Meet the millers parental review of video

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meet the millers parental review of video

The Millers (–). Parents Guide. Add to guide (Coming The parents have a talk while son in the room about the last time they had sex. Frequent quote. Why is We're the Millers rated R? The R rating is for crude sexual content, pervasive language, drug Parent Previews movie ratings and movie reviews The most recent home video release of We're the Millers movie is November 19, A long-time marijuana dealer (Jason Sudeikis) recruits a phony family that We' re the Millers | | R | - . the review continues below. . Our ratings and reviews are based on the theatrically-released versions of films; on video.

During a campfire drawing game, a teen boy draws a black skateboard and a woman calls out "big black [anatomical term deleted]," embarrassing the boy.

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A married woman hugs another woman and says, "You'll always be my special lover" as she slaps the woman's clothed buttocks. A woman asks her husband to use handcuffs on her for sex. A man asks a male friend, "Remember in college when I tried to kiss you? A man tells a woman to pull the dollar bills out of her crotch and she replies that her crotch only takes twenties.

meet the millers parental review of video

A man asks another man for sex advice and the other man replies to treat his wife as if she were a stripper. A woman embarrasses her daughter by describing sex with the girl's father: He falls right out. A woman says that she has a shallow vagina that won't take tampons during outtakes in the end credits, she says a tampon looked like a storm trooper's dick sticking out of her ; later, she asks her daughter if she needs a Tampax, because the daughter is being rude, which the mom feels indicates menstruation.

A man posing as the father of a teen girl says to her sarcastically about a male carnival worker, "Oh, I like him; he's great. Don't even use protection" sex implied. A man says that he usually only begs if he is in a sexual situation. A teen boy accidentally hits a teen girl posing as his sister in the face in a seat next to him on a plane.

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A DEA agent beats up a thug and a drug lord; the thug lies handcuffed in the dirt while the drug lord is roughed up but not bleeding; the drug lord gets a gun and tells the DEA agent and two families that he wants to kill all of them for misdirecting a shipment of marijuana please see the Substance Use category for more details ; one man asks the drug lord to kill only him, because the others are not involved in stealing the pot and fireworks distract the drug lord long enough for the man to kick the gun from his hand and the DEA agent arrests the drug lord.

A DEA agent beats up a thug and a drug lord and hauls them off to jail; the thug lies handcuffed in the dirt and the drug lord is roughed up but not bleeding. Police use batons to beat the driver of a car in which they found a marijuana cigarette in a long shot no blood is seen. A male carnie wears a tank top that reveals misspelled tattoos on his chest and designs on his shoulders and arms; he says that he operates a hell-ride for children and adults posing as the parents of a teen girl question him and argue together about whether the girl should be allowed to date him; later, the girl cannot get away from the carnie and her "mom" and "brother" argue with the man; the man calls them names a mild obscenity and "eyebrows" and as the brother rears back to punch the man the mother punches the man in the nose we see his nose bleed down his chin and into his mouth and he leaves, whining.

A man rushes out of a hospital with a teen boy in a wheelchair, accidentally dumping him on the ground outside twice he is not hurt ; the boy wears a cotton patch and bandage on his arm for a few scenes. The parents' guide to what's in this movie. Positive Messages Amid the over-the-top comedy is the notion that you can make your own family from people who care about you. Also, that no one is irredeemable.

We're the Millers

Some reinforcement of standard media stereotypes. Violence A villain shoves a gun into a guy's mouth and threatens to shoot it; later, he fires the gun many times. Lots of fistfights and also fights involving other makeshift weapons, including a coffee cup.

meet the millers parental review of video

Vehicles crash into each other; a gang robs a teenager of her iPhone, and a fight subsequently ensues. Sex Some sexy dancing by a stripper; at the club where she works, women are seen in bras and thongs, and one has a very suggestive tattoo. Other scenes with scantily clad women. One teenager gives French kissing lessons to another; an older woman joins them. In a non-sexual scene, a teenager's genitals, stung by a spider, are shown in close-up.