Takagi and sato relationship goals

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takagi and sato relationship goals

Personality. Abilities. Relationships At some point, Takagi fell in love with Sato, his assigned partner. However, luck was not on his to try and drop his notebook. In the process, he nearly fell but he accomplished his goal. I just got a random urge to color something with Takagi and Satou in it. I think i messed up takagi's skin color again. why cant he and heiji ha. Satou and Takagi . Takagi and Sato starting date when Sato realize she in love with Takagi as Presumably, they think of themself as couple from then but did not.

Episode at the very end of the episode it is heavily implied that Shinichi was going to propose to Ran, at the same place where his father proposed to his mother no less! Such a shame that this episode had a Downer Ending. Episode shows that Kogoro and Eri each keep track of the others cases. Episode has Kogoro asking Eri to move back in. The scene is rather moving because it shows Kogoro's more sensitive side that rarely comes out.

It is almost ruined by the fact that Eri is listening to something and as such has headphones on but the last scene reveals that she was actually recording Kogoro asking her to come back. Yes, they are estranged, but it's one of their They Really Do Love Each Other moments and shows that Kogoro notices the tiniest of discrepancies with his wife. Episode has the culprit be a hunter who accidentally killed someone trying to hunt down a bear that saved his life years ago.

An accident during a hunting trip had him too injured to move and when a black bear came upon him he was certain that he would be killed.

But he was shocked when the bear started licking his wounds and used its fur to keep him warm. After being rescued the hunter would come up to the mountain everyday to warn the bear away from the hunters searching for it. The hunter kept such a close eye on the bear that he became aware of it giving birth to cubs and when one of the cubs was killed to be used as bait he made a grave for the poor thing.

Episode has one for Kid who targets a clock tower where he first met his Childhood Friend in order to keep it from being torn down. Episode gives Kogoro a Pet the Dog moment where he takes Ran and Conan with him to a horse ranch with no ulterior motive, doing so as a just because gesture. He even just stands around watching them ride horses. Episodes have Shinichi help Takagi get Sato out of an arranged marriage with Shiratori, not only showing himself as a bit of a Shipper on Deck but putting the kind of effort he usually puts into solving cases.

At the end he reveals that he did so because the relationship between Takagi and Sato reminds him of the one he has with Ran. Episode has Conan calling Takagi as Megure in order to give the man a much needed confidence boost. Episode has Kogoro referring to Ran and Sonoko as his girls, showing that he cares for Sonoko almost as much as he cares for his daughter. Episode has Makoto's return which was motivated by the various gifts she has tried making for him.

He thought she had made them for someone else and wanted to make sure that person was suitable for her. When Sonoko points at him when he asks who this person is he just turns around to look before finally realizing that it's him she's talking about. His Adorkable gestures immediately after just make it sweeter. The episode ends with Shinichi making it look like he stopped by the agency while Ran was asleep and ate the chocolate she made him.

Episode has Shinichi's mother telling some of her friends that Ran could be her future daughter in law.

takagi and sato relationship goals

Episode has Ran saving a serial killer from falling to his death, especially touching because right beforehand she was in a Heroic BSoD from saving someone that went on to commit a murder. Shinichi comes to help as well and when asked why he would simply says that he doesn't need a reason to save someone's life.

Episode shows that Mitsuhiko had gone to great lengths in order to show Ayumi and Haibara fireflies. Episode has a few moments. First there is Sato's old partner Matsuda pulling a Heroic Sacrifice in letting a bomb explode and kill him in order to get a hint about where to find a more powerful bomb rather than disarming it.

Then there is a moment that solidifies the Detective Boys as True Companions where Conan tells them that even without him they are still the Detective Boys.

They immediately prove this when they are being driven away from a bomb site where Conan is working to disarm the bomb by trying to get Chiba who is driving them away to turn around, with Genta going so far as to put him in a headlock to force him to do so. At the end Sato has a very tense face off with the bomber that has her on the verge of shooting him. Takagi shows up to talk her down and after an Armor-Piercing Slap she breaks down from how much the bomber has put her through.

She is open during this that she pulls Takagi in for a kiss and it would have been a big damn one is Megure hadn't been a Moment Killer. After the credits it is shown that Sato has kept a text message from Matsuda from right before he was killed that had him admitting he liked her.

She decides to delete it, showing that while she will never forget him she has moved on. Also during the episode there is a moment where Takagi and Shiratori discuss how they will never match up to Matsuda in Sato's eyes.

It is a surprisingly nice moment between two men that are rivals in a love triangle. Episode is a two part episode when Kogoro meets an old classmate of his, an actress named Ruri, who is overjoyed to see him and crushed on him, even though he had the hots for Eri. At the conclusion of the episode, Kogoro, with minimal help from Conan, reveals that he knows the truth behind the week's case, that Ruri is covering for her biological father, Nagumo and explains the truth behind the case.

Ruri admits Kogoro is right, then asks, as a favor to her, if Kogoro could keep things quiet. Kogoro refuses, because he knows that carrying a secret like that would be a horrible burden to carry, and he could never do that to a beloved friend like Ruri. Episode has Agasa revealing that he met Haibara's father Atsushi, known throughout the scientific community as a Mad Scientistseveral times and that they were apparently somewhat friendly with each other, making his taking in Haibara Heartwarming in Hindsight.

Episode has Shinichi detailing a time when Ran turned down an invite from Sonoko because she was short on money at the time. When he asked her why she didn't let Sonoko pay for it Ran got angry with him and said she wanted to be friends with Sonoko because they were friends not because Sonoko was rich.

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Episode has Eri coming over to the agency after finding out that Kogoro has been calling out for her in his sleep. She even checks her makeup before coming over and blushes when trying to wake him up. She also claims to Yukiko that she and Kogoro are still together. The Reveal that Eri and Yukiko are old friends from high school.

Eri is especially energetic at meeting her friend after so long. There is also Yukiko gushing about Conan's deductive skills while glomping him. Episode reveals that Haibara's mother, known in the Black Organization as Hell Angel, recorded twenty birthday messages, one for each year of Haibara's life, for her daughter in case she was killed. Upon finding these messages, which were hidden by Akemi so the Black Organization couldn't find them, Haibara has what is likely the first shred of real happiness she has known in a long time.

Episode has Vermouth, who was disguised as the serial killer of the New York case, remembering how Shinichi and Ran saved her and refusing to let them be harmed during her attempt to kill Haibara. She goes as far as lying to Gin about Shinichi still being alive in order to keep him safe from the Black Organization. Chapter mixes heartwarming with a bit of heartbreaking. Agasa finds an old postcard where a girl he knew in elementary school said she'd meet him on an exact date, and keep going there every 10 years until they'd meet again.

The kids and Agasa figure out the meeting place and head there, only to meet a woman his age. The two talk for a bit, before she leaves under the pretence of her husband waiting. The man is actually her stepfather, and she didn't reveal her identity in fear of making Agasa feel horrible that she waited for him for 40 years. And she believes the Detecitve Boys are his grandchildren, so she's happy that he found love and had a happy life in the meantime. Though there is indication that she and Agasa will meet again.

In episode Ran meets with an acquaintance that is getting food to make dinner for her lover. Ran thinks on how she doesn't have anyone like that before Conan points out that she does.

She thinks that he is talking about Shinichi but he says that he meant himself and Kogoro. The acquaintance also has a rather sweet story. She used to have a lover who said he would return by a certain date but disappeared five years ago. The man's backpack was found half a year ago filled with photos he had taken and returned to his mother who gave them to the woman. This happened on the day he said he would return so the woman thinks that he did keep his word and came back to her in a way.

Since then on that day every month she would make a dinner for two where she would pretend they had actually been reunited. In episode Satou freaks out after some fireworks behind a Ferris wheel reminds her of Matsuda's fate. Takagi returns from capturing a criminal before figuring out what has her freaked out. The Detective Boys condemn him for bringing her to an amusement park but Satou herself just asks Takagi to never leave her.

Asami Uchida, a former classmate and soccer manager of Shinichi's middle school, was suspected of being his first love. However, it turns out it was a lie created by her and she reveals what Shinichi said after she made her confession.

His first love was Ran Mouri: I already have someone I've liked since I was little. She's strong-willed and stubborn, but cries a lot. She's weird like that. Episode has Kogoro getting a baseball autographed by a baseball player that Eri is a fan of so he can give it to her as a gift but is unable to because of the player's murder making it his last autograph.

Kogoro of all people was empathetic enough to get his wife something she would actually like and recognized that she wouldn't want it because of circumstances surrounding it. The fact that he couldn't give it to her causes Kogoro to give the culprit a "Reason You Suck" Speechshowing how much this gesture meant for Kogoro to do.

During one chapter, Ran is confused because her mother is wearing a low-cut dress, something that she usually doesn't wear.

She then remembers that those are the clothes she wore on her first date with Kogoro. The final page reveals that, apparently for every anniversary of said date, she and Kogoro have been wearing the same clothes as a way to celebrate the date again. Episode has Shinichi giving Ran his phone number so she can call him whenever she wants, which goes a long way towards helping their constant separation from each other. Episode has Ran treating Conan extra nicely because she is in such a good mood form having Shinichi's phone number.

takagi and sato relationship goals

Episode has Yusaku and Yukiko returning to Japan so Yusaku can do research for his next book. While there Yukiko realizes that she knows nothing about how Shinichi lives as Conan so she talks Yusaku into disguising themselves as an elderly couple in order to rent a house that has a good view of the agency so they can see him. When Shinichi tricks them into revealing themselves Yukiko reveals all of this to him and concludes by saying she took photos of Conan because she wanted more pictures of Shinichi as a child.

Episode has Takagi and Yumi acting as a decoy bride and groom at a wedding in order to catch a criminal. Tearfully, she begged him to help her forget, but he refused to let her do that either, telling her that she needed to remember for Matsuda lived on in her mind.

takagi and sato relationship goals

As the two leaned in to kiss, Megure arrived on the scene, interrupting the moment. Some time later, Takagi took Sato on a date to Tropical Marine Land, intending to give her a modest ring he'd bought for her but he didn't have the nerve to tell her about it right away. However, luck was not on his side as he felt hostile eyes on him and, to make matters worse, Shiratori had just happened to give Agasa and the Detective Boys tickets to the park for that very day.

As if that weren't enough bad luck, Shiratori called Agasa away due to an urgent request for additional information regarding a previous case, leaving the kids with Sato and Takagi.

Takagi was frustrated by this since it was supposed to be their date, but Sato teased him, calling it practice for when he brought his own family to the park.

Takagi reached into his bag, intending to give her the ring, but realized that, somehow, his bag had been switched with someone else's. Instead of a ring box, he and Sato found a kilo of heroin. Takagi confirmed that he'd only let go of his bag once for a ride where the staff held on to personal belongings. Going to the lost and found revealed no one had gone looking for their bag, likely someone who had no idea what he'd been carrying to begin with so he hadn't bothered to double-check the contents.

Returning to the ride, they bought a souvenir picture to help get some faces to narrow down the list of suspects in addition to the bag's strap. Though they found the drug mule with Takagi's bag, they didn't try to take it, instead waiting for the exchange so they could arrest the supplier. At a fireworks show just before closing, the mule made the handoff.

Sato went for the arrest but the suspect was armed and started fleeing the scene. Takagi, Sato, and the Detective Boys pursued when Sato suddenly froze in the middle of the chase. Conan used his soccer ball dispensing belt to strike the fleeing man and cause him to lose Takagi's bag in the water and nearly go over the side. Takagi finished the job by tackling the man into the water and, sadly, watching the ring fall out of his bag and sink to the bottom of the lake.

The officers that had been performing surveillance for both the drug lord and on the big date took the suspect into custody. Takagi returned to Sato who was kneeling on the ground. When he asked her what was wrong, it was discovered that she'd been reminded of Matsuda by the way the fireworks exploded around the Ferris wheel. She ordered him to promise not to leave her alone which he agreed. A little while afterward, Takagi got the shock of his life when he walked in one morning to be greeted with an entire room of stares.

Even more shocking was Yumi's tearful goodbye and the very pleased grins of his fellow detectives. He was then told that he was being transferred to a combined investigative team in Tottori.

When he expressed his incredulity, the detectives told him Yumi had overheard Megure and Superintendent Kiyonaga Matsumoto talking about it, saying they'd already contacted him and that he'd agreed to it. Although he remembered a phone call he'd received when he was half-asleep, he couldn't recall what was discussed. At first, he was rather calm about it, saying he'd be back once the case was finished. The other detectives, however, informed him it was regarding a nation-wide robbery syndicate, Shiratori taking pleasure in telling Takagi it may take three years to complete.

Hearing that, Takagi began to panic as the other detectives happily told him of all the benefits of him being there such as fresh air and crabs.

He turned to Sato, hoping for some good news, but instead she asked him to buy her 20th Century pears. Immediately after her request, Megure came in with an assignment in a high-rise apartment building.

He assigned Sato, Takagi, and an investigator named Chou to the case, telling Takagi to learn from him since it'd likely be his last chance to work with him. The victim was a man who'd been stabbed in his apartment, and during questioning the Detective Boys arrived having seen the commotion.

Even more important, they'd seen the murderer fleeing the scene though they'd initially mistaken the man for a jogger. The kids identified the "jogger" from a photo and followed the officers to the suspect's address, finding out that the apartment was one he shared with Chiba. Chiba, present due to it being his day off, swore that his roommate had done no wrong and that he himself could provide an alibi. What better alibi was there than a police officer, after all?

He claimed that the pair had watched the news and recorded Kamen Yaiba episodes all morning, staying together aside from a brief shower break where it would've been impossible to go to the apartment, kill the man, and run back. Takagi, Sato, and Chou investigated the apartment, looking for anything that might negate the suspect's alibi.

Takagi told Chiba of his impending transfer, momentarily panicking when Chiba told him that his roommate had been sent away for work for a year, sending his girlfriend postcards and letters but never receiving a response, and returned to find she'd moved on to someone else. The search came to an end after nothing turned up. A thought flitted across Takagi's mind that if the case dragged on long enough that he wouldn't be transferred. Immediately, he berated himself for such thinking since it was his duty as a police officer to solve the case.

Seeing how tense he was, Chou told Takagi to relax and that if the case was prolonged, he could pass it on to someone else.

However, the case didn't go on for much longer as Conan revealed the alibi trick using a duplicated recording of the morning show Chiba thought they'd been watching live and the Kamen Yaiba tapes.

Upon returning to headquarters, Chou bid them farewell while Chiba went to interrogate his roommate who'd confessed so that it was all properly documented. Takagi and Sato went to her car to take the Detective Boys home when she was startled by her own prank snake which she'd frightened Takagi with shortly before the discovery of the transfer.

She asked and then demanded that even should he meet someone nice in Tottori that he wouldn't have a change of heart to which he told her he wouldn't and started to ask her to get engaged before he left. Unfortunately, he was interrupted by a confused Megure who wanted to know where Takagi was going. It turned out that Chou's full name was Chousuke Takagi and he was the one being transferred. The phone call Wataru Takagi couldn't remember was a misdial by Megure.

With that resolved, Sato asked what Takagi had been about to say, and Takagi chickened out to ask her to karaoke, the Detective Boys inviting themselves along. Not too long afterward, Takagi went to a jewelry store to buy a diamond pin that Yumi told him Sato said she liked.

He was initially hesitant since he was still paying off the loan on the ring that had been lost during the failed date at Tropical Marine Land but as he started to work up his nerve, the Detective Boys once again appeared seemingly from nowhere since they'd seen him enter the store. The kids started suggesting which one Takagi should buy for Sato, so he asked the clerk to take out the pin he'd been planning to buy to show them.

It easily met their approval, and as he was preparing to buy it, a jewel thief started smashing display cases and held up a sign with a demand for the clerks to put all the gems in his bag.

Despite being off-duty, Takagi pulled out his badge, ordering the thief to stop and telling him the police were surrounding the block as a bluff. However, the thief laughed and fled, Takagi taking up pursuit. He chased the man to the top of a building where, much to his horror, the man jumped off the roof only to die as he hit a moving van parked below.

Shiratori and Sato showed up to officially investigate the crime scene, Shiratori giving Takagi the evil eye once he learned that he'd gone into the jewelry store on his day off rather than being some good Samaritan.

The initial evidence leaned towards this being an intentional suicide since the suspect had been armed but Takagi wasn't, so there had been no reason to jump off the roof. As they processed the scene, all the stolen jewels were accounted for save one: It had fallen to the ground during the robbery, and the robber had stuck it into his pocket, but the robber's pockets were empty upon search.

Further investigation revealed that it wasn't an intentional suicide but all a trick to cover up a murder perpetrated by the dead man's employer whom he'd been blackmailing. Takagi had Sato retrieve the pin from the murderer's coat pocket, but she was more confused by the jewelry than enthusiastic, asking if it wasn't the pin that Yumi had been interested in. Shiratori realized he'd seen Yumi wearing a bracelet he'd bought for Sato, and Sato told him that she'd loaned it to her since Sato herself wasn't interested in shiny things.

Thus Yumi's plan to get free jewelry by manipulating the officers who were in love with Sato was revealed. Sometime later, Chiba begged Takagi to join him at a singles party so that the numbers would be even. Takagi wasn't too thrilled with this idea, especially seeing Mouri and his family at the same restaurant.

Miwako Sato

As was typical for him, his luck went further south when Sato proved to be at the very same singles party courtesy of Yumi. The pair sat away from each other, managing to get under one another's skin due to the fact the other had even gone to the party. Sato charmed all the men, telling tales of her cases while Takagi tried to cheer up the host's sister who was worried about her son being home alone.

While talking with the sister, it was discovered that a strange man had taken interest in her son, giving him gifts and such. In turn, the boy told the man about their home and even managed to find out when the boy would be home alone. Recognizing the early stages of a child being targeted, Takagi and Sato told the sister to call her son at once.

However, she'd been trying the entire time with no answer.

takagi and sato relationship goals

With Yumi and Chiba too drunk to do anything, Takagi, Sato, and Mouri's family accompanied the host and his sister back to her apartment. The boy was long gone with only a ransom note for one million yen remaining behind. Takagi wanted to call for backup, but Sato argued that more police involvement would only make things worse.

Their own involvement had been an accident, but it was unlikely the perpetrator realized the mother would be spending the evening with off-duty police officers. Based upon what little evidence remained at the scene, it was deduced that the boy knew the kidnapper and that the suspects were three men who'd been invited to the singles party but hadn't come.

Under the guise of just hanging out after the singles party had finished, the group went to each of the suspects' homes. Not finding the child or any evidence of him being in any of them, they returned to the apartment and contacted Megure to keep him appraised of the situation. During which Sato revealed to Takagi that she'd only been at the singles party for the food. This led to a brief spat between the two, each accusing the other of going to the party and knowing ahead of time what it was despite each's claims of being tricked into it by their original companion.

They were interrupted by Sato's cell phone with Megure on the other end asking for an update. As she explained they'd found nothing, the boy called out that he was home, having returned on his own and none the worse for wear.

The kidnapper had simply released him, asking the boy not to say anything about where he'd been. As the boy walked by him to go to bed per his mother's orders, Takagi noticed the child's socks were wet and asked why. The child had remembered his uncle saying he shouldn't take things from strangers so had returned to where he'd been kept to give back a rare Kamen Yaiba card the kidnapper had given him during a previous meeting, but the man was gone and a different man he'd never seen before had been in the bathroom.

At that, Takagi put the puzzle pieces together, a horrible possibility occurring to him. Without telling the others, he ran back to the culprit's apartment, arriving just after Megure's group surrounded it. Not bothering to stop and explain, he ran up to the apartment and rushed to the bathroom to save the culprit who had been trying to commit suicide. During the car ride to drop off the Mouris at their home and to fill out reports on the incident, Takagi apologized to Sato for running off without telling her, having wanted to confirm his deduction as quickly as possible, but she waved it off saying that it was far more important to save a person's life than to catch them.

She even admitted that she'd been upset at herself and even jealous of Takagi for being so focused on catching the culprit that she hadn't taken into account their emotional state.

The pair apologized to one another for their tiff over the singles party, and the next time Yumi invited Sato to one because they were running short, she refused…until Yumi mentioned cake being served after dinner. In a later case, Takagi acted as a double for a groom while Yumi was the double of the bride since the groom was being threatened by a dangerous thief who was also a serial killer that the groom had interrupted during a robbery of the bride's home.

Despite the threat, the groom had insisted that the wedding continue as planned. However, the charred remains of wedding guest were found in a warehouse some distance from the wedding hall, the serial killer's fingerprints on their nails. Despite the fact that it was very likely the killer had snuck in under the guise of a guest, some of whom the couple had never met in person but via a hot springs chat site, the groom insisted that the wedding continue as the police investigated in the background.

Based upon inconsistencies in the groom's behavior, it was discovered that the groom had been the serial killer thief's accomplice all along. Not only that, he was the one who'd done the actual killing.

However, there was a minor mix up at the end of the case where Sato - who'd swapped clothes with Yumi so she was in the bridal gown - mistook Takagi for the culprit, flipping him into the ground right in front of a wedding photographer.

The photographer snapped a picture for the wedding hall who then went on to use it in poster advertisements. Naturally, both Takagi and Sato were embarrassed by the ads. Takagi's distraction during the case regarding a famous mystery author's murder actually provided the inspiration for the solution to the locked room.

He'd arrived at police headquarters to discover Sato wearing an engagement ring…one he hadn't given her.

His comment about feeling like he was walking a tightrope with Sato was an unintentional clue to how the killer escaped the room and left the room's key in the deceased author's hand which led to the killer himself. In the end, it turned out Takagi had been worried over nothing, Sato having chosen to wear the ring on her finger due to misunderstanding Yumi's meaning when she said it was good luck and doing so would "keep the bugs away".

The "bugs" in this case being the other detectives. Takagi asked her to wear his ring which she agreed to but he realized too late that he'd forgotten to explain the significance of it to her. He and Sato were paired up again in staking out a suspect believed to be a serial killer known as "The Hammer Man" some time later. They were interrupted by Conan, Ran, and Sonoko Suzuki, but Chiba was also on hand and had stopped three delivery people enter and leave the apartment the man was holed up in.

Realizing that no one was currently watching the door, Sato ran up to the apartment to find someone unconscious on the floor with a rope around their neck. That person was likely the Hammer Man and one of the delivery people was the likely culprit, but the three officers released the delivery people without thinking, a rookie mistake. Upon review of the evidence left behind, it was deduced that the actual Hammer Man was a Hammer Woman who'd swapped places with one of the delivery people.

She was caught after knocking out another victim to swap clothing and escape via taxi since a delivery person's outfit would've been suspicious.

Though the statute of limitations for murder was extended to twenty-five years at some point following Sato's father's case was concluded, another serial killer who'd vanished into thin air's case was running out of time.

This one was personal to Superintendent Matsumoto since the man had given him the scar over his left eye though he'd returned the favor by using the murderer's own weapon to cut across the man's back.

Takagi and Sato were among the police officers assigned to the case, Sato agreeing to go to a hot spring with Takagi as long as they caught the murderer before the deadline three days away. However, the case was given an additional twenty-five years after a criminal psychologist who'd mocked the killer on TV was murdered in his own apartment, the culprit whistling the Beatles' "Let It Be" as he passed by Ayumi and Ai in the elevator just as the killer in the original slayings had.

Takagi with the Detective Boys in tow the kids inviting themselves along by sneaking into Takagi's car went to re-interview the loved ones of the original murders' victims. Listening to each of the last things the victims were heard saying along with what the last witness overheard the murderer say to his murdered father revealed that the foursome were connected by mahjong.

They even managed to track down a mahjong parlor where they used to play and discuss cases they saw in the newspaper, their deductions usually being the correct solutions. By pure chance, the owner had the group's original mahjong set which contained the fingerprints of the murdered psychologist, the owner himself, and a possible suspect who'd threatened the group in the past. The psychologist and the suspect had had a fight after the other three players stopped showing up, throwing around the tiles and scratching them.

The owner hadn't the heart to throw the tiles out, so for twenty-five years, the prints had been preserved.

Takagi took a few of the tiles, wrapped them in a handkerchief, and put them in his pocket to give to the crime lab for printing. The prints of the unknown person belonged to a robber and murderer whose fifteen-year sentence had ended and was released a few days before.

He was re-caught quickly, so Takagi went to go get the witness who'd heard the killer's voice years ago for identification while Sato took the kids home. However, Conan realized on the drive back that the last victim's dying message was "copycat", meaning that the last victim was the serial killer himself who'd been killed by someone else, likely someone related to the original victims.

Only one of them knew about the killer's habit of whistling "Let It Be": Unfortunately, Takagi had no knowledge of this, returning to the man's home unsuspecting. Seeing the door was unlocked, he stepped inside, calling out to its sole occupant, and was struck in the back of the head with a baseball bat.

While unconscious, he was cuffed with his own handcuffs and stripped of his gun. The witness-turned-killer confessed his crime to Takagi since he'd acted rashly in attacking before finding out that Takagi knew nothing of it, planning to use him as a hostage to escape. Sato chose that moment to call, intending to warn him but not knowing that she'd called too late. The killer ordered Takagi to tell Sato to come so that he'd have two hostages, but Takagi broke his cell phone in two, rendering it useless.

Enraged, the man beat Takagi with a baseball bat while leaving him conscious. The police surrounded the killer's home, but Takagi feared that Sato - who might be there - would try to rush the killer while he was aiming the stolen gun at the door. Takagi got to his feet and rushed the suspect himself who turned and fired, the bullet striking him in the chest. Perhaps to even out all his bad luck up until that moment, the bullet did not penetrate his heart.

Instead, the bullet lodged itself dead center in a lone mahjong tile that had remained in his jacket pocket. He was sent to the hospital to undergo surgery and be treated for his injuries from the beating but was otherwise fine.

Sato went to visit him, at first assuming the worst, and was very happy to know he was alive and well. Unfortunately, due to his injuries, the hot springs were off. Takagi expressed his disappointment since it meant that, once again, circumstances had blocked any major step forward in their relationship. Right when he expected another interruption, she leaned over his bed to kiss him in what may very well have been their first kiss.

Several cases later, the anniversary of Date's death arrived. His normal good nature was drowned out as he looked through Date's - now his - police notebook and finding pictures of the man and his girlfriend together.

At the time, they hadn't understood the "DATE" written on her calendar had been Romaji for "Date" and not the English word since she'd been an English teacher. However, he didn't discuss it with his coworkers, instead reacting angrily when someone asked him why he was upset.

Just before the anniversary, he left work early with permission to fly to the girl's relations and explain why precisely she'd killed herself, intending to return the next morning to take the Detective Boys to the public relations department to be the poster children for child crime prevention. However, Takagi never made it back.

Instead, a man overheard the kids talking excitedly and asked them to deliver a package to Takagi's girlfriend along with a message: If you delay, tomorrow or the next day will be too late. Inside was a tablet that, when turned on, provided a live feed to a camera that was focused on an unconscious Takagi.

takagi and sato relationship goals

His arms were bound around with rope wrapped around his chest, his hands were tied behind his back with rope as well, his ankles were also tied with rope, and there was duct tape over his mouth. Around his neck was a noose tied with a knot that would choke him to death rather than break his neck should he fall from the board he was lying on. There were different camera angles set up that would randomly switch.

However, there were no indicators of where Takagi was aside from it being at least a four-story building under construction and the batteries of the tablet couldn't be recharged since the charge connector had been tampered with. The tablet's serial number had also been removed and the touch screen disabled. Even worse, it was very likely that attempting to take the tablet apart to try and find the source of the video feed would render the police unable to receive any more video.

The only thing they could use was the button to turn the screen on and off. Upon waking, Takagi realized his situation and remembered the events leading up to it. He had met with an older teacher who'd collected the dead woman's personal effects in Komamae since the man had thought of her as a daughter.

While they were talking, the man said he wanted to show Takagi something and ended up drugging him from behind. Since it was unlikely that health would be arriving any time soon, he set to work trying to leave clues for his fellow officers along with free himself. Looking down towards the ground, Takagi realized that he was actually suspended over a large mirror to give the appearance that he was many stories in the air.

The building itself was actually about two stories high. To try and reveal this trick, he carefully started to turn himself over to try and drop his notebook.

In the process, he nearly fell but he accomplished his goal. Unfortunately, the notebook landed underneath the board where it'd likely be hidden from camera view. A few hours later, a crow landed on the stick holding the above-shot camera before landing on him.

At some point Takagi turned himself back over to look up at the sky. As day turned to night and the temperature - already cold - dropped further, he wondered if he'd freeze to death. After all, he was only wearing his suit, hardly appropriate weather for the current conditions which included snow. The only reason he was still alive was because a heater had been placed under the mirror to prevent snow from giving away the trick and enough heat had risen to keep him from freezing.

However, he refused to give up when he remembered Date's last request. Carefully, he inched himself along the board so that his back was to a wall as much as possible, the noose around his neck's length too short for him to properly sit up. He then started to rub the rope binding his ankles against the edge of the board to begin sawing through the bindings. The next day, the police managed to figure out based on his behavior leading up to the kidnapping just what case file Takagi had been looking at and who had taken him.

Unfortunately, the suspect drank poison as soon as the police arrived, intending to see their despair - particularly Sato's - as the last thing he saw. However, his pleasure turned to horror as Sato revealed that he'd condemned an innocent man to die. The man had thought Takagi had dumped the girl which had driven her to suicide, never knowing there had been two Watarus on the force and that the one who'd been the woman's actual boyfriend had been struck and killed by a car.

Before he could give the location where Takagi was being held, the poison took effect and he died. Unaware of these events, Takagi finally managed to cut through the ropes, freeing his feet. He could dangle them freely on either side of the board to give himself more stability. He first used them to grab a blanket that had been placed near his feet and throw it towards the mirror, hoping this time the trick would be exposed, but it, too, landed beneath the board.

However, that was the last thing on his mind. Doing so revealed the dead man's last means to ensure that his victim would die: He started to remove the tape but pulled the bomb on top of the board with him, preventing it from falling and detonating when he heard people passing by.

Due to the tape, however, he couldn't shout for help and time was still running out. Memories of his time with Date passed through his mind as he waited, hoping that his message had been received by the people at headquarters. He was out of moves he could make, growing weaker by the house, and his fate was firmly in their hands.

One way or another, be it from cold, the bomb, or starvation and dehydration, Takagi was unlikely to last another twenty-four hours.

In one last-ditch effort to save himself, Takagi got the edge of the duct tape on his mouth stuck to the pole his noose was tied to. He then tore off the tape, but he couldn't scream for help due to the dehydration. Instead, he started mouthing the location of Komamae, hoping someone watching the video feeds would understand as the last few minutes ticked down.