Hagalaz rune relationship poems

Rune Magick - The second Aettir - Hagalaz

hagalaz rune relationship poems

(Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem) You may see this relationship by finding a quartz crystal which is either naturally symmetrical or has been shaped to the six-sided Used with other runes, hagalaz brings them into complete being on all levels. Hagalaz is a force which tempers us but also one which purges us. The Anglo- Saxon rune poem reminds us of how hail always inevitably melts and becomes. Posts about Hagalaz Rune written by laurabruno. I put picture in quotes, because the bees buzzed around, keeping the infinity sign in living, breathing motion.

Even if you seem to be unable to act and change circumstances and events.

hagalaz rune relationship poems

Strange building this is, because as you climb up and up, the floors seem to reflect the order and structure of things and beings that resonate first with the reality you know, with your life. You feel most certainly disconcerted, but know that you need to move.

hagalaz rune relationship poems

And you suspect the building changes for everyone who crosses its magickal thresholds, yet being the same in essence. The building mirrors the unchanged patterns of being and becoming we have to learn to accept and bring to completion on a solid basis.

hagalaz rune relationship poems

The second floor up is a sort of homely place, where you, or the phanton who you seem to have become for the circumstances, have to encounter family relations of past, present and even future, because some of the faces are an older you. Tears start to flow when you are confronted by the highs and lows of your life-in-relation-to-others as next of kin, and you allow them to roll down your cheeks. There are in the end some advantages in being a phanton.

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Even if you cannot change circumstances, you can face the facts and struggle to find meaning and healing in them. Beyond the tears, you add to yourself with a sad grin. The third floor is a library, the place of learning where one is taught the skills to be productive and creative, the fourth a workshop. These are floors you glide through easily. Then comes the fifth, which appears first as a playground where you see yourself playing as a child and then becomes a succession of places you have been hanging out with different sorts of people, friends and lovers.

Here, for the first time you contradict the designs the gods may have for you. You do not intend to visit all chambers of this floor in one go. Because deep down you want the immediate present to be a surprise, for the fates may bring gifts as well as challenges and you fervently hope to grow with whatever you receive or come your ways to have and to hold.

And transform and grow. Then you reach a point where you cannot go any further, for doors seem not to open, no matter how long it takes you to try and find an entrance. So you move towards the closest balcony to meditate on what has happened to you so far.

Hagalaz Rune | Laura Bruno's Blog

The weather changes, a grey curtain of rain starts to fall and soon it becomes hail. The balcony is no longer a safe for you to stay, and you swallow hard because the way back is through the floors you have just explored, and some of the rooms were quite uncomfortable for your feelings, pride and misconcpetions about facts, people and things in your life, past and present.

To your surprise and relief, most doors seem to be closed for you now. You go purposefully down and down, until you see yourself within the hex-shaped crystal, indeed where your journey started. The question now is, how to get out? You close your eyes and think of what you experienced so far.

Hagalaz is about completion, it is about establishing a strong foundation for your actions and deeds in all worlds. Why could you not change the Unchangeable? Only then conflicts will be avoided or overcome and a solid foundation for What Must Not Change will be Established.

You swallow hard, at once moved and energised and discover that somehow at this very moment you can smile. I put picture in quotes, because the bees buzzed around, keeping the infinity sign in living, breathing motion. I realized that he had no idea what he had discovered in purely academic research.

I stared at the bees and the now vibrating Rune, marveling that the professor could actually care about his ego more than the miracle we held in our hands. Hagalaz is one of those Runes you kind of hope you can avoid.

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It means big time change and acknowledges the sometimes traumatic aspects of that process. When I awoke, I glanced up from the bedroom window and noticed two squirrels working together to build a nest just at the level of the attic I asked them not to inhabit this winter. They did move, relocating themselves outside, but what I noticed this morning was their gathering of leaves and twigs.

I watched them for ten minutes or more, enjoying the careful gathering and placing of tiny branches.

Drawing it indicates a pressing need within the psyche to break free from constricting identification with material reality and to experience the world of the archetypal mind. It will uncover the vast flow of energies around and through human energy systems.

hagalaz rune relationship poems

Its nature is completely impersonal and it represents power generally beyond human ability to harness. The ancients describe hail as a grain rather than as ice, thus creating a metaphor for a deeper truth of life.