Hexagram 34 relationship goals

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hexagram 34 relationship goals

A strong soul (Hexagram 34) Hexgram / Principle 34, GREAT POWER, is imaged as the elements A few links to Hexagram You speak true about the experiences of self-aspects dying especially in relation to that. I Ching Hexagram 34 – Personal Goals: Having a clear head and conscious, when taking advantage of an event, is ideal. A new power can often lead to a. The 64 Hexagrams of the I Ching. Retreat. PREVIOUS HEXAGRAM Great Vigor An I Ching reading delivers profound answers for your life, decisions, relationships -- whatever's on your mind. General I Great Vigor. Easy Progress. Darkening of the Light. Community The goal of Feng Sh read more.

When her husband found out, he killed Wang Hai. The Lord of the River mourned him. This made Wang Hai a hero, sign of the strength that bursts from the dark underworld waters. Rouse new growth by learning from past mistakes. Accept the hard work. Make a clean break. Invigorate your great idea and push on. Your motives and aims are good.

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Clear the channels of communication. You have the perfect plan. Give it an enduring form. Find the seed of the new by waiting patiently. Do not try to organize people.

34 Great Invigorating DA ZHUANG

The connection is there. Move slowly and carefully. Voice of the Fathers This is a Realizing Figure, part of the Sacred Sickness Pathways that connect personal disorders with cultural change. It is an Approach to Centers of Power in the stage of the Symbolic Life when we struggle to found an individual dwelling, family and career.

A time to focus energy through a great idea or principle. Articulate the higher principles that govern your family and carry them into action. What you do now will create the central pattern for all.

Motivate people to work in terms of underlying values. Make comprehensive plans and act on them. Establish new platforms of activity that meet emerging needs and trends. Support people in their ability to act on their own.

Make sure everyone knows they belong. Establish overall values and encourage individual initiative. Clarify key directions and implement them. You have the power to achieve things with a minimum of cooperation, but make your intentions known to those who will be of help in the future. Bring fresh insights into established practices. Change from the Inside Out: Favor ideas that create or anticipate trends and answer visible needs. This is an excellent time for new initiatives that emphasize new directions.

Cast your net wide and make decisive arrangements. Keep to deadlines and appointments. Bringing Change to Life Each hexagram is part of a Pair that that activates the hidden paths of transformative energy through the interaction of the trigrams or Spirit Helpers, connecting phases of Inspiration and Realization.

You are in the Realizing phase of this Pair. The transformative process of the Pair This turns your active connection with the world into inner perseverance. This interiorisation transforms the Gatekeeper trigram in the inner world of 33 into the Groundbreaker trigram in the outer world of This turns inner self-restraint into a liberating awareness of the whole.

Click on the links to connect with the Relating Figure generated by each line. Inner World Step 1 Beginnings: This return of the spirit attracts a new fate. Great Invigorating Strength in the feet. Chastising closes the Way. There is a connection to the spirits that will carry you through.

Hold back for now. Do not try to tell other people what to do or set out on an expedition. By retiring you can bring wealth and fertility to everything around you. The energy is there but if you act prematurely you will be lost in the abyss. Be resolute and part from the past. You are connected to a creative force. This inner re-organization leads to harmony with others. Drive the animals forward. The Way is open. Whatever you want to do now will succeed.

You motives are straight and your strength is adequate to the task. You may feel isolated and unsure but you have a profound connection working at a great distance that will bring a time of blessing. Do not be afraid to act alone. You are coupled to a creative force. This inner re-balancing lets you make your way in life. Small People use Great Strength. The Realizing Person uses the empty spaces of a net. Adversity, the hungry souls and angry ghosts.

hexagram 34 relationship goals

The ram butts a hedge and entangles his horns. Do not use force now.

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Use strategy and an open heart. You are confronting troublesome past experiences. Simply saying, it is time to make the most of what of the universe is giving you. It is important though to use with power wisely.

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This hexagram still advices to think clearly and plan ahead before making any final decisions. Using this new power irresponsibly will result in the power being taken away and never being able to be regained.

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Hexagram 34 influences a caster to take hold of a greater power in order to take advantage of a situation. Making the most out of any situation, both good and bad, can help strengthen a person to overcome all types of obstacles.

hexagram 34 relationship goals

When life is on the positive side, take the time to enjoy the peaceful phase and those around you will be uplifted to do that same thing. When difficult conditions are present, take control of your life in order to see an end to the problem.

I Ching Hexagram 34 — Personal Goals: Having a clear head and conscious, when taking advantage of an event, is ideal. A new power can often lead to a person being overconfident which can lead to small details being over looked. Planning is still important when dealing with any situation and without it rash decisions are made that can have dire consequences. I Ching Hexagram 34 — Love: With this new power, an individual can suddenly be aware of the increased attention from the opposite sex.

There are people who are attracted to those who rise to action and can take control of a situation. It is important to be honest with those who start to form around you.