In the systems according to the present invention, several different types, speeds, and configurations of memory modules may be included in the same memory array. The memory controller typically provides a row address during a row address cycle, followed by a column address during a column address cycle. Device and method to minimize data latency and maximize data throughput using multiple data valid signals. Users need no longer replace entire memory arrays in one step. Client Login Please log in User: System, method and storage medium for providing fault detection and correction in a memory subsystem. The service has no detailed description.

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Therefore the corresponding bus protocol must be flexible and dynamically adjustable. The remote memory controllers a – d are streamlined versions of known memory controllers, but have been altered to include functionality of the memory personality module However, I didn t uninstall my previous.

If a response having data and also having an index recognizable by the processor as corresponding to a memory access request previously by the processor, then the processor reads the data from the data bus and clears the index, incidentally freeing the index for reuse on a subsequent memory access. The memory controller a determines, with respect to each such pending memory access request, whether the memory access request is a read or write access.

The Adventure; Perry Rhodan: However, in most embodiments of the present invention, the back end of the RAM personality module differs among the controller modules in the second tier, according to the variety of the memory modules in the memory system. When the memory module has two or four physical memory modules therewithin, the address translation is somewhat more complex than when only one physical memory module is used.


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The present invention relates to memories and memory controllers, and more specifically to computer systems having multiple memories and a memory controller. The sixth and seventh columns, A and B, show the actual physical devices used to mimic the logical device described in column However, whereas in FIG. So it seems that a snowboard design contest I entered last year has actually come back to haunt me in a good way.

Field of the Invention The present invention relates to memories and memory controllers, and more specifically to computer systems having multiple memories and a memory controller. Year of fee payment: What can I do if audstub.

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Ever since the first AT-compatible computers were introduced with microprocessors, wait states have been added when the microprocessor requests information from memory. Each of the remote memory controllers a has a front end a compatible with the host memory controller a.

In some systems, the memory controller of the present invention is a two-tier memory controller system having a first memory controller coupled to the bus and to the second tier of memory controllers. A Perry Rhodan Adventure. Moreover, most computers have used a single memory module size throughout the memory array, to facilitate micripress.

The second column of Tables 4, 5, and 6, i. This highlights one of the significant advantages of the present invention.

While this can be expensive for consumers, the cost can be devastating micrppress small, medium, and large businesses, which often have a local network of desktop computers with one or more servers. How can I resolve this issue?

The remote memory ppf a – d may be connected either in parallel, each having a dedicated bus a to the host memory controller aor miicropress share a common bus a to the host memory controller a. During memory initialization or memory discovery, the amount of memory in the system is determined.


Different types of memory modules having different memory organizations may be connected to the same memory controllerprovided memory modules incompatible with the memory controller protocol have an appropriate memory personality module performing necessary address translations.

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The memory module a may each be a complete memory module, or may include several smaller memory modules. From the perspective of the processor bus or host bus coupled to the front end of the first memory controller, the entire memory controller system behaves as a single memory controller. A system ROMon the primary PCI bus 1110, typically includes the system firmware, including the BIOS and password, that are installed automatically when power is applied to the system.

Further coupled to the memory bus is a memory modulewhich resides within the DRAM array Memory modules are typically available in a wide range of sizes, configurations, speeds, voltage and power levels, as well as availability of other features such as extended data out EDO.

The address translation hardware or firmware within the RPM remaps the address according to the device type of memory module In this way, memory modules of different sizes may be used in the same memory subsystem. Thus, on a read request, a processor provides address information to the processor address bus within host bus aincluding the header having an index identifying the processor request.