Relationship marketing definition tutor2u demand

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relationship marketing definition tutor2u demand

The order is by no means prescriptive and there are many alternative ways in which the To understand the relationship . Tutor2U - Revision presentation - Marketing objectives Tutor2U – Presentation – Income elasticity of demand. The market demand curve is made up of all the individual demand curves for a good. A substitute relationship means that as the price of one good goes up, NetMBA: Supply and Demand · Tutor2u: Cross Price Elasticity of Demand. “The management process that identifies, anticipates and supplies customer requirements efficiently and profitably”. “Marketing may be defined as a set of.

At a price 50 cents, the market demand would be five oranges, summing A's two oranges and B's three.

relationship marketing definition tutor2u demand

For a single good, adding all the individual demand curves of the millions of consumers in the market makes the total market demand curve.

Factors Affecting Demand Price elasticity is the degree to which a change in price changes the quantity demanded by the market. Necessities like electricity are price inelastic; a price change doesn't greatly affect the quantity consumed.

Different types of goods – Inferior, Normal, Luxury

Nonessential goods like movie tickets are price elastic because people can easily do without them. Another factor that affects demand for a good is its relationship with other goods. One fundamental idea is that wages above the market clearing equilibrium will cause unemployment. Some economists go so far as to say all unemployment reflects disequilibrium in the labour market.

Different types of goods – Inferior, Normal, Luxury | Economics Help

Therefore classical economists place great emphasis on reducing the power of trades unions and legislation which leads to artificially high real wages. Would cutting wages solve real wage unemployment? However, other economists, such as Keynes argue that cutting wages is not such a simplistic solution. Firstly, in a recession, if you cut wages, it will cause a fall in spending because people have less income, this will reduce aggregate demand and therefore lead to lower economic growth.

This, in turn, will lead to less demand for labour.

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Keynesians stress the need for governments to boost aggregate demand, rather than relying on wage cuts. Secondly, classical economists make the assumption that labour markets are perfectly competitive. Problems of maximum prices Shortage.

relationship marketing definition tutor2u demand

A maximum price distorts the market and leads to disequilibrium. The demand is greater than supply meaning many consumers will be unable to get the product at all. Cheap rents are no good if it leaves many people homeless. People could buy the good at the low maximum price and then resell to those customers who were unable to buy.

relationship marketing definition tutor2u demand

This is potentially quite lucrative as some of those customers who missed out may be willing to pay a very high price. One consequence of a maximum price is that people will end up queuing to try and get the good before it sells out.

Real Wage Unemployment

This will encourage people to spend longer and longer in queues before it runs out. This time spent queuing represents a significant cost in terms of time.

relationship marketing definition tutor2u demand

The market will become less profitable for firms. In the long-term, this may lead to less investment and also decrease supply in the long-term.

relationship marketing definition tutor2u demand

For example, rent controls may be a way to deal with the short-term problem of expensive housing.