Ex teacher jailed for relationship

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ex teacher jailed for relationship

A former Physical Education (PE) teacher was sentenced yesterday to a year in He also told her to delete her text messages so that their relationship could be. WASHINGTON — A former Rockville High School teacher has pleaded guilty to having a sexual relationship with a year-old girl who was. WHITE CLOUD, Mich. (WZZM) - A former Grant High School science teacher was sentenced Monday to a year in jail for having a sexual.

The pair started texting each other via WhatsApp and later video-called each other using Skype. Sometime before the final term examination inthe conversation became more intimate and had sexual overtones.

Ex-Teacher Opens Up About Affair With Student Including Notes and Sexy Selfies

Advertisement Advertisement After the exams, the teacher sent an explicit text message to the student. Initially, she did not know how to react, but she played along and they started exchanging sexual messages.

Ex-teacher jailed over indecent acts with 15-year-old student

During a video call, the teacher asked to see the girl in her physical education PE T-shirt. He admitted that he liked to see students in their PE T-shirts as it "turned him on". In Septemberthey went out for meals after tuition on some occasions. The teacher drove the student to East Coast Park. While inside the car, he would behave intimately with her. He also kissed and licked her neck and ear twice at the park.

Despite feeling "scared and uncomfortable", the girl allowed the teacher to carry out various acts with her, including kissing and touching.

ex teacher jailed for relationship

The teacher revealed that he had no feelings for the girl. On Sep 7,the teacher gave tuition to the girl at her home.

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Sometime after noon, the teacher kissed the girl in his car and tried to pull her hand towards his crotch, but she pulled her hand away. Later that evening, he told the girl that he had a room available and hinted that he wanted her to perform a sexual act on him. The accused first took her to his parents' home in Kensington Park during the September school holidays and committed an obscene act by French kissing and caressing her breasts.

In October, they went to a secluded spot along Rifle Range Road where he had unprotected sex with her. In mid-November, he took her to V Hotel Lavender where he sexually abused her and handed her, for the first time, a female contraceptive device he had bought overseas for his then-fiancee to use but the opportunity never arose.

They had sex at Kensington Park on Dec 10 when his parents were not at home.

  • Ex-teacher jailed for hugging, kissing girl
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In May last year, two weeks after their last sexual encounter, he got married. His marriage affected her psychologically and she felt angry at herself and started to scratch herself until she bled.

ex teacher jailed for relationship

She sank deeper into depression, had suicidal thoughts and was warded in November for suicide risk and medical complications. She was later diagnosed with major depressive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and anorexia. The offences came to light after she informed her therapists about the incidents. Her father lodged a police report in February this year.