Glee tina and blaine relationship marketing

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Posts about Blaine Anderson written by TeileDesGanzen, sothinky, and JR I work in marketing so the way that the people behind the show, the network, Tina's relationship with Blaine is, in reality, entirely a friendship and entirely platonic. Sometimes those relationships played out on screen, and sometimes those Also known as Tike and Change Squared, Mike and Tina were the adorable, Another beloved (and still afloat) ship, Klaine is the couple name for Kurt and Blaine. Are Holiday TV Specials Simply Marketing In Disguise?. "I've never been a Dom in a relationship." Mike put forward. Rachel, Sam, Puck, Tina, Artie, San and Britt, and Kurt and Blaine drank. "Alrightly.

All donations would go toward the still meager glee budget. After they were done greeting people and catching up with Will and Emma, they piled into cars and drove to Rachel's deserted house.

Puck and Finn stocked up on liquor and beer and just asked for ten dollars from everyone to cover the costs. This time there were no tickets, more than wine coolers, and Rachel knew how to dress herself.

glee tina and blaine relationship marketing

College really had changed people: Rachel was much more relaxed and easy going; Finn no longer dated anyone in the New Directions; Santana was out and proud with Brittany; Puck had more than a strip of hair; and Sam had natural brown hair. Tina and Mike were still together, so not much change there, but the biggest change was probably Kurt.

He got out of conservative little Lima and went to New York, changing him for the better. Santana noticed his new behaviors and wanted to test it out. She smirked at him and everyone pretty much agreed.

They all fell into a small group and looked around to see who would start. But here we go… I never… hooked up with someone new since graduation. Finn, Sam, Artie, Puck, and Rachel. Everyone looked at her, but she just shrugged. New city," she replied. Mercedes, Finn, Puck, Artie, and Quinn all took a shot. I never had sex," Mercedes said.

Everyone took a shot, no shock there really. Santana eyes up the all-male couple and noticed Kurt not blushing. I've never had someone go down on me," Santana said, taking a big gulp of her drink since she had that happen on a regular basis. She shook her head. Santana was inwardly proud of her and Britt's dolphin. Artie spoke up next.

I never had sex in a chair. Quinn spoke up, trying to get Puck out. Everyone looked at Rachel again. I can't try something new? Sam, Santana, Kurt and Blaine all threw a shot back.

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There were questioning looks. Puck and Kurt were out of the game, thus ending this portion of the party. Rachel downed the rest of her wine cooler — because some things just don't change — and put it on the old checker board from last time. He leaned forward and gave it a quick spin. Round and round it went and landed on Mercedes. It wasn't a long kiss, but enough for Puck to come back grinning.

It was her turn now and it landed on Sam. They were doing the whole long distance thing during the year, but he was staying in Lima for the summer with various friends so he could be with her. She leaned over and kissed her boyfriend. When they broke apart, Sam spun the bottle and it rotated slowly until it landed on Kurt.

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There were drunken exclamations. They agreed earlier that whatever happened tonight that it didn't mean anything and they still loved each other; they would just fuck each other's brains out later on.

Sam looked at Mercedes whose eyes were wide with lust. He shrugged, and leaned across Blaine and locked lips with Kurt. Mercedes was getting a little hot under the collar; Tina was gripping Mike's leg with a vice grip. Sam deepened the kiss briefly before pulling away.

glee tina and blaine relationship marketing

Blaine leaned over to whisper in Kurt's ear. The bottle spun round and round and stopped on Santana.

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Kurt stood as well, looking down a bit at Santana. Kurt took control, deepening the kiss. With this bedroom scene I think the narrative will again take this as seriously as Blaine and Kurt and others do. It sends the message that the victim in such situations should just accept what happened, be understanding, think about how the perpetrator must feel, etc. I expect them to be on friendly or okay terms at the end of this storyline and for Tina to face no permanent consequences for what she did to Blaine.

I think this storyline is meant to be about Tina and her feelings, and I think the writers just miscalculated how far they could take her actions to show her pain. That includes topics like consent, suicide, teen pregnancy, adoption, etc. I think Glee frequently sends the wrong messages and brings up topics that without exception NEED time and weight and nuance if you want to write about them non-offensively, and I think a lot of the fandom online is smart enough to identify these things as such and discuss them smartly, but not necessarily because the show has anything to do with that.

Taking quotes badly out of context weakens your case. Having a crush is not creepy, what Tina is doing is. Media matters and influences society, this has been proven beyond a doubt. If you create media that a lot of people take in, you have influence over these people. Some issues are wrong but are easier to joke about because of who the punchline is aimed at or because all of society already knows how wrong this is.

I sure HOPE they do it well.