Antigone and polynices relationship goals

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antigone and polynices relationship goals

Whereas other characters—Oedipus, Creon, Polynices—are reluctant to acknowledge the consequences of their actions, Antigone is unabashed in her. Depicts a possible love relationship between Antigone and Polyneices in the past. A picture of lovers that could potentially have been Antigone and Polyneices. Relationship between Antigone and Creon Antigone is a play written by Sophocles. section to get all the help you need with your essay and educational goals. Creon in the other hand was a king who took up the duties when Polynices.

Oedipus & Antigone's Relationship |

He continually argues the errors he has committed in life were unintentional and placed upon him by the gods. All the while, Antigone stays by his side as a devoted daughter. She must defend her father, protect him from citizens who wish to cast him out, and attempt to create peace between him and her brothers.

antigone and polynices relationship goals

Despite the complexity of their relationship, Antigone remains dutiful to Oedipus until his death. In looking at the three plays, there are parallels and connections that can be seen between these two characters, not only in their relationship, but also in the characteristics they share. Between tendencies of making rash decisions despite harsh punishments, to losing faith in the gods, these two share similar manners of behavior, regardless of Antigone's strife over the suffering her father has caused her.

Let's take a closer look at their connection: Punishment Regardless of the outcome, both Oedipus and Antigone always seem to act before thinking.

antigone and polynices relationship goals

This leads to a lot of trouble and heartache, not only for themselves, but also for their loved ones. Let's look at some examples: Sophocles' play is a typical Greek tragedyin which inherent flaws of the acting characters lead to irrevocable disaster.

Antigone and Creon are prototypical tragic figures in an Aristotelian sense, as they struggle towards their fore-doomed ends, forsaken by the gods.

antigone and polynices relationship goals

Euripides' lost story[ edit ] The dramatist Euripides also wrote a play called Antigonewhich is lost, but some of the text was preserved by later writers and in passages in his Phoenissae. Appearance elsewhere[ edit ] Different elements of the legend appear in other places. A description of an ancient painting by Philostratus Imagines ii.

Oedipus & Antigone's Relationship

When the boy grows up, he attends some funeral games at Thebes, and is recognized by the mark of a dragon on his body. This leads to the discovery that Antigone is still alive. This was one of the things that she had in lacking. Otherwise she would not have died at the end of the play.

Creon in the other hand was a king who took up the duties when Polynices and Eteocles died when they fought a battle against each other. The chorus also tells us that he was a different kind of man when he was a younger person he loved music, brought rare manuscripts and was a kind of art patron…………….

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This tells the change that happens between when Creon was not a king and when Creon becomes a king. He has lots of duties he needs to carry. The king in the play proclaims the burial only for Eteocles but not for Polynices. The reason might be that the King had sided with Eteocles during the battle or the other reason would be that he would want to teach the empire a lesson by leaving Polynices body to rot. This was the reason that provoked Antigone.

During the play when Antigone and Creon are left together to talk they talk about the things what are right and what are wrong.

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He tells that no one was ready to accept that position. An argument arises if it is easy to say a no or not.

antigone and polynices relationship goals

The story he tells to Antigone is the story of Eteocles and Polynices. Creon tries and tells the story to Antigone.

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He says that Polynices used to harm her father Oedipus the King and the brain to all of this was Eteocles. During the argument Creon talks about happiness, but Antigone spits on his idea of Happiness.

Antigone believes in what she thinks. She never is non-believer in what she thinks.

antigone and polynices relationship goals

She does what she thinks.