Parents and childrens relationship with god

Relationships with God and with Parents |

parents and childrens relationship with god

In Romans 8, Paul takes a moment to explain the essence of the Parent/Child relationship that God desires to have with each of us. He says in. Proverbs on Parent-Child Relationships. Proverbs My child, don't ignore it when the Lord disciplines you, and don't be discouraged when He corrects. As Christian parents, we deeply desire our children to develop a strong, enduring and close relationship with God. What can we do to help them on that path?.

parents and childrens relationship with god

Leah Misch has always considered her dad as the one in charge, the leader and provider of her family while she was growing up. She is also close to another family that helped her find religion at a time of crisis in her life, including another father that has shown her kindness and love.

  • Father figure: Perceptions of God may stem from father-child relationships
  • Father's faith: Perceptions of God may stem from dad-child relationships

Sociologists say it's common for people to perceive that God is like the fatherly figures in their lives. If dad is caring, patient and concerned then children will believe God has those same characteristics. And the opposite holds true when a father is harsh, judgmental or absent.

God – The Ultimate Model of the Parent / Child Relationship

They found in custody arrangements where the father has limited time with his children, he will choose leisure activities over church. Also, children's reduced time with paternal relatives limits that influence on the children's exposure to religion. They are always there.

But somehow that is not enough. Dollahite, co-director of the American Families of Faith project, said interviews with families of Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths found religion to be most influential on children when both parents are united in their commitment to living their faith.

And while the interviews show a lot of overlap in setting an example, there were aspects unique to fathers in what they felt was important for modeling faith in their lives. Dollahite said dads talked more about protecting and providing as a religious obligation as well as setting an example and passing on religious traditions to their kids. Leading and loving Based on his experience as a therapist, lay church leader and researcher, Dollahite said fathers tend to assume the role of disciplinarian, focusing on rules, standards and expectations.

As Christian parents, our goal—our hope—for our children is that they learn to build and maintain that relationship as well. But how do we help our children grow to become truly Christian young men and young women?

Proverbs on Parent-Child Relationships |

How can we point them in the right direction? Talk about God One of the first things we need to do in helping our children build a relationship with God is to begin talking about God when they first begin to comprehend. Point out how God created food or the plants in your yard or the sunset and sunrise. That pretty much covers all of our activities for the day. The point is that wherever we are and whatever we are doing, we need to take the opportunity to talk to our children about God and His beneficial laws.

This should be a natural part of our conversation, born from a deep and abiding relationship that we ourselves have built with God and are maintaining.

parents and childrens relationship with god

Talk about blessings Talk about the things that God has given to you. Each family lives in different circumstances and enjoys a different variety of blessings.

How to Help Your Children Build a Relationship With God - Life, Hope & Truth

Explain to your children the many blessings God has given them and you, and your specific family blessings. Mention some of these blessings when giving thanks before meals. Occasionally we woke them up to see an especially beautiful sunrise. There is nothing like that moment of silence as you watch the sky blossom with color as the master artist paints a beautiful picture. Why not take the time to notice and then share that with your children?

Tell your children about the wonderful blessing He has given them and you by placing you together in a family. Let them know how thankful you are to have them as a part of your family and how you feel they are a gift God has given you personally. There are many people in this world who have tragically lost their families. Help your children see the blessing that God has given them to be a part of a family. He cares very deeply about each one of us, and He does intervene in our lives.

One lady related an incident from her childhood. She had gone to bed one evening when a brick came flying through the window and landed on her pillow—right in the indentation where her head had been just moments before!

parents and childrens relationship with god

You see, she had suddenly remembered something she had to go tell her mom and had gotten up to tell her. She had no doubt that God had protected her!

parents and childrens relationship with god

At times, we pray and ask God for healing or something specific, and He provides it for us. Help your children recognize these answered prayers when they occur. These blessings of healings or protection become a part of your family story.

parents and childrens relationship with god

On the other hand, there are also times when we pray about something and do not get the answer we want. God does the same thing for us Romans 8: Talk to God Involve your children in worshipping God. Teach your children how to pray and pray with them. Teach your children how to study the Bible and study it with them. Take your children to church and talk about the message with them afterwards.

One of my memories as a child is sitting beside my mom as she did her Bible study. She would talk to me about what she was studying and explain from the Scriptures what she was learning. My dad would read Bible stories to us before we went to sleep. It was always exciting to listen to the stories. Now, when our little grandson comes to visit, his nightly routine includes prayers with Grandpa and Bible reading with Grandma.

He looks forward to that time snuggling and learning.