Relationship between india egypt

India by the Nile: India-Egypt relationship to touch new heights

relationship between india egypt

CAIRO: India seeks to further strengthen its bilateral cooperation with Egypt in the textiles sector through trade and investment, India's. In an exclusive interview with India Today Group Editorial Director (publishing) Raj Chengappa, Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry said. India-Egypt relationship is set to reach new heights as both the countries plan to bond together through the festival India by the Nile.

The festival is supposed to be 12 days long ending by March 18,taking place across Cairo, Port Said and Alexandria. A cultural collaboration meant to promote and acquaint the foreign audience with Indian tastes, the festival stands for a symbol laden with a responsibility of representing India at the international front. But what is the significance of the festival and how do we, as Indian citizens miles away from Egypt respond to an event that talks so much about us? The idea of the festival was such to hold visual and performing arts of Indian origin, the diverse culture of different Indian zones through the depiction of their respective food, dances, theatre and music, literature, cultural fests and crafts.

relationship between india egypt

Back inthe festival was a massive success when it gathered Egyptian audience in large numbers in addition to media coverage and reportage as well as International scrutiny. The festival initiated contacts between Indian craftsmen and artists and Egyptian counterparts.

India, Egypt to expand trade ties

This artistic relation was amplified through subsequent years with the migratory exchange of artists across the two countries. Additionally, the festival came to be held in multiple cities.

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Local collaborations between Indians and Egyptians in the corporate sector were increased to enhance informal ties and friendship between the two nations.

This year, they have added two new events-that of a fashion show to showcase Indian clothing aesthetic and the evermore colourful Indian cinema.

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What has been the progress? According to Shoukry, there has been increased coordination and exchange of information under the pact. We look to deepening that cooperation and information exchange. In our fight against terrorism, we must immunise ourselves against all forms of terrorism and illegal activities that target civilians. These are the guiding principles of Egypt's foreign policy," he said.

relationship between india egypt

Egypt is always against all forms of terror. We should exert all our efforts in bringing to justice all people implicated in terrorism.

relationship between india egypt

Is Egypt concerned as India and Israel move closer strategically? Further cooperation between the two countries and India's ability to convince Israel of its ability to help in resolving the Mideast conflict will opens doors of economic and political cooperation between them.

relationship between india egypt

Even Egypt has an equally normal relationship with Israel. And we all look forward to the day when the conflict is resolved," Shoukry said. Shoukry also said that US President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel had impacted efforts of many countries in the region.