Jill valentine chris redfield relationship poems

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jill valentine chris redfield relationship poems

Fanfiction. It is 6 months after the events of Kijuju and Jill is back to normal, living Jill Valentine had hopelessly fallen in love with her partner, Chris Redfield. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. jill valentine and chris redfield relationship - Cerca con Google.

He did laps for about twenty minutes and returned inside. The washing machine stopped and he walked into the laundry. Opening the machine he took out the small bundle of clothes and put them in the dryer. He found his watch and looked at the time. How do I pass the time? With no car it looked as though he was stuck here. He turned the TV on and opened the video cabinet. Looking through the videos he found what he was looking for. John Wayne and The Green Berets.

He inserted it in the video player and sat back. Jill drove the old Mustang down the main street of the town looking for the right store. What should I get for Chris? She found exactly what she was looking for.

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She pulled the car over and got out. Walking toward the store she opened the door and walked in. An old man walked up to her as she surveyed her surroundings.

The man wore a battered Green Beret on his head. He saved my life! Twenty Minutes later Jill carried a box out of the store and got into the Mustang. Chris was sure to like this! Chris heard a knock on the door and got up from his reading to answer it. The man who stood in front of him wore a battered Beret on his head. Chris gasped and grabbed the man in a massive bear hug. The man pounded Chris's back hard. The let go of each other.

Chris took him over to the bar and got him a drink. Jill stepped out of the lift and heard loud laughter coming from the room. She opened the door and found Chris with that man in the store having a drink over by the bar. After Fred left he turned to her with a big smile. Looking at his watch he looked at her.

Chris noticed she didn't appear at all anxious or scared. He smiled, she would soon. They walked outside to the plane. Taking seats opposite each other they settled in as the plane roared own the runway and became Airborne.

jill valentine chris redfield relationship poems

After riding in silence Chris could see she was starting to get a little nervous. I never did a Free Fall! He saw Jill gulp. She came and sat next to him so they could talk easier. Putting her hand on his shoulder she leant close. A red light began flashing. Chris calmly stood up and got close behind her. Taking the appropriate straps in his hands he fastened her to him.

Patting her lightly on the arm he whispered into her ear. Jill crossed her arms across her chest as she'd been told. She began breathing fast. Chris smiled to himself. He grabbed the outside of the door and waited. The Aeroplane circled and a green light flashed on. He leant in close to her ear and softly whispered. Jill was breathing hard as the wind beat her face as they plummeted toward the ground 14, feet below them.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Chris give a thumbs up. She returned with a gesture of her own and turned back to the ground. There was a sudden pull and she was vertical. Chris grabbed the risers of the chute and began piloting them to the ground. She leant back against his chest breathing fast. Chris brought the risers down next to her. It was softer than any Chris had done himself. Probably because they weren't weighed down by ton's of gear.

He uncoupled her and bundled up the chute. Getting in they looked at each other. She thought for a moment. Chris walked into the Movie theatre and looked up at the board to see what was on. He had just dropped Jill at the hotel but now he had a problem.

There was nothing on! Then it hit him. He walked outside to the Mustang and got in driving further down the main street of the town to a large, very old building.

Buying the appropriate tickets he went back to the car and drove to the Resort. He got out gave the keys to the Valet and walked inside to the elevator banks, pushing the button for the top floor.

Good they had 2 hours to get ready. He put the tickets on a nightstand and walked outside. Jill turned and saw him. Chris came up and gently put his hands on her arms holding her. They broke the surface of the water with a splash. Under the water Chris smiled at her. Surfacing together, they stared at each other, gazing into one another's eyes. Chris slowly brought his lips down to hers and they met in a soft kiss. The moonlight danced over the water as they embraced gently, delicately.

Jill suddenly pulled away. Chris smiled and fell backward, floating on his back. Man that was good. Jill quietly shut the door and leant against it, closing her eyes. Oh, my god I kissed him! Not just a peck, I really kissed him! She went over and fell back on the bed her hands together over her chest, smiling.

Getting up she got dressed in the same clothes as last night. Putting on the beautiful necklace she looked at herself in the mirror.

Jill Valentine

Chris pulled on the familiar Uniform and placed the cap on his head. Walking over to a wall mirror he straightened his back and looked himself over. Her hair was up in a pony tail that reminded Chris of Claire. He stared at her in awe. There was something different about the way she looked at him, he saw.

Or maybe it was he saw her differently. She was blushing Chris saw as she walked over to him and linked her arm under his. When she was gone Chris walked over to the nightstand and picked up the phone. After making the arrangements he hung up and headed for the elevator.

Riding down he smiled to himself. When the door opened he saw Jill waiting by the front desk. Walking up and taking her arm they walked out to the Valet area. A limo pulled up and a Valet opened the door. Jill got in and Chris followed.

Chris looked into her eyes. As they walked through the lobby dressed in the most elegant clothes they wore they certainly drew attention. Turning his head slowly he saw a dishevelled man standing not too far away. Chris walked toward the man and stopped two paces away from him. Jill saw Chris's fist tighten as he smacked the man in the bridge of the nose. The man fell backward in a spurt of blood as he grabbed his crushed nose.

Before he could fall Chris grabbed him by the collar and head butted the man. Security acted quickly grabbing Chris and taking him outside. After telling Chris to stay the hell out they walked back inside. Jill put a hand on his shoulder.

Taking out a credit card he handed it to her. She smiled and took it. Kneeling in front of the lock she had it open in seconds. The door opened and they stepped inside. Chris led her through a dark corridor to another door. He opened it and stepped aside. The door opened into the theatre and they walked up to a pair of front seats.

They sat down and looked up at the stage. Chris thought for a minute. He began unbuttoning his shirt. Taking it off so he had only the under shirt he handed Jill the shirt and cap. A fat old man and his mistress came up and looked at them. We've commandeered these seats for official use.

Your new seats are back there. Chris took his cap and shirt back, with a smile. To Chris the play was dull and boring, but Jill seemed to like it. Half the time Chris couldn't understand what they where saying. Four hours later when it was over they snuck back out the service door and walked back to the Limo.

The driver did as he was told. The outlet was only two blocks from the resort. Chris told the driver that they would walk. Linking arms with Jill they walked in. I hope there aren't any hippies in here. She thought and chuckled.

The teenager behind the counter looked up from the war novel he was reading and saw a couple walk in laughing. One of them was dressed in a military uniform. The couple walked up to the counter. They guy laughed and said he ones read it himself. They both ordered Happy Meals and walked over to a window seat to eat.

Chris wolfed down the burger and began on the fries after emptying half the drink. Jill looked at him and laughed. Chris made a futile attempt to get it off.

jill valentine chris redfield relationship poems

Chris though for a moment, then spoke. It was a bit of a private question. As they rose to leave Chris told Jill to go on ahead. He then walked over to the kid behind the counter. The kid looked up bewildered. Jill was waiting outside leaning against the post. Jill noticed his cap was missing. Jill didn't ask and took his hand. They walked down the dark streets unhurriedly. Walking into the well lit lobby of the resort they looked around.

They laughed as they walked over to the elevators. Hitting the button the doors opened and they stepped in. Jill pushed the button for the top floor and they rode up in silence. When the doors opened they walked down to their room Chris unlocked it and stepped in. Jill walked over to a drawer and took out a present. Chris smiled and took it. Ripping the rapping apart like a child he smiled even more at the thing inside.

Getting dressed in their pyjamas they walked into the bedroom. Chris awoke and found Jill cuddled up to his chest. They had fallen asleep as soon s they lay down. Looking at the clock on the nightstand Chris saw it was He ran a gentle hand through Jill's long brown hair.

She awoke and looked at him with a smile. Stretching he got up. It was dark and cloudy. He noticed that he was still in his pyjamas. He walked into the room, right onto Jill getting dressed. Turning away he blurted: Walking out into the living room she found Chris bewildered.

Go get changed so I can walk in on you, we'll call it even then we can have something to eat. Stripping off he was about to pick up a fresh set of clothes he heard the dor open and Jill barged in.

He let out a shrill "Yaah! Jill walked up and stood over him. She turned to leave and stopped. And have a shower. Jill sat on the couch when Chris finally walked out of the bedroom freshly showered and shaved. He looked kinda sheepish. Chris walked over to the phone, punched nine for an outside line and dialled his sisters number.

It rang for a bit and a male answered. Chris heard the phone change hands. Chris shrugged and told her they where coming around then hung up.

Chris pulled the Mustang up in front of the little water front house.

The 20th Anniversary of Jill Valentine

He got out and took off his sunglasses, taking note of the blue jeep in front of the house. Linking arms with Jill they walked up the path.

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Chris knocked and waited. While he waited he found himself singing Copperhead Road. Jill walked inside to let them talk. Jill and Claire came downstairs. Chris greeted her and gave her a hug.

They fixed lunch ate. When they finished Leon said he was going windsurfing. He swallowed down a smile. Leon disappeared to get ready and Claire followed, leaving Jill and Chris alone. What could he say? She put her hand on his, looking him in the eyes. I really enjoyed that kiss last night.

In the rumbling surf under a cloudy sky. But I don't know what to do. Chris looked up at Leon. Jill was telling Claire about the kiss last night. We are doing this already. I want to be with him. Jill looked around at her surroundings. Marriage was a big word. Zurger smiled and summoned his driver. Chris spent the rest of the day taking Leon Skydiving and teaching him the finer points of throwing himself into space.

Claire and Jill discussed the romances of each others lives while they shopped and went back to the Resort, where Chris and Leon soon joined them. They watched a movie together and decided to have dinner together as well. Claire and Leon went home to get dressed.

jill valentine chris redfield relationship poems

They had 2 hours till they where due downstairs. Chris and Jill didn't talk as they got ready. Both felt the urge to embrace in a passionate kiss but both resisted. One was unsure about how the other truly felt. The other didn't want to spoil what they had in store. Jill was ready first. She went on ahead as usual to get the table ready. Chris sat on the couch. Oh god what am I doing? He heard the phone ring. It was the concierge.

Chris breathed in nervously. Swallowing he tried to control his shaking. He felt the vomit rise in his throat as he ran for the toilet. He wiped his mouth and brushed his teeth. He was shaking uncontrollably. He heard the door open. Then he smelt what happened. He walked over and placed a re-assuring hand on the older mans shoulder. You can do this. Swallowing again he turned to Leon. Together they rode down in silence. As they reached the bottom Chris finally spoke.

Chris's shakes came under control as he sat opposite Jill at the table. Leon took his own seat at another table with Claire. They ordered and ate. Leon and Claire talked but Jill and Chris did not. Their relationship had reached that void where they couldn't possibly talk anymore. They both felt it. And both dearly wanted to get past it.

When both couples had finished eating Leon lead on. Pushing his chair back he knelt down in front of Claire. Claire's heart raced a thousand miles a minute. Oh, god he can't do this to me! She put out her hand. Jill smiled and wept a little too. After things died down she looked back at Chris expecting to see shock or something on his face.

But it was blank. He slowly looked up at her. Placing his hands on hers he looked deep into her eyes. And whenever I am around you my life gets automatically better.

You brighten up my world like a million suns. When you're not around I want you to be beside me. You are my reason or living. I can't live another second of my life without you being with me. Zurger had specially selected for him. She burst into tears. Oh, god he really loves me!

Chris slid the ring on her finger. They stood up and Chris kissed her, in a full passionate kiss. When they finally let go they walked to the elevator and rose it up. They stepped into the room and began to kiss passionately. Making their way to the bedroom they fell onto the bed.

Jill lay on her back as Chris kissed her. They woke early in the morning to the sound of rain beating down outside. Jill looked up from where she had her head resting on his chest and smiled. They got dressed and ordered breakfast.

Jill sat there drinking coffee the ring on her finger while Chris ate a piece of toast. Let's go have breakfast like young people!

Taking the Mustang they stopped at the local shopping centre and went about picking up various items. When they lined up to pay for the groceries Jill noticed there was a tub of raw cookie dough in the trolley. Jill punched him lightly in the arm. They piled the groceries onto the counter. Chris suddenly became aware of the people staring at him. He looked down and realised he was still wearing his parade uniform. In all the excitement of the day he'd forgotten to take it off.

When asked how they where going to pay Chris handed over an American Express card. They picked up the groceries and walked out. As they loaded up the car Jill turned to him and asked. Come on let's have it semi serious! Chris ran at them and jumped in the air kicking one of the teens with the heels of both feet, landing on his back. Chris stood up and dusted his uniform off. Jill ran over with her badge, showing it to the kid's. The kids where stunned.

Jill talked to Chris and they decided to let them off with a warning. Walking back to the car Jill shook her head and smiled. And much the same as the game as a whole, Claire Redfield immediately shows herself to be an improvement upon Jill.

The younger sister of Chris Redfield is no experienced cop like Jill but has the same determination. Right away she shows more individual character and motive than Jill ever does when she arrives in Raccoon City looking for her brother. She is compassionate, protective, resourceful, and tough. Just as they did with Jill, the Resident Evil team avoids turning her into some tough girl stereotype. I love her so much. Besides her relationship with Chris, most people likely walk away from Resident Evil 2 remembering Claire for her maternal relationship with Sherry Birkin.

Sherry was a bit of a surprise as well. First impressions suggested an annoying useless little girl we would spend the game babysitting. Instead we both see and play a character that also possesses considerable courage and survival skills. Together they develop a bond that was something special for Meryl Silverburgh was one of the highlights of the first Metal Gear Solid.

Rebecca Chambers was given her own Resident Evil game. Lara Croft existed, after all. But their shared triumph most certainly helped inspire the influx of interesting female characters that followed. It makes you wonder just what the hell happened with Resident Evil and their women characters. Time has long since passed Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield by. Even Resident Evil itself has largely overlooked what made them and the series so compelling to begin with. Veronica is handled better, but another lame romance hurt the game, and Claire was left out of the climax of the game in favor of her brother Chris.

They were far from the only victims. Sheva is one of the worst received parts of Resident Evil 5. Excella was no better in the villain role. Resident Evil 6 brought back Sherry Birkin, only to have her in what many argue is the worst of the four campaigns to play through. Maybe they were great, but when the game around them is so lackluster, who would notice?

These newer portrayals were certainly not helped by the influx of terrific female characters created over the past 20 years. Mass Effect threw a considerable cast of amazing female characters at us and let gamers create their own female Commander Shepard. Ellie from The Last of Us did much the same.

Even Geralt would agree with Ciri being more important than he is. Still, as we look back 20 years ago at Resident Evil and the success it has experienced, hopefully we can also look back on Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield and remember them as well. To say the series has not maintained its success over the years is an understatement. Other than a brief revitalization with Resident Evil 4, it has seen a steady decline in both quality and prestige. Resident Evil 6 sold well but is very poorly thought of to the point Capcom is again searching for answers with the series.

A series of terrible movies are the only way that millions even know the name Resident Evil. Other horror series such as Dead Space have moved in to take its place including with good female characters with Ellie. The older and nostalgic of us still hope to see the series find its feet again. Recent word of the soon to be announced Resident Evil 7 made many react with caution, but loyal optimism. Hopefully Capcom can remember what it was that made characters like Jill and Claire such great characters, once upon a time.

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