Ethio djibouti relationship goals

Why Ethiopia, Djibouti enjoy special bonds – New Business Ethiopia

ethio djibouti relationship goals

This is clearest with regards to its relationship with Ethiopia. Bilateral relations with Ethiopia remain crucial for Djibouti's development, though the Djibouti's foreign policy targets developing ties with neighbours and global economic. Djibouti has established strong economic relations with its landlocked With a population of about , people, the port country aims to. Very good political and economic relations between Djibouti and Ethiopia For the purpose of this article it seems important to familiarize the reader with the.

Inas a result of a trade and security agreement with Ethiopia, Djibouti handed over Somali rebels to Ethiopia and imposed restrictions on cross-border migration. On 23 February Ethiopia and Djibouti concluded an agreement giving a green light for the construction of an oil pipeline that stretches across the two countries.

The pipeline is going to be managed by the US based African infrastructure development company Black Rhino. The land locked country, Ethiopia, imports petroleum via road using trucks, which is costly. The pipeline will be km long and is expected to minimise fuel trucks that make the trek from Ethiopia to Djibouti. Currently, Ethiopia imports fuel through the Port of Djibouti. Tanker trucks transport jet fuel, diesel and gasoline from the Port of Djibouti into Ethiopia.

The United States also has longstanding security interests in Djibouti, including the only permanent US military base on the continent—a vital component of US counterterrorism operations in East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Some 4, US military personnel are stationed at the American base, which extends to the nearby airport used to launch both armed and reconnaissance drones that operate in Somalia and Yemen.

Why Ethiopia, Djibouti enjoy special bonds

Ethiopia and Djibouti have traditionally maintained a close political and economic relationship out of mutual necessity. Since then, Ethiopia has overwhelmingly relied on Djiboutian ports to process its imports and exports: Djibouti, too, relies on its larger neighbor, from which it imports freshwater and electricity.

But Ethiopia finds this arrangement deeply flawed, and is interested in more diverse, and better, deals for port access. The United States, as well, is deeply dissatisfied with Guelleh's partnership.

ethio djibouti relationship goals

It has adopted realistic, rather than idealistic disposition, in the formulation of its foreign and security policy. As history of the region can indicate, the undemocratic states in the region have failed to be representatives and therefore contain all the seeds for both the intra and inter-state conflicts.

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Hence, like every other state in the region the policy Ethiopia was pursuing in the past can be characterized by a policy of regional destabilization. The bid for regional power was aggression, which is still true as far as the Eritrean regime is concerned.

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Consequently, we have very fragmented regional diplomatic landscape and weakened regional organization. The current Ethio-Djibouti relationship clearly signifies a detachment from the past political culture that had been nurturing aged old intractable conflicts and war, which had constantly been destabilizing the Horn.

ethio djibouti relationship goals

The strong economic tie among countries in the Horn is the product of the changed attitude born out of the general democratization effort undergoing in the region. Following the demise of the notorious Derge regime, Ethiopia has taken courageous steps that had helped her to relive herself from the overwhelming historical challenges that have remained unsolved for ages. In the period afterthe country has embarked upon huge national projects that have created the momentum to spur sustainable development.

ethio djibouti relationship goals

Advertisements Ethiopia has begun this remarkable process by overhauling the longstanding political system that had been strangling the Ethiopian people for so long a time. This has created a venue where the voices of the voiceless have gotten unique attention.

We behold this enticing event taking over where the deplorable situation that has engulfed the country for ages have started to dissipate and made Ethiopia hospitable to its citizens and attractive to its neighbors. The political change that has effected a notable economic and social transformation not only changed the way Ethiopians view themselves, but also the perception they had towards their neighbors. In appreciating the perception of the later, it is worth examining the foreign and security policy and strategy adopted by the FDRE government.

The policy is not, as it has been the case in the past, formulated by recanting the objective reality and reiterating a tangentially created hollow grandeur. The new policy has insulted itself from such hypocritical vanities that characterize such policies adopted by the past regimes. It rather has take on a new broader definition of national security with an inward looking stance.

Thus, its primary focus is not a military defense or regime stability; but democracy, good governance and development. In view of this policy, it is not the nature of the state in the neighboring countries that would mainly dispose Ethiopia vulnerable to any foreign aggression, but the absence of democracy and sustainable development within.

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As the past successive regimes of Ethiopia had failed to develop a viable political and economic formula to govern the internal affairs, they were also unable in establishing a regional cooperation in the conflict ridden Horn of Africa.

The Horn of Africa is one of the most fragile crisis regions in the world. And that is reflected in the regionalized civil wars and inter — state rivalry in this sub-region.

The net result of these failures indeed was a protracted internal strife and regional instability. The Horn used to be a very complex or hard to analyze, thus creating a confused picture in the mind of scholars who tried to grapple with issues of the sub-region. The region was characterized by a diverse complexity of issues that would baffle even the most intelligent of the towering talents who attempt to study the inflexible conflict in the region.

Why landlocked Ethiopia wants to launch a navy

However, recent development has changed the unruly character of the Horn and it started to be intelligible. Thus, scholars are suggesting an energy-led water and oil economic cooperation and integration would be a viable scheme to bring a lasting peace in the Horn of Africa.

ethio djibouti relationship goals

I would say that the foreign and security policy and strategy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has in its way the same flight deck.

Before anything, the policy EPRDF formulated has surely dispelled the misperceptions of the past regimes, and is informed by the objective reality of the country to ensure the benefit of the people of Ethiopia and the sub-region as well.