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solid snake big boss relationship quotes

1 Metal Gear (); 2 Snake's Revenge (); 3 Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake ( ); 4 Metal Gear Solid Big Boss: You destroyed Metal Gear 1 and made me a cyborg. .. And that war is a constant threat to our relationship with others. Punished "Venom" Snake, also known as Big Boss, Ahab, V, or Big Boss's Snake was killed by Solid Snake, in an operation commanded by the original Big Boss. to quote Hot Coldman regarding the ineffectiveness of nuclear deterrence. . original Big Boss, Venom Snake had a very one-sided relationship with Zero. Naked Snake a.k.a. Big Boss (Metal Gear Solid) Last scene; beautifully written and . Bad Girl Quotes, Hopeless Romantic, Relationship Goals, Confessions.

Mori taught how camouflage works in the wilderness, and he showed us CQC techniques. He showed us how the people really would fight against each other. He also taught us the technique of stalking, which is very slow. You don't make any sounds. Metal Gear Acid [ edit ] Hans: Everyone has two personalities in them. One of them a persona for everyday public life, and the other the exact opposite. The personality lurking in one's subconscious is referred to as the "Shadow" in psychological terms.

The Shadow negates its symmetrical opposite, the "Light" persona, and in some cases grows to the same level. If it manages to grow large enough, it takes on its own shape, separates from the body, and can walk around on its own. And that, my friend, is why we're both here. If I die here, it means I'm not the hero. The hero is supposed to survive to the end. I guess that makes me the villain.

The villain is always supposed take the hero's side right before dying. The Children of Hamelin looked up to you as a hero. You were a man created by those in power, and performed mighty works for them.

The Legendary Hero -- Solid Snake. That's what we were always taught. You're a cloned soldier -- patterned after the legendary Solid Snake. We recovered his body from Lobito Island, and created you through a fusion of his cells and our data. You were our Model 3, Snake.

Don't worry about Snake. He's been to hell and back. He's a survivor, you know. Always has been, always will be. He'll be just fine. I'm always right about these things. What do you plan to do once your wounds heal up? Just a personal goal. And what would that be? To keep on living. All this time, I've been searching for my past.

And now I know that I don't have one. I was manufactured in a lab. I'm not even a real human. I've got no past, and might not have much of a future. I was made to be a weapon. And I don't have squat to my name. You're way off about having nothing, though. It was four years ago, in Mozambique. There was a child soldier fighting with a guerrilla group in the struggle for independence. He killed dozens of government soldiers with just a single knife. He'd throw the enemy off guard with the innocent frankness of a young boy.

Then he'd prey on them with the cold cruelty of a hunter. He spoke a little German so his enemies called him, "Frank Jaeger" Soldiers, hear my words! The Cold War will soon be over. For the United States and the Soviet Union no longer have the strength or authority to shape the world as they seem fit.

Even as America sinks deeper into the quagmire of the Vietnam War, her allies in the West have achieved tremendous economic growth. And with the collapse of its planned economy, Russia can no longer keep up with the financial demands of her vast army.

But the end of the Cold War does not mean that peace will follow. Freed from the domination of the world's superpowers, nationalism will soon be the driving force behind global politics. And the ever-widening gap between rich and poor will fan the flames of hatred between nations.

Nuclear weapons will slip from the superpowers' grasp and spread throughout the world. Soon no one will know when or where the nukes will come from. Today's ally may be tomorrow's bitter enemy. Who of you can say that tomorrow you won't be aiming your rifles at your neighbors?

Is there no one who has a grudge against you? No one who mocks you?

Father-Son Relationships: Big Boss and Liquid.

No one who really needs you? Is there truly no one out there who would kill you? One of my men is standing amongst you right now. His instructions are to kill you - for your betrayal. Your enemy is standing right beside you. This planet is like a giant bomb. See how easily it blows itself to bits with a single nuclear warhead. Or rather, a single bullet. Why are you still alive?

I used to get dreams, about my comrades. They would save me with strong arms and laughing voices. When I woke up from these dreams, I had nothing. No joy, no sorrow, no hatred, no memory. When I woke up from the darkness, all I saw were the bodies of men I've killed, lying in front of me.

No matter how good a man you are, no matter how good a soldier, there are no exceptions. Even if I don't kill them, they die. This world is full of death and yet you won't be killed.

Why do you still live? What do you hope to accomplish by living? Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots [ edit ] Old Snake: It's no longer about nations, ideologies or ethnicity. It's an endless series of proxy battles, fought by mercenaries and machines. War, and its consumption of life, has become a well-oiled machine.

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Nanomachines inside their bodies enhance and regulate their abilities. Everything is monitored, and kept under control. The age of deterrence has become the age of control. All in the name of averting catastrophe from weapons of mass destruction. And he who controls the battlefield, controls history. When the battlefield is under total control, war This is only the beginning, Snake.

America will descend into chaos It'll be the Wild West all over again. No law, no order. Fire will spread across the world. The people will fight Everything has its beginning.

But doesn't start at "one. The world is born The moment zero becomes one is the moment the world springs to life. One becomes two, two becomes ten, ten becomes Taking it all back to one solves nothing. So long as Zero remains, one And so our goal was to erase Zero. Even the mighty Patriots began with a single man.

solid snake big boss relationship quotes

That one man's desires grew huge, bloated; absorbed technology; began to manipulate the economy. We realized too late that we had created a beast. We had helped turn Zero into And for that reason, I'm taking it upon myself to send Zero It's about doing our best to leave the world the way it is.

It's about respecting the will of others and believing in your own. We all fought a long, bloody war for our liberty to free ourselves from systems, nations, norms and ages, but no matter how hard we fought, the only liberty we found was on the inside, trapped within those limits The Boss and I may have taken different paths but in the end, we were both trapped inside the same cage In school I also learned that peace is an unnatural state for human society.

And that war is a constant threat to our relationship with others. So, to achieve peace, we have to create it ourselves. Crying about it won't bring it about, or make it last. Each one of us must go and seek it out. You won't find it without making sacrifices. No offense, but I don't know what peace is. Never felt what it's like. Never even been interested in it. Chico, growing up means choosing how you're gonna live your life.

solid snake big boss relationship quotes

No matter what happens, keep them safe. Pain gets the better of us all. I was wondering when you'd come, Jack the ripper. No one calls me that anymore. Dolzaev, where is he? You're in charge here? I am "Mistral" - the cold wind of france. And you, your reputation preceeds you, liberian but white as snow, a natural born killer even as a child. That was a long time ago I was born in Algeria myself you know, I'm only half french. We had our own civil war in the 90's. You don't know me. I lost my whole family, everything But I butchered those fuckers.

My family's killers, that's when I realized I am a killer too. And a good one at that. I slaughtered dozens in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and found my calling. Proud of that, are you? To be honest I found it quiet dull. My enemies fell like domino, one after another. Not once did I feel content. I was adrift, without challenge without purpose. At times I even envied my prey, at least they had a cause to die for.

And then, I met him. And I knew what I'd been missing. His ideals gave my life meaning. It seems we have less in common then I thought. I'll take that as a compliment. If you would kill for your ideals, then surely you are ready to die for them! We can play up here without damaging the merchandise. What happens in three hours?

Even at Mach 2, you wouldn't make it. And killing you is gonna take some time: Like I said, kids are cruel, Jack. And I'm very in touch with my inner child. Played college ball, ya know. At some cushy Ivy League school!

Coulda gone pro if I hadn't joined the Navy! I'm not one of those beltway pansies. I could break the president in two… with my bare hands. Don't fuck with this senator! You're right about one thing -- I do need capital, and votes! That one day, every person in this nation will control their own destiny! A land of the truly free, dammit!

A nation of action, not words -- ruled by strength, not committee! Where the law changes to suit the individual, not the other way around! Where power and justice are back where they belong, in the hands of the people! Where every man is free- to think, to act- for himself! Fuck all these limp-dick lawyers, and these chickenshit bureaucrats!

Fuck American Pride -- fuck the media -- Fuck all of it! America is diseased -- rotten to the core We need to pull it out by the roots! Wipe the slate clean -- burn it down! And from the ashes a new America will be born!

The weak will be purged, and the strongest will thrive; free to live as they see fit! They'll make America great again! What the hell are you talking about You still don't get it! I'm using war as a business to get elected! So I can end war as a business In my new America, people will die and kill Not for money, not for oil, not for what they're told is right!

Every man will be free to fight his own wars! How the hell did you get elected Well, I don't write my own speeches. You should try fighting for what you believe in sometime, Jack.

Not for a company, or a nation, or for anyone else. Maybe I was wrong about you Am I finally getting through? You're not greedy- [Shakes Armstrong's hand, moves in close. Commence boss battle Raiden: Not used in anger. Not used for vengeance. I needed this place, to listen to the words people have to say. That's something they could never understand. You've done your part.

You told us plenty. You've known the pain of ages. And even now you think, as any person would, that this can't be happening.

Just an imprint of a lifetime of stories? Face to face with oblivion, which is where you are, and you still think that help is coming. The world you were born into is made to save you. Of course it is. Until your last breath, you know it. Without the slightest chance or reason left to them, humans are capable of hope.

But for one thing. When my time came calling I didn't die. My family died, my country died, but they didn't take me with them. All Hell took from me was this skin, this outer peel that marked me "human. Every day my friends and I would see our parents at work in that factory.

That's all I had. All the world I knew. Then one day, aircraft came droning in from some far-off sky. The factory was bombed. We tried to flee outside. The crowd blocked the exit. The crowd of people. I tried to push through their legs and get ahead, but a boot in my stomach put me on the ground. The smoke of them burning filled me up. I heard my name called At the infirmary they carried me to, a nurse in the corner saw me and remarked, as if it happened every day: It was the language of my village.

Until foreign troops invaded. Then the last identity I had left - the words I spoke - were pulled from me. My skin would never feel anything again. This face would be burned again, in torture, at foreign hands, but I, I still writhe in that burning factory.

Doused in scalding rapeseed oil. That's all I have to feel, that pain - all I have to remind me I exist here. Those "spies" reported well. We made weapons all right. As cartloads of rifles came in from the battlefields, we fixed them up and sent them back out.

So our country could win. Or rather, so that little world we knew could continue. I came to realize I mustn't die. I'm their last hope, all those who perished and left me here. I have to accomplish something. If I don't, their will will be swept out of this world. Do you see me now? What do you see? What do your eyes see? You see a skull face. This skull is who I am. My mark, my proof of humanity. I have no country, no language, I have no face, but I haven't lost my skull.

So I told myself The pain and effort that keep me alive will never know relief, never bear fruit, never be repaid. I know that, but I told myself to focus on some hope, a nonexistent hope to guide me through this burning world.

Solid Snake - Legend -- A Metal Gear Tribute

A hope - call it a dream. As the pressures within me stretch me to bursting, and I force myself not to cry out, though the words I thought were carved into me are gone, and all I knew is dead. I know how you feel. That I'm not the only one. That you too can return to this world, for revenge. Do you see me?

The Phantom Pain [ edit ] Miller: We hold our rifles in missing hands.

The 15 best Revolver Ocelot quotes – Metal Gear Informer

We stand tall on missing legs. We stride forward on the bones of our fallen. Then, and only then, are we alive. This "pain" is ours and no one else's: We will be stronger than ever, for our peace.

I will always be with you. Plant your roots in me. You too have known loss. And that loss torments you still. But it never goes away. It makes a man hideous inside and out. We both are demons. Our humanity won't return. We've no place to run, nowhere to hide. And that is why I will show you my demon. A lot of them came from Central Asia before, but lately they've been using more and more Russians.

Simple really - there's less hesitation to pull the trigger if they're not fighting their own race. Morbid cynicism, but it gets results. That's humanity for you. Whatever the Navajo told you My will is different. I've known you since your time at Langley. I've long been the other side of your coin. Any mess you made, I was there to clean up. You completed your task - and admirably. The "information" you returned was far more than enough to fill our pockets.

With it, our futures became - more or less - set in stone. And then the major came to me with an idea. His goal was an organization dedicated solely - covertly - to supporting America.

You know the rest. To him, it was mourning - the loss of his friend. Or rather, an act of revenge. On the world, but America most of all. America is a country of liberty. A meeting of immigrants. Instead of simply assimilating, its citizens live along side others. Their roots are varied. America's never been made up of just one people. But he tried to forge a single consciousness.

For it, and from it. The idea that every citizen would use free will to unite behind their country Unilateralism like that can't be entrusted to any one individual. So the major sought a system which used information, words, to control the "subconscious". To unite America and the entire world. The major thought this was his friend's will. But I think he never understood what she wanted. Before he ever walked, or cried - even before he was born - his mother tongue was English.

He doesn't know the pain of losing his own language. He cannot understand her will. This is chronologically the last time the audience hears Snake speak, and Snake's last word is Otacon's name.

This was played for laughs because it wasn't exactly Otacon's finest moment, but the Does This Remind You of Anything? In MGS4, when Otacon and Naomi started acting lovesick towards each other, Snake looked damned annoyed and really rather jealous, with a hefty side order of heartbroken.

Your call whether the annoyance was jealousy or just wincing at how awkward their attempts at flirting were.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, during the codec call easter eggs, Otacon acts very irritated and jealous during the Samus call "Yeah, well, Samus is deadly"and in most of their conversations there's this flirty undertone, especially in the ROB call "You sure know your geeky tech stuff, Otacon.

They laugh together, and Otacon then says, in a flirty tone, that Snake needs to clean himself off before he's allowed to come back. Snake responds, in an equally flirty tone, " I'll see what I can do. Otacon accuses Snake of " getting friendly all of a sudden ".

Snake immediately jumps back a couple of metres and begins to act really coyly - " N-No, I'm just glad you're okay.

An easter egg in the Tanker mission of Metal Gear Solid 2 involves a codec call where Otacon catches Snake masturbating to one of the pin-up posters. Pressing the shoulder buttons to hear Snake's thoughts results in a shocked Snake muttering "You were watching?!

Interestingly, while the thought dialogue is typically reused in multiple conversations, these are both unique to this call. Solid Snake and Gray Fox used to be partners, before the latter defected to Big Boss and Snake had to kill him man-to-man. After being rebuilt as the Cyborg Ninja, Fox wants nothing more than to die at Snake's handstheir fight peppered with lines like "Yes, hurt me more! Try taking a photograph of the anonymous manchest on the door of the open locker near the Engine Room in MGS2, show it to Otacon, and see what happens!

Or, if that's not your thing, once you get into the third room of the Tanker hold, show Otacon a full film of photographs of Scott Dolph. Snake, if you like him so much, I'll print this out and make a panel out of it. Put it over your bed or something. Also, you'll hear Snake say "good" if you manage to take clear enough shots. A rather infamous example from the first Solid game: Also, Snake's post-battle conversation with Psycho Mantis has a probably accidental line. It's fine to have the guy who can look deeply into minds rant about the common man's prevalent desire to mindlessly breed and pass on genes, but following with the statement "But you He spends almost all of their encounters desperate to impress Snake, following his advice and improving his technique, with their battle having all the usual MGS homoeroticism "I've never felt a tension like this before.

He gets turned on by torture for the first time because it was Snake getting it, and after Snake escapes he discovers that Ocelot had stolen his food, to eat the same things Snake eats. EVA hassles Snake repeatedly through the game about how infatuated Ocelot is with him; he remains oblivious to Ocelot's crush, which results in EVA laughing at him. Ocelot disgustedly denies suggested attraction to EVA, yet fails to do so when the same is suggested about Snake. For his part Snake is surprisingly warm towards Ocelot, treating him like a Worthy Opponent and then a close confidant, trusting him enough to tell him his real name.

Volgin actually taunts Ocelot on his transparent crush on Big Boss, to which he has no rebuttal. Gene from Metal Gear Solid: The codec conversation upon recruiting Ocelot in Portable Ops: You're out of breath Like I said, I'm on vacation— not a mission. It's a little resort in the Caribbean. I'm keeping busy, though— care to join me? Let me think it over The end of Metal Gear Solid 4 reveals that everything Ocelot had done after Big Boss's death, all the manipulations and quadruple crossing and having his personality buried under a facsimile of Liquid was all for Big Boss.

His last words were even "You're pretty good Same goes for us. What makes you so sure? I was the same way once. In The Phantom Pain if you return from a mission too dirty, Ocelot will tell Snake he stinks and throw a bucket of water on him.

However, if your bond with Quiet is high enough she will interrupt and invite Snake to shower with her. Ocelot's jealousy is hilariously obvious the entire time. It certainly doesn't help that it sounds like the two of them are flirting right before Ocelot pulls the knife out. The framing of the scene not to mention how unnecessarily close Ocelot leans in strongly resembles a farewell kiss. Sadly Ocelot doesn't strip in this version. Ocelot often tosses double entendres at Naked Snake's near-identical clone-son Solid Snake in MGS "There's nothing like sliding a long silver bullet into a well-greased chamber.

For that matter, look at the placement of the joystick icon on the screen during that moment. In 3, Big Boss's attempt to get out of the cell by persuading Johnny gives the impression he's trying to exchange sexual favours for his freedom, particularly the shot where he runs his palm up and down the bar before asking, "you must be pretty lonely".

solid snake big boss relationship quotes

Johnny responds by showing Big Boss a picture of his wife, which causes Big Boss to visibly and audibly change his mannerisms. Pretty much every single line spoken between Big Boss and Python is Foe Yay -tastic, down to Big Boss recalling their 'training sessions' and Python yelling "Feels good to me, how about you!

Paz mentions in her audio diary that she saw Big Boss and Kaz fighting, in the showers completely naked, after Big Boss found out that Kaz was sleeping with one of his comrade's girlfriend. She goes into graphic description about the "sweat flying off their muscular bodies", and realises at the end that there's no way she can get between their closeness.