Meet the spartans neck break meme

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meet the spartans neck break meme

Explore Go Blue Tours's board "Spring Break Memes" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about 爆笑, ジョーク and 笑い. The couple meets, they get along swimmingly, they start dating, and then This doesn't mean you should break up with a woman just because. Traditionally, you did it by making peace with God, hence this line's occasional substitutes, "Say your prayers!" or "Prepare to meet your maker!" Still, the person .

Typically male, 20s—50s, out of shape, rocking a dad bod, or maybe just a beer gut. Posers are contractors who — because they are vets, and witnessed Action Figures when they were deployed on active duty — dress a certain way to imply an inaccurately high level of adventure.

They typically sport beards, have badges tucked into shirts, but show a suspicious lack of sun exposure.

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The Professor On Safari Stats: Hard to estimate, but probably astronomical to lure them out of retirement Attire: Matching nylon pants with versatile, zip-off legs. Nylon shirts with shirt roll keeper thingies on the sleeve. This group may or may not have served in the military. These guys know how to wear a sidearm but they dress like models from an AARP ad. The khaki vest with a shitload of pockets is a dead giveaway.

Both male and female, aged 35—70, typically with some prior service. These men and women do whatever it takes to keep earning outside the United States. Usually prior NCOs and capable as hell — when they want to be. Some maintain homes and families in the states, others own property in Costa Rica or Thailand or wherever. These guys are the pros that provide continuity — many come and go when their tour is done, but these folks cultivate and maintain a professional network with the host nation and know how to make shit happen.

They might work in a port, for the embassy, or as a liaison for a foreign company that does frequent business with the military.

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Yes, right here in this dreadful bathroom. Quite un-stylish, but you know, these things happen. From Goldfingeras James Bond is about to be cut in two with a laser lengthwise: You expect me to talk? I expect you to die! Galaxy Quest When the Thermians are showing a smuggled tape off Sarris' ship to the 'crew' of the Protector: I have told you all I know. If you have any mercy within you please When I grow tired of the noises you make, you shall DIE!

Smith is transformed into a self-proclaimed god and begins to eat the older Will Robinson: Because he prefers to use the Hindu deities. When Eric Draven faces down Top Dollar's entire gang at the club, just before the biggest shootout of the movie. You're all going to die. Chuck Norris 's character said "It's time to die This caused the Big Bad to have nightmares and to wake up screaming every night.

meet the spartans neck break meme

When the final showdown occurs, Chuck's character just says "It's time And then he blasts the Big Bad out of the top story window with a rocket launcher. Highlander The Kurgan says this to Connor. In Happy GilmoreHappy tells the clown face at the miniature golf park, "you're gonna die," when he successfully gets the golf ball into the clown's mouth but the clown spits it back out.

That's right, I killed your master. And now I'm gonna kill you too. With your own sword, no less.

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Which in the very immediate future, will become my sword. Literature The Princess Bridenear the end. Inigo Montoya says this to the six-fingered man, as shown in the page quote. Paul Tobin's Prepare To Die plays this straight for about ten pages, after which it is massively averted. The hero, Reaver, is at the mercy of his arch-nemesis, the Octagon, who tells him to prepare to die.

The hero, surprisingly, agrees, on condition that he gets a month to do so. Astonished, Octagon instead gives him two weeks.

meet the spartans neck break meme

And that's just the beginning In the Warrior Cats series, Brokentail shouts "Prepare to die! Stephen King 's Night Shift: Telling someone that you are going to attack or kill them before you do it is tantamount to making a promise and then carrying it out, which has a positive effect on your karma and personal power.

This is also used to justify Bond Villain Stupidity such as monologues. Gregor, never one to stand on ceremony, responds with "Some dead man.