Relationship between mom and stepmom

How This Mom And Stepmom Turned Their Relationship Around | HuffPost Life

relationship between mom and stepmom

Respect the relationship of the children with their bio-moms and stepmoms. You may think you know what the other mom is thinking and feeling. If mom would explicitly give her permission to like her stepmother, and let her know Experts tell us it is harder to build a secure and happy relationship with a . Relationship Between Mom and Stepmom. I Lived With My Stepson's Mom and Am a Better Person For It. Author picture of Yahoo Parenting.

How This Mom And Stepmom Turned Their Relationship Around

And to think, it all started with a regifted, unopened candle. Will, who I was freshly divorced from, gave me the heads up about the introduction," the jewelry designer and reality star told The Huffington Post.

Jada made such a good impression on the little boy, he wanted to give her a present -- which of course meant Fletcher would have to buy her ex's new girlfriend a gift. The gift may have been from Trey but the elegant blank card included was from me.

relationship between mom and stepmom

It simply said, 'Thank you for making a good impression on my son. Shelley Wetton says she and her son's stepmom Jill became friends by acting with compassion and maturity whenever they ran into each other -- even when it felt a little forced. Shelley Wetton Shelley and Jill After twelve years of co-parenting, the moms and their families now celebrate all holidays and special events together.

But the reality is, it does take all parents involved to commit to a healthy relationship in order to sustain a family dynamic like ours.

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Lisa Lavia Ryan will be the first to admit that her friendship with her ex's new wife Deena has had its ups and downs. They first crossed paths as Little League moms during their kids' school years -- and then had to get acquainted in a new way when Deena married Lisa's ex-husband.

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They have two children together, Peyton 3 and Ayden 5. My husband Bob and I just celebrated our four year wedding anniversary and we have been together six years in total. He's there for co-parenting meetings with all four of us.

We have co-birthday parties and we've even had a family barbecue with both my husband's family and my ex's clan. It takes a secure man to sit and share a meal with your ex-husband!

Photo courtesy of Trish Eklund Molly, Trish, Jeff and the kids on Halloween What are some of the biggest challenges of raising a blended family?

relationship between mom and stepmom

People can be pretty judgmental about divorce and blended families at times. We are often told we are strange or weird for our family dynamic. And people will try to sidestep the stepparents and only reach out to me and my ex.

relationship between mom and stepmom

That usually happens when a teacher, another parent or adult who might not know us too well calls and asks for the mom or dad. When they hear the word 'step,' the tone changes or they hang up and call me or Jeff.

A 10 Step Plan for Mom and Stepmom Relationships

Over time, we've just learned to not let it bother us. All four of us are children of divorce and not all of them were ideal scenarios.

relationship between mom and stepmom

We each know our parents did the best they could at the time but I wanted to ensure my daughters still had a solid family foundation to build upon. When my father passed away, Molly took the day off to help me clean out his apartment and pick up food for the memorial. My ex-husband's father read scriptures at my dad's funeral.

Only a few months after my father's passing, Jeff's brother died. Most divorced families would have excluded the ex-wife, but they added me to the obituary and included me in the funeral and the mourning process just like family.

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We are still family, we just live in separate houses. I think the best thing about being a stepamily is showing our children so many different points of view.

relationship between mom and stepmom

There are things that Molly can teach them and can relate to them better because she's younger and she has seen things in her life I have not experienced.