An intimate relationship with jesus

How to Develop Intimacy with God |

an intimate relationship with jesus

"Knowing Christ," in the Pauline sense is not the sort of mystical relationship the most intimate imaginable relationship between the believer and his Lord. Having an intimate relationship with God means realizing that abundant life will [Zoe is] all the highest and best that Christ is, which He gives to the Saints. Jesus is, in fact, the model of intimacy with God because He and the Father are one (John ), and no relationship can be closer than that oneness with the.

But how do you develop intimacy with God?

  • How can I have a deeper relationship with Jesus?

Openness, vulnerability and honesty There were times when David was down; his soul felt empty v. He was honest and open enough to talk about the challenges: Opposition David faced great opposition from those who repaid evil for good and attacked him. You also may face great opposition from those who repay evil for good and attack you vv. They may slander v. Failure We all stumble v. We can feel we are walking with the Lord quite happily and then suddenly we stumble.

How can I have a deeper relationship with Jesus? John

Like David, speak to God about all these challenges. Do not pretend that all is well. Speak from the depth of your heart. He will not be surprised or shocked by anything you say. It is this openness, vulnerability and honesty that draws you into an intimate relationship with God. Lord, thank you that you listen to the cries of my heart. Grow in wisdom Luke 2: Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

It comes down from above. It is far more important to grow in wisdom than to grow in wealth. Intimacy with the Father leads to growth in wisdom. Wisdom comes from listening Wisdom is willingness to listen to and learn from others.

When we are talking, we are usually merely repeating what we already know.

God's Call for Intimacy

When we are listening, we may learn something new. Asking good questions is the key to being a good conversationalist. It was said of President J. Kennedy that he made you think he had nothing else to do except ask you questions and listen, with extraordinary concentration, to your answer. You knew that, for the time being, he had blotted out both the past and the future for you.

Wisdom leads to simplicity Wisdom brings clarity. Jesus knew where he should be and what he should do.

How to Develop Intimacy with God

Knowledge leads us from the simple to the complex; wisdom leads us from the complex to the simple. Wisdom is holistic Wisdom is shown not only in what we say, but also in how we live: Wisdom is about the whole of life, rather than just our intellect or our words.

Wisdom should grow as we get older. This is a prayer we often prayed for our children — that they would grow in wisdom and stature and in favour with God and people. We go to God and cling to Him with the realization we are doing what we were created to do, and He will not turn us away Luke God tells us He never shows partiality to anyone Job He gave so that all should live abundantly in His presence.

Intimacy develops as a result of close contact with someone over a period of time.

an intimate relationship with jesus

Trust is built, confidence grows, and hearts change, becoming endeared to one another. Did you ever think about the fact that He is already waiting for you? What an awesome thought: But life is built of many little moments.

an intimate relationship with jesus

The little moments are where you start. Your heart would change. The first step of intimacy would take place: This is what I mean by being simple: You see, not only does God want to have long times of communion with us, but He wants to spill over throughout our day.

Before you know it, your desires change, and you find yourself continually in a place of communion -- going to Him first, longing for Him, and needing Him in a way that moments are not enough.

How can I experience true intimacy with God?

When you long to experience deeper times with Him, put on an instrumental CD while relaxing, even while driving or working. Deep relationship with God can be built by sitting quietly with Him, reflecting on His goodness and love. After all, Jesus walked as a man and built relationships in the same way we do today. If you spend time in the Word, He will begin to speak those thoughts back to your heart, giving you guidance and encouragement. The more you read and know, the more there is for you to hear in your time with Him.

Yes, this is the second part of intimacy: These reminders will come in handy during dry times. He tells us to put Him in remembrance of His Word, and that includes what He speaks to our hearts. Remember, He desires to hear about every thought, desire, and dream. In the Bible, David told God he was angry. Did God know David was angry?

Yet He wanted David to tell Him.

an intimate relationship with jesus

He chose to remember the faithfulness of God in His life and act upon it. There is nothing you cannot say to God. There is nothing in your heart or thoughts He wants you to hold back from Him. Nothing ever takes God by surprise. He is aware of every aspect of our lives Hebrews 4: Yet, He still loves us and desires us with an everlasting love. Take a leap of faith, and pour out your heart to the Lover of your soul.