Prisoner exchange between us and iran relationship

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prisoner exchange between us and iran relationship

The fate of American citizens held in Iran's prisons is uncertain in light of relaxed sanctions against Iran in exchange for its verifiable guarantees of and advocate of stronger Iranian ties with the United States, are among. U.S.-Iran prisoner exchange came on Saturday in a flurry of early of a lack of diplomatic relations between the United States and Iran. The prisoner exchange between the U.S. and Iran capped 14 to curb Iran's nuclear program, reflecting a thaw in relations between the sworn.

Ghahreman headed a U.

Timeline: Iran-US relations

Ali Saboonchi — A naturalized U. Saboonchi and others like him will go to break the law of this country and aid our foreign adversaries. We work every day to keep what may seem like benign technology and ideas created here in America from being used against us. The 14 fugitives whose cases and international arrest warrants were dropped: The Justice Department and other U. Seyed Abolfazl Shahab Jamili — An Iranian import-export businessman charged with procuring nuclear-related equipment for Iran from throughincluding conspiring with Chinese associate Sihai Cheng to obtain hundreds of U.

Authorities alleged that Ravan worked with a Singapore firm, Corezing International, to acquire the antennas and a wide array of other components for users in Iran. They also say he was involved in a sprawling Iranian procurement network that was charged with helping Iran acquire U. Ravan was arrested in Malaysia inand released before U. He was indicted under seal in Arizona in Februarylured to the Czech Republic by an undercover agent, arrested and charged in connection with an alleged scheme to buy thousands of U.

Dolatzadeh was convicted by a Czech court on local arms smuggling charges but released, after claiming entrapment on appeal. Authorities said Dolatzadeh was also charged in a case in Ohio with being part of a seven-person conspiracy to ship sensitive military radios, scramblers and decoders to Iran.

Dolatzadeh was identified as an official with the Iranian Defense Ministry, according to a report on the indictment by The Associated Press. Hamid Arabnejad, Gholamreza Mahmoudi and Ali Moattar — Three Iranian citizens and executives at Mahan Air, they were indicted in in connection with a conspiracy to illegally obtain by lease agreement as many as six Boeing airplanes on behalf of the private Iranian airline.

prisoner exchange between us and iran relationship

Prosecutors said he used the firm as a front company to acquire U. Like Ghahreman, he was an engineer for various Iranian shipping companies, including the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines and its subsidiaries. Yildiz ultimately assisted U.

prisoner exchange between us and iran relationship

Alireza Moazami Goudarzi — An Iranian citizen, Goudarzi was charged in November in connection with an international conspiracy to illegally procure U. He was arrested after meeting with an undercover U.

prisoner exchange between us and iran relationship

Jalal Salami — A dual U. He was charged in with 29 counts related to the conspiracy. Two others, Iranian citizens Sajad Farhadi and Seyed Ahmad Abtahi, were also part of the procurement network, prosecutors said. Asked whether Obama was involved in the decision to delay the sanctions, a senior U.

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The couple had regularly traveled to Iran on Christian mission work. He was setting up an orphanage in the country in when he was detained.

prisoner exchange between us and iran relationship

Iranian officials had repeatedly denied any knowledge of his disappearance or whereabouts. Obama pardoned three Iranians charged with sanctions violations as U. Iranian officials met recently with some of the prisoners held in the United States to see if they would be willing to return to Iran if a swap was arranged, said a person familiar with the cases. It was not known how many of them if any would go back.

How U.S.-Iran prisoner swap drama unfolded in fits and starts

They were accused in of shipping electronics to Iran. Mechanic and Afghahi were being held without bail in Houston, while Faridi was out on bail. All three are Iranian-American dual citizens and had pleaded not guilty.