucy was not invited to the wedding [of Edie and Desi]. She still carried a torch for Desi. It would have been too painful to watch him marrying anyone, even a woman she approved of. She told me later, 'I was getting a little nervous with you and that guitar of yours in a corner, mumbling to yourself.

Lucy was very pleased. It became a ritual that at each of our anniversaries in the future I sang that song and also sent her red and white carnations. To this day, after fifteen years of being divorced, I send her red and white carnations on our anniversary.

Desi rushed to be by her side, and later sent a telegram to Hope that read "I played straight man to her for nine years and never pushed her. He still helped Lucy career-wise, too -- according to her autobiography, he was the one who suggested she go back to television. He had read Irene Kampen's Life without George, a book about two widows trying to raise their kids without their husbands, and he thought it was perfect for his ex-wife.

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On the first day of filming, Desi gave Lucy a kiss and a four-leaf clover made out of antique jade. The point was that he adored her to the extent that he was thoughtful enough to give her such a smashing gift.

They had a lot of tenderness and love between them. She then became the first woman to ever run a major TV studio until she sold Desilu to Paramount Pictures in I'm not sure if this was because she wanted it that way or she didn't think the public would accept someone else playing her TV husband.

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Over the years, Lucy and Desi stayed close. The last time they were filmed together, they were swimming around in a pool with their grandson Simon, daughter Lucie's son.

This moment was captured as a home movie, and watching it honestly made me cry for a good 10 minutes. Soon after this, Desi became confined to his bed and would pass away from lung cancer on December 2, Five days later, Lucy received the Kennedy Center Honors. Desi had written a short letter for the occasion, which was read to the audience by Robert Stack.

If you ever want a good cry, definitely watch this. Desi had ended his letter with this heartfelt statement: You could hear her voice cracking. And he gave me a look that said, 'Who is it? She just said the same thing over and over again. It was muffled, but you could clearly make out it was the same thing over and over again. It was, 'I love you. Desi, I love you. And he said, 'I love you, too, honey. Good luck with your show. Really, my mother was the last person he talked to, because he died about forty-eight hours later.

Until I went back to my little diary, I never put it together that the date this happened was November 30 -- the same date as their wedding anniversary.

The world mourned the loss of their screwball redhead, but her husband Gary tried to look at it optimistically: Desi was a womanizer and over the years he couldn't get through the day without drinking; Lucy had a bad temper and wasn't always the warmest person. But at the end of the day, they were absolutely crazy for each other.

They never let one another ago, and in the end, they didn't have to. Marcella Rabwin, longtime family friend: He actually cried, sometimes. Talking about how much he loved her, and how terrible it was that they were divorced. And he loved her to his dying day. It was apparent that he still loved her very much. He would get very emotional as he realized he'd been a rotten husband and had not treated her well.

Desi became extremely tense and increasingly nutty, in the sense that he would get desperate for a drink. And I doubt if they did. When she talked about Desi, when he was no longer coming to the house, she cried. And she would say, 'That was the love of my life. Your husband" An excerpt from a song by Desi: He was the father of her kids. Even after she married Gary, she'd still run these lovely home movies of her and Desi and the kids when they were little.

Everybody was in them, smiling by the pool, running up real fast, waving hello, Lucy walking knock-kneed and doing her Lucy faces. She'd sit there giving commentaries.