Relationship tips for women from men

30 Relationship Tips For Women Who Love Men

relationship tips for women from men

Relationship advice for women from men When a girl needs a bit of advice about men, where does she normally turn? Other girls, of course. The best 62 experts give their best 62 tips on relationship advice for men! In helping men and women through issues in their relationships for. Relationship tips: Most of our social problems, upheavals and troubles originate from unhappy relationships between men and women. Here is.

Most of the time, everyone of us knows these tips, but we tend to forget them when we are faced by a particular situation or circumstance that makes us forget these tips. Sometimes, bias makes us neglect the same. Now, when we talk about relationship tips for men, I must say they're absolutely essential. Men and relationships are very confusing for women, but if you think from a man's point of view, a relationship is indeed a very natural and simple thing.

This is only because men share and show less than what women do and thus know a little less about relationships than what women do.

Building Rapport With Women

There are a few golden rules every man should follow in a relationship to make it a bond that is strong and special. These tips are not lessons but suggestions to make your love life full of happiness and joy, and not that of regret and sadness. Sometimes, in the hurry of reaching to a conclusion, we don't tend to actually listen but just hear and make our point.

All the times you've tried doing that, your partner has understood it, and has not felt good about it. When you're dating someone, it's very important you listen to her. If you don't, she'll eventually stop telling you what's in her mind which will in turn lead to no sharing of thoughts and feelings. The substance from your relationship will eventually fade away.

The Consciousness of Thought Being the man in the relationship, you have to time and again see if your girlfriend is alright. It's your duty to protect her from all the problems in her life to the best of your capability. If you fail to understand a problem and help her out, the least you have to be careful about is not being a reason for problems. You need to consciously think about her well-being and her safety in terms of emotional disasters. Always ask her if she's doing fine, and if there is anything that she needs.

Such simple gestures will show her that you really love her. The Need of Change Every relationship needs a small quota of change every now and then, and this has to be done from both sides.

However, girls are known to be shy and there is no harm if you initiate. Take her out for a drive once in a while, the drive being just a small one mile stretch to her favorite ice cream parlor.

Do stuff together and try to be her companion rather than being a boyfriend who does what he should. Try to focus more on strengthening the bond between you two, than just doing something cliched. Go out for a vacation once every few months. She may even leave him. When he did not adhere to his decision or keep his promise, she saw in him an inferior man, and she did not need an inferior man.

If a man makes a promise he must keep it; otherwise, he should not promise. A woman wants a man who keeps his word. She is the mother of his children. A man must sacrifice for her.

relationship tips for women from men

Whenever he is with her, he must forget all his outside interests and give her his full attention. A woman wants her husband to be kingly; she wants to see him as noble, great, and victorious. If a man has dignity and inner worth, a woman will respect him. A woman wants her husband to be right in all his ideas, decisions, and actions because he is her pride. If she sees he is really valueless, it becomes almost like suicide for her because her dream and pride are gone.

To provide moral security means that the man must not act in a way that creates even suspicion in the mind of his wife. Suspicious telephone calls, suspicious letters, appointments, and interviews all throw a woman off balance. She feels that she is losing her security. It is very important for a woman to have security on all levels. A woman has spiritual security when she feels that her husband or her fiance has a great vision toward which he is striving.

A man striving to accomplish a great goal is a tremendous source of security for a woman. She cannot be her best self without that vision. When she sees that her highest vision is manifested in her man by his striving, then she feels secure. Woman has security when her space is not limited. Vision in her man expands her space; lack of vision in her man limits her space.

Woman needs the sense of space she gets from man: As much space as a man gives to his wife, so much does she grow and increase in beauty, goodness, and wisdom. A real man evokes a spirit of striving from his wife or girlfriend.

For example, if she is going to college, he will challenge her to continue her education and earn a doctorate.

If she is painting, he will challenge her to create more and do better.

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Anything that she already has must be developed further as a result of the encouragement and inspiration of the man. Women must continually develop and expand their abilities, or else they become negative. If a man does not want to be married to a nagging, vicious woman, then he must continually encourage and inspire her to develop her talents and abilities.

And the woman will be delighted that her husband or boyfriend is a source of courage and inspiration. When a man presents a vision or a goal to his wife or girlfriend, it must not be given as an order. It is a goal. The man must understand what the woman already wants to work toward before he presents his vision. Then before he states any goal, he must be percent sure that the Woman will like the goal.

He must know what her thoughts and her dreams are, put them into a practical format of goals to achieve, and then verbalize the goals as something that the two of them can achieve together. When a vision is presented by a man in this manner, the woman will put all her efforts into achieving it.

Being presented with goals that she loves, the woman will be polarized toward those goals and will orient her whole sense of economy toward fulfilling them. She will not waste money. She will not waste time. She will become more organized and efficient. She will be up-to-date because of the vision.

This is how men become close to their women. A real man makes right decisions, and his wife loves it. Women hate wrong decisions and being forced to follow falseness. Women do not like men who just talk from their egos to seem important.

Guys, Rub Your Eyes and Read This Now: Relationship Tips for Men

If a woman feels that a man is using his money, his position, his job, or his knowledge to suppress or humiliate her, she will hate all that he has and is. The same thing is true for a man if a woman tries to impress her superiority on him. A woman adores a man who has a sense of responsibility, who takes care of her and the children and concerns himself with their health and welfare.

If his wife is worrying or if she is sick, the man must not ignore it. He must take care of it. When the woman knows that her husband is taking care of her with genuine concern, she will worry less and be healthier. A woman really respects a man who follows through on his decisions and is not influenced by the bribery, flattery, or flirtations of other women.

Since women are, in their deepest nature, pro-survival, they do not want their husbands to be unfaithful. They know that little things lead to big things. They sense very strongly when something is going to go wrong. For example, I know a man who was married very happily to a beautiful woman and they had three children. The man hired a new secretary, but his wife was not happy about it.

She told her husband that she thought the secretary was going to go after him. Then one day she told her husband to be very careful. Her husband still said there was nothing. Three months later the secretary was pregnant by the married man. Go and marry her. She knows when something is going wrong and when her man is playing with fire and does not know that he is going to hurt himself. In such cases, if men are very honest and righteous with themselves, they will see that they were the ones who planted the seeds of the problems in their relationships.

But when a wife develops an interest in another man, she almost never comes back to her husband. Women really love, and they really hate. A man must understand the commitment of a woman. If he does not, he will have serious trouble in his marriage. For many men, love equals sex and not much else. But for women, love is a combination of sex, sensuality, games, intellect, spirit, dreams, visions, and goals.

Women stand for lovingness, tenderness, and touch, but men think women want sex in the same way they do. Women are more sane about sex than men because women are naturally subject to sexual cycles. They have cyclic mechanisms which men do not have. Men who are focused in their sex centers instead of their head centers think that women exist mainly for sex.

Women are not usually concentrated in sex that way. If men approach women through their hearts and through beauty, they will make them even more beautiful. In return, the women will then regenerate the lives of the men, the families, and the society.

If a woman cannot admire a man, she wants to be rid of him. In some way, every man must make his wife or girlfriend admire him. She must admire his physical body, his way of dressing, the way he talks, the way he looks, the work he does, the way he relates to others, or the ideas he expresses.

When she does not find anything to admire in him, he becomes dead for her. It is only admiration that ties the woman to the man. Once she admires something in her husband, he will never lose her.

Even if she goes away for a time, she will come back because admiration is magnetic. If, for instance, everybody except one man lies about what went on in a certain situation and that one man stands for the truth, tells what really occurred, and does the right thing, women will admire him. When a woman sees that a man is righteous, she develops admiration for him.

relationship tips for women from men

If a man is courageous, a woman will admire him, even if he is ugly and poor. For example, if a man saves the life of a neighbor in a very courageous way, any woman who saw him do it will admire him and give her heart to him. Admiration offers the only solution to many problems. When a woman admires a man, she will give or sacrifice almost everything to make him even greater or to fulfill his visions. A man cannot gain her admiration, however, by artificial means.

The woman will despise him and recognize it if he tries to trap her with false methods.