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han chewie relationship goals tumblr

down for the ride [han solo x reader] author's note: would probably be a Out of the corner of your eye, you see Chewbacca making his way back to the table. .. There are a couple of curators cleaning figurines at a workbench, and a the room slowly and as casually as you're able in search of your goal. Just got out of Solo! The Good. Chewie; Han/Lando; Enfys Nest; Maul; An acknowledgement (but not really a resolution?) of the ethical dilemma posed by droids. This this right here, is the most underrated part of The Empire Strikes back. Chewbacca was freaking out, and trying to fight back. But Han's response makes .

What exactly becomes of these holos, however, is unclear — and so, fan speculation has predictably gone out of control.

Just what exactly does Lando do with these holos? Is he writing a book? Is he sharing these on some sort of galactic internet? Is he a space YouTuber?

Is this a podcast? Does he have followers?

han chewie relationship goals tumblr

Does anyone else know that he records them? How long has he been recording them? What made him start recording himself and sharing his stories in this way? So many questions to answer, and so little resolution on any of them — as the moment, fleeting and hilarious though it may be, truly offers nothing to the story. A Star Wars Story, fans could rely on certain rules within the galaxy far, far away, including the fact that Darth Maul had perished in the battle at the end of Episode I, The Phantom Menace, never to beard from again — unless you watched any of the animated series.

The animated series notwithstanding, though, it was easy enough to pretend that these things never happened, and all that was canon to the saga was all that had happened on screen in the movies. However, Solo changes everything, canonizing parts of the animated series that now weaken and cheapen the profound emotional effects of the already shaky prequels in many ways.

Qui-Gon Jinn, the former beneficent master to Obi-Wan and the man who takes pity upon and shows kindness to Anakin Skywalker, is truly responsible in many ways for the launch of the events that cause the Skywalker saga to unfold. The Han Solo that has become an iconic, genre-defying, career-making character was often portrayed as a jaded scoundrel, a man who trusted no one and only fell in love despite himself.

He is the pinnacle of all things cool. All boys dreamed of being Han, and all girls wished they could have a Han of their own. Sure, he knew his way around a lie or two, and he had no problem being passionate with those close to him, but he was also kind-hearted, soft around the edges, and willing to trust people far more than he should have been.

It was already a growing issue when Disney acquired Lucasfilm, a divisive move in the business world in addition to the world of fandom.

han chewie relationship goals tumblr

Do we actually need to know what happened to Han Solo a handful of years before we first meet him? Did the plot hole of the weak spot in the Death Star actually bother anyone so greatly that an entire movie was needed to establish how the Rebel Alliance received the Death Star plans? These are all things that could have easily been covered in other media: However, Disney decided to make them movies, and as such, sought to profit on these untold stories, as is their right.

Are you really that surprised? You glance at him and tell him thank you for the visor, and he says to thank him by making it back to Tatooine safely: I expect that visor to be put to good use!

Chewy would lay in hiding with the ship and wait for you and Han so you could make a quick getaway. You and Han would get yourselves some guard uniforms and code cylinders, then sneak in to steal the artifact.

You could be in and out before anyone noticed anything was wrong. Chandrila is a flurry of lush greens and vibrant blues.

otaku relationship goals

The wind is gentle but cold, and you shiver slightly as you exit the Falcon. You can hear the flapping of wings overhead and the rustling of tree leaves. Your boots crunch along the dirt as you maneuver your way over overgrown roots and large rocks. Past the clearing of trees, you can see the city with its towering buildings. It looks almost like a utopia, the high tech hub sitting in the middle of all this nature. The first order of business is to find two guards patrolling far enough away from the building that you can incapacitate them undetected.

You and Han sit on a bench and scan the area, finding pairs of guards and tracking their patterns. Sometimes you wondered if he said those things to all the girls, and you asked him as much, mostly as a joke but you were legitimately curious.

The conversation never went any further than that, and it still sits unfinished, up in the air. But the time is not right now, in the middle of a mission. Their route probably keeps them to the perimeter. After you tuck in the visor Jet had given you into the small pack on the belt, you realize there is no code cylinder to be found.


Han stands up, the upper half of his body poking out through the bushes, and looks at you expectantly as he does up the last few buttons on his coat. It might only be those in the building who hold one. The lobby is spacious and the ceiling stretches high above, the large skylight illuminating the whole room. Take a left up here.

What he is focused on is finding a guard to steal a code cylinder from. A guard stands by himself in front of the elevator, waiting for it to arrive on this floor. Have you just been caught? Did they really keep track of every face? Your heart pounds so hard you almost want to gasp for air. He needs guards stationed outside his temporary office. Neither of you risks daring a glance at each other, because that action alone might arouse suspicion. So Han simply nods and follows after the guard, going back the way both of you came.

Now what are you supposed to do? Han is probably all the way on the other side of the building at this point. You start ambling down, eyes straight ahead. Christ, this is embarrassing. When he stumbles, just grab it and go. Grab it and go. Come on, you can do this. Your gaze lowers and you keep it on the prize. So you do your best to elaborate, silently praying to any god out there that this works.

The man sighs heavily. Nonetheless, he gives you his own code cylinder, and in a tone none too nice tells you not to lose that one too.

You simply nod in response, and then he continues on his way. You wonder what Han would say if he were here. Learning to keep calm in times of pressure when manning the turrets has most certainly carried over to situations like these. Without something so pivotal, you might very well have fucked it up. The only thing that would give you away is how fast your heart is beating. Your fingers curl around the cylinder and you make a beeline to the green room.

It makes things a little easier, since there are fewer eyes around that could see something. The security pad lights up green when you swipe the cylinder across, and the doors slide open to give you access.

Your assumption ends up being correct. There are a couple of curators cleaning figurines at a workbench, and a third is weaving his way through the aisles, marking things off on his tablet. It rests on a shelf in the back, and you quicken your last few steps as you rush up to it. You read the number next to it which designates its place in the collection—it matches what Han had told you.

This is the one. You take a deep breath and lift your hand, reaching out to grab it. The crystal figurine is cold against your skin and light enough to pick up with ease. However, as you pick it up, you notice it had been resting upon a small pad, steadily blinking red.

han chewie relationship goals tumblr

You grip it tightly, even as the sharp edges dig into your palm. You refuse to screw it up this far in. One of the curators has just found you, and is standing at the end of the aisle. He falls over and knocks into a shelf, rattling other artifacts. You toss a Sorry! None of them collide, for you never run a straight path nor stand still.

You slip through all the corridors you see to get away from them, trying to make your way to the exit. You really hope Han had understood you were the cause of the alarm, and therefore had alerted Chewy to get the Falcon ready.

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He brings the index finger of his free hand up to his lips to tell you to be quiet. He looks at the artifact you have in your grasp and smirks. You fish it out of the pack on your belt and slide it on. The HUD is minimal given that the eyepiece is small, only going over your right eye, but it tells you everything you need.

Han raises a brow. You and Han fire back as you make your way closer to the front, ducking behind corners for cover. It requires more precision, given smaller targets, and the HUD helps you aim more accurately, Every shot is deliberate and hits its target. A bolt whizzes past your head and you whip back around to focus on running.

You bolt through the front doors which slide open just fast enough for you not to have to slow down. Han leads you back towards the garden. The Falcon is there, ramp lowered, and Chewy stands on the end of it, opening fire on the guards already there.

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You click the harness shut and rotate the turret as you look for any ships they might be sending to give chase. From the sharp angle the Falcon is taking on its trajectory past the atmosphere, you can see ships starting to take off from the runway.

When your body adjusts to the momentum, you relax and heave out a big sigh of relief. Han can hear it through the headset and he laughs and says See, what did I say? Once at light speed, you leave your place in the gun bay and head back down, lounging on the couch. You suppose it might be time to carry one of your own. It had felt sturdy when you were using it.

You wonder if maybe you can make up a story of how it came into your possession, just to make it exciting if someone ever asked. Han gave it to you. Someone important to your life gave it to you.

Those are standard issue, hardly exciting. I almost got punched in the face trying to disarm those guards.