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relationship coaching for men

Hourly Personal dating and relationship coaching, advice, tips, mentoring for men via phone, Facebook, and Skype. Affordable, professional, helpful. Allana Pratt is an experienced relationship coach for both men and women. Allana has worked as a columnist for E-harmony and has been consulted by various. Conscious dating and relationship coaching for men who are looking to have deep, fulfilling relationships with soulful, kick-ass women.

relationship coaching for men

Boys learn how to interact with girls from their fathers. If this is disrupted it has a big ripple effect down the road when it comes to dating and maintaining happy and healthy relationships with women. Either way, not having a father present in your life left an empty void. His absence deprived you of a masculine role model and the confidence, resilience, and wisdom that comes with having one. The Feminized Father Some dads, however, were there.

relationship coaching for men

The only problem was that he was weak and unhappy. He was hen-pecked by your mother, passive, and showed you at least through osmosis to be the same. He was in your life, but in the way a boy needs his father to be. Your father in all likelihood did the best he could.

relationship coaching for men

The truth is, your father was let down too. Boys tend to base their future relationships with women off of their relationship with their mother. The Doting Mother These mothers had one and only one priority: It is wonderful thing. But she cared about it so much she also emasculated your father and overprotected you. It made you grow up sensitive and weak. It made you think women later on in life would love you like she did and would take care of you.

But only your mother will ever do that. The Unsatisfied Mother Maybe your mother expressed their love differently, however.

relationship coaching for men

You never felt unconditional acceptance from her. She was controlling, demanding, and even emotionally abused you. She was born and raised in Canada, and at the age of 19 tried to make it in Hollywood. She stuck it out in rough living conditions and eventually succeeded as a model, appearing in magazines, movies, and on TV.

How Relationship Coach Allana Pratt Can Transform Your Life - Allana Pratt

It was here she meet her first husband, and then moved to New York, where she earned an art degree at Columbia University. As she became more aware of her needs, she realized the relationship was not working, and they divorced.

Rather than giving up, Allana rebuilt her confidence, focused on raising her son properly, and put together a working relationship with her ex-husband. Allana is more than your typical relationship coach. She loves every single one of her clientsand treats them all as individuals.

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She brings compassion, innovation, and fun to her coaching sessions. Years of experience working with others have taught her solutions to common problems, and she is an expert at quickly fixing and diagnosing relationship issues.

relationship coaching for men

She knows many times problems come from the way people view themselves, and is skilled at making clients look at themselves in a whole new light.

Many people have walked away refreshed and revitalized after only one or two sessions with her.

Become A Man Women Trust And Desire.

You will profit from taking a proactive approach to help solve your problems. By admitting you may be having difficulty, you open yourself up to entirely new ways of looking at and experiencing things by getting a fresh perspective from someone else. A relationship coach can show you new ways of achieving your relationship goals, while still maintaining the authentic attributes that define you as an individual.