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Create an account This is why both the CoF and UoB are democratic states: elections and popular consent. putting the freedom of the markets ahead of freedom of the people. .. They get arrested as enemies of the revolution. . her rule since the Fourth Republic's foundation (managing at best to put. At NUSS, a lifelong relationship with NUS and the wider graduate UOB Painting of the Year remember the past but we should not be imprisoned by it. . Member, Steering Committee and Board of Director, the Esplanade, and the artist over such fundamental issues as artistic freedom, the ideals of. Dennis Wee Properties director Chris Koh said offering to charge zero or . the Board Rate Reference Home rate on your loan account from per cent SEVEN property agents were jailed on Thursday for helping flat buyers UOB rates: Borrowers have no protection when bank raises interest payment.

Last year, Mrs Money and I were paying 2. Today, we pay 3. Have you received a bank letter announcing a hike in your mortgage rate? If so, don't panic. Here are four tips to help you cope.

If you have a HDB concessionary rate loan, thank your lucky stars. Don't even think about switching to a bank loan. Should you pay down your HDB loan? My advice is to hold on to that loan. The answer lies in the story of Desmond and his three-legged pig.

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One day, Ivan popped by to visit his friend, Desmond. A three-legged pig answered the door. With one of its legs, it motioned for Ivan to enter. Then it limped off to fetch its master. Of course, Ivan asked why the pig had only three legs.

It brings me the newspaper each morning. It opens the door for guests. Why does your pig have only three legs? It is too good to pay off all at once.

Enjoy the low rates while you can. This is especially true if you have other debts that cost more than 2. In addition, your HDB loan is a type of insurance.

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If you hit hard times - like losing your job - your CPF money could dry up. Then, it would be good to have something in reserve. Paying down your home loan depletes that reserve. This homemade insurance doesn't cost much. Your CPF ordinary account earns 2. Your home loan costs you 2. The difference - just 0. This works for bank loans too, although it is more expensive. If your mortgage costs 4 per cent, the cost of your homemade insurance would be 1.

When the lock-in period ends, think about refinancing. Most banks charge a penalty if you repay within two years for variable rate and three years for fixed rate loans. Before the end of your lock-in period, ask your bank about refinancing.

It lets you revert to the cheaper Year 1 rates. That can save you as much as 1 per cent per year. Usually, this is cheaper than the legal fee you must pay if you move to another bank. In the past few years, interest rates have been rising and fixed-rate home loans have been the better choice. But US interest rates are expected to peak by mid-year and our rates won't be far behind. Steady or falling rates make variable loans a better deal.

Former UOB officer jailed for misappropriating more than $500,000 of client's money

A fixed loan costs about 0. The bank sales person will state its terms and say: Tell the bank the terms that you want. Then continue to shop around. If possible, refinance in a group. For example, the big three local banks offer these variable home loan rates: What does it mean?

I took a small, unscientific survey among 10 friends and relatives. Everyone thought these are the rates you pay. Mrs Money and I thought so too. Then we received a letter from our bank telling us our Year 2 interest rate had been raised to 3. Hey, that is more than the bank's advertised rate of 3.

I spoke with a loan officer who politely explained to me that each bank has 'multiple board rates'. It can reset them whenever it wants to and this is what determines the interest rate you must pay. But how about those advertised rates? Little did his colleagues and family know that the hard-working Chia was leading a double life. Chia was so well-known in some casinos that the casino operators would personally invite him to their betting halls and fly him there in their private jets.

The gambler had a Chinese-national girlfriend, Li Jin then 23 years old. Over the years, he swung from being deep in gambling debts to winning large sums of money. However, his luck turned for the worse in By the time he joined APB inhe was already heavily indebted. The forged documents, known as certified extracts of board resolutions, deceived the banks into extending him credit and loan facilities in the name of APB, with him as the sole signatory.

At that time, Fraser and Neave owned By 11 Septemberhe was facing eight new charges. He was also denied bail in October, as the likelihood of him absconding was high. This was because he was known to have overseas personal bank accounts, of which he had refused to divulge details to investigators.