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Quote by Rayleigh: “Haki' is a power that lies dormant in all the w”

I think they will use SIlver Rayleigh to introduce the mother of Luffy on future. Now lets see, we know that there is some kinda connection between Roger and. Luffy hates them for what they did to Sabo but now, he has an even bigger reason to hate them. - Updated: Jul 18, - Published: Apr 25, - Luffy, S. Rayleigh (AU, stronger/more mature/darker/jaded Luffy, no romance). Before the time skip, Buggy was connecting the dots between Luffy and Rayleigh might have come from Garp's previous relationship or.

Not a dark Luffy fanfic! Rayleigh Burn by Don'tletthewingsfoolyou reviews A year before Luffy sets out to form his crew, he's captured and sold as a slave.

Soon after, Ace rescues him from the hellhole that has become his reality, and promises to help him any way he can. Now, Luffy has a request, and it's about the mark on his back.

Thing is, Ace isn't so keen on 'erasing' it if it means he has to hurt his beloved baby brother One-Shot for now One Piece - Rated: So long that he had lost his personality and his free will. He was simply a living doll in the Celestial Dragon's hands. That is until he meets Ace who sees something in him that everyone else missed.

Ace promises to save Luffy no matter what, even if it means defying the Celestial Dragons themselves. One who had known freedom and lost it; one who had been born without it. Will a chance meeting give them something to live for? Strong T for now. They were soon bought by a noble and, after a year, are losing hope of ever being free from the life of slavery.

Until a group of pirates appeared and freed them from their living nightmare. Whitebeard Pirates raising ASL. This was basically the beginning of the goal towards Alabasta with that friendship. He feared joining the crew because he was different. You're in my CREWWW' lit Chopper's soul He knew that he'd have to join and fulfil his role Becoming the doctor of the crew and saying bye To Kureha, his mentor as he starts to fly Flying in the sky filled with cherry blossom trees Running with a tear in his eye, feeling the breeze ALABASTA The word relevant to this arc is probably Success Well, it's true that every arc ends with a success but here, it's just more apparent especially with Luffy losing twice and almost dying.

Zoro failing to cut steel at first but then succeeding. Nami succeeding in using her weapon and winning. Vivi succeeding in getting her voice to reach everyone. And so, the SHs move on to their main goal Towards the kingdom of Alabasta, don't fall! The gold of the city of Shandora. Luffy, hold still for a second okay? This time he didn't jump when her fingers brushed his cheek. Taking advantage of his confidence in her she tilted her head forward slowly until she felt her lips brush against the corner of his mouth.

Luffy jerked away from her in shock but his surprised voice was lost as the bubble jolted suddenly upwards causing them both to lose their balance. We should get to the surface in a few minutes or so. It took a moment longer then it should have for him to respond to her.

Is that alright with you? Trying to ignore the selfconscious feelings that were sweeping through her at the strange timbre in his voice, she set about arranging herself comfortably.

She scooted around until she knelt facing him and stretched out her hands until they were resting comfortably on his shoulders. Luffy was sitting back on his heels and Nami frowned to note that she would have to lean across him to reach his mouth.

Steeling her nerves she ran her hands up the sides of his neck and let her fingertips explore the shape of his face in the dark. It seemed to her that his cheeks felt warmer than they should have but she didn't allow herself to dwell on that.

The rough path of that old scar on his otherwise smooth cheek, the tip of his nose as it slopped down to his lips. The way his breath felt stuttering and uneven as her fingers hovered there. Nami hummed in mild frustration. Allowing her eyes to shut although it didn't really make a difference she closed the distance between them and softly sealed her lips against his.

This time when the bubble surged upwards Nami found she was sprawled across Luffy's chest, unintentionally deepening the kiss. She had meant to place a series of light pecks on his mouth, slow enough to measure their progress between kisses, but now she was deeper then she had intended to go as gravity pressed her into the warm body beneath her.

Luffy made a sound in the back of his throat that rumbled through her which for some reason prevented her from regaining her balance as she clutched his shoulders. Then he made sure she never would regain it again when he began to return her kiss with a tentative but firm pressure.

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She felt an arm creep around her waist to hold her against him as another reached behind to brace them as he began to move his lips over hers. Nami felt her original intentions to keep things professional slip away as Luffy moved them into a rhythm of tentative open mouthed kisses that left her boneless as she returned them.

The warm taste of his mouth and the darkness that surrounded them allowed Nami to sink into a pleasurable haze. Her focus drifted as his lips moved and sliding hands anchored and burned her at the same time.

The sound of their uneven breathing filled the bubble with strange echoes that furthered her sense of unreality at the situation. Nami soon decided that being in Luffy's lap was much more comfortable then the cold bubble floor so she pulled her knees forward on either side of his thighs to straddle his lap. The change in position deepened the angle of their kiss and Nami began to feel something warm slip into her blood.

The initial innocence behind the kiss smouldered into ashes as hesitancy gave way to growing confidence. Nami nibbled on Luffy's bottom lip before drawing it into her mouth. The gentle suction drew a moan from him that was so unlike any sound that she had ever heard him make that it made her pull back for a moment in surprise. It was then that she noticed that the midnight black waters surrounding them had lightened to a deep twilight that allowed her to read the expression in his eyes for the first time since they had left the dome.

The dark, slightly dazed intensity in them made Nami shiver and she decided that it was much, much easier to go back to kissing him then it was to remain in the burning heat of his gaze. But that same fire was waiting for her as she sank back into his kiss. His mouth was scalding hot against hers and their breaths tangled together as the fire between them surged.

Nami suddenly felt overwhelmed as the kiss spiralled out of her control. There was a roaring in her ears and she dizzily felt as though gravity had reversed itself and she was falling upward into a watery blue sky. Her world that had been reduced to the circumference of the dome had shrunk still further until nothing existed except for the sensations that were washing through her as Luffy's soft mouth burned her again and again.

The bubble surged violently through the waters. The opposing forces of water displacement and buoyancy caused the bubble to bulge and flatten as it boiled upward. Nami noticed none of it.

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Cradled in her captains arms she didn't notice the surge in speed as their bubble rose upwards, the only sounds she paid attention to were the little desperate noises Luffy was making as he abruptly moved from her lips to the side of her head and the tender skin by her ear as his arms tightened around her and pressed her fully against him.

The light rising behind her closed lids were the fireworks that were going off like mad as she squeezed her eyes tighter to better focus on the absolutely amazing sensations that were building in her. Luffy pressed wet hurried kisses against her throat but Nami found that she didn't mind, she tangled her fingers in his dark hair to hold his mouth against her skin and revelled in the dizzying experience.

Then her innate barometer kicked in with a newsflash.

The Bubble Trip, an one piece fanfic | FanFiction

She opened her eyes with a snap just in time to see their bubble bursting up from the water like a rocket powered fountain. A roar filled her ears as the waters that had lifted up with them slammed back into the ocean and then she was suddenly once again aware of the sensation of speed as the bubble shot up into the branches of the mangroves.

Luffy dragged his mouth from her skin the very moment that their bubble passed beyond the atmospheric layer that protected it causing it to shattered with a shower of pink foam and sea water. Their momentum carried them up a few yards higher before gravity reasserted itself. For a few moments of breathless zero gravity Nami and Luffy gazed at each other. Nami watched as the burning dark storm in his eyes began to clear as light like a sunrise began to suffuse his features.

A huge grin broke across his face and he clutched Nami tight against himself as they began the long fall back to the ocean below. Luffy let out an exuberant yell that was so full of joy that Nami couldn't help but laugh too. Then she was laughing because the last ten minutes were washing over her and blowing her away and settling over her mind and changing things forever.

The wind whipped past their faces but Nami felt nothing but a heightened excitement, there was no way Luffy would let her get hurt. As the ground sped towards them Nami pointed to the side, directing Luffy's attention to the Thousand Sunny tucked between two towering roots. Luffy uncurled an arm from around her waist and sent it shooting to a branch, easing their fall into a swinging arch, tossing them closer and closer to where their ship was anchored.

Nami could see her ship mates scurrying around the deck and pointing up at them. The shark submarine surfaced beside the ship a moment later and she watched as its occupants climbed out, the expressions on their faces as they spotted them changed from grim and anxious to amazed and excited as they spotted her. With a final snap of his arm, Luffy landed heavily on the surface of the deck, legs firmly planted with Nami cradled in his arms bridal style.

The crew swarmed around them shouting questions and talking over each other and bursting into tears by preference. Luffy just stood with a grin on his face as his treasured people fussed over him until Nami wacked him on the side of his head to get him to let her go. Everyone's obvious question on how they had managed to escape was answered when Luffy kissed the side of her head before setting her down and Nami did nothing but blush slightly and grin at him.

Zoro, you owe me 50 berri. How dare you kiss Nami in front of me? I'm just Super happy that they are okay! Where do you get off scaring us like that? But she quickly gave up as no one was listening to her and stood back to let them work their fears out of their systems. She only lashed out when Brook requested to see if her panties were also perfectly safe.

She accepted the cup of coffee that Robin handed to her and watched as Luffy laughingly dodged Sanji's half hearted kicks across the deck. Sanji couldn't really get his usual energy into them due to the overwhelming relief that Nami was okay. And the composure that they both exhibited assured him that nothing really serious had happened. Luffy had probably just kissed her cheek right?

No way Nami would allow more than that. No way that Luffy would even know how to take advantage of the situation right? It was the general opinion of the crew that evening that if Luffy seemed slightly more wound up than usual, well it was completely understandable given the circumstances.

Being trapped underwater would be a rattling event for a devil fruit user right? And if Nami refused to give any details and got snappy when someone pushed too hard that was fine right? She was probably pouting about her resolution to not charge Luffy for the 'little kiss' that had saved both their lives.

The majority of the crew turned their attention to other things. Like what would have happened if Ussop and Zoro had gotten shoved into the bubble together.

The general pandemonium that this line of enquiry brought up served as an excellent distraction. The crew eventually settled down for the night on the Thousand Sunny after having unanimously agreed that going back to the bubble platform was a dangerous waste of time.

They could last three days on the surface without getting caught right? However, thoughtful eyes noticed that Nami's gaze rested on Luffy just a little too often and lingered just a little too long at times.