December 10 secret language of birthdays relationship

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december 10 secret language of birthdays relationship

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Belief is an important theme in the lives of December 10 people. Devotional types, they pray at the altar of character, wisdom, morality and revere only the finest characteristics of human nature. Very often, however, they reserve their greatest interest for non-human subjects, because they instinctively recognize that flesh and blood beings rarely live up to the highest ideals.

december 10 secret language of birthdays relationship

Nature in particular holds a fascination for December 10 people, whether it be animals, plant life or untouched natural settings. Philosophically deep, those born on this day spend far more time than most pondering questions of existence. They may put their faith in God, Nature, the Universe, scientific laws or in a moving Spirit behind all things, but they generally put their faith somewhere.

Indeed such things are not mutually exclusive for them. December 10 people often give an impression of other-worldliness. They do seem to dwell on a plane far removed from the pettiness and suffering of everyday life.

For this reason it may be difficult not only for them to take their place in the world of society but also to find a mate with whom they can share their abundant idealism. If they do find such a person, that person may serve as their bulwark, protector and supporter. It is most often fortunate for all concerned when December 10 people assume positions of leadership as they make both sympathetic and understanding bosses who not only maintain good relations with co-workers but also have a knack for staying above the fray and avoiding no-win conflicts.

Those born on this day often make good, nurturing, interested parents as well—as long as their mate will take an active role in sharing the responsibilities of parenthood. Sadly, it is rare that their sensitive nature can stomach what is required of them to latch on to power. Admittedly December 10 people may not handle stress well and therefore high-power roles should only be taken on if they can be handled with equanimity and can ultimately provide them with the kind of comfortable living situation and privacy they require.

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Secret Language of Birthdays Relationship Workbook and Birthday Keeper

Health December 10 people must be careful not to bury themselves emotionally. December 28 people are hard workers. Serious about what they do, they refuse to be sidetracked by frivolous pursuits.

Although they do like like to have fun, they know when to draw the line usually at the point where their work begins to suffer. December 28 people have an abundance of energy, but usually have to concentrate it in one pursuit in order to be maximally effective. They suffer, as does their work, if they spread themselves too thin and try to take on too many projects.

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They must especially beware of overconfidence. Another weakness of many December 28 people is an inability to deal with serious setbacks. Because they so often see their lives in clearly defined terms and feel that they have prepared for all eventualities, they may get bewildered and dejected when unexpected or repeated opposition arises to their plans. In the case of rivals, competitors or outright enemies, those born on December 28 may not give sufficient thought to the motivations of their opponent, concentrating on their own activity to the exclusion of all else.

As regards friends, co-workers and family members, they may well figure the welfare of others into their success equation but miss the fact that some wish to tend to their own welfare personally, without any outside help. Those born on this day must be extremely wary of creating the impression that they know better or have all the answers. Learning to allow others to shine, indeed demonstrating an interest in the outlook and opinions of others is crucial to their being well-liked.

december 10 secret language of birthdays relationship

Being able to show need, and occasionally ask for help in simple terms, allows others to get close to them in a really human way. Thus, much of what insures career success for December 28 people may work against them in their personal lives. Many people will be attracted to their competent and stable qualities, but perhaps for the wrong reasons, and those born on this day may wind up with partners who either admire them and serve them or envy them and drain their energy.

Therefore, those December 28 people who find an equal partner with whom they can relate on an equal level are indeed blessed. December 28 people like to be appreciated, like anyone else, and can suffer deeply if their better qualities go unnoticed.