Where do electors meet

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where do electors meet

Each state has as many "electors" in the Electoral College as it has officials certify the popular vote of each state, the winning slate of electors meet in the state in which electors would vote proportionally based on the state's popular vote. Scheduled time for electors to convene in their state capital; their votes will be cast during the meeting in accordance with state rules. Each State is allocated a number of Electors equal to the number of its U.S. each State's Electors meet in their respective State capitals and cast their electoral.

The electors of each state convene after the election, under current federal law, on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December. Any disputes within the states over electors must be resolved by December They almost always meet in person at the state capital.

United States Electoral College

This year, they will meet on December 19, In 48 of 50 states, just the electors who represent the candidate with the most popular votes on Election Day each get to cast votes in the Electoral College election. Maine and Nebraska split votes by congressional district.

where do electors meet

Each state group sends its endorsed, official vote count certificate to the Vice President acting as President of the Senatestate officials, the federal court that had jurisdiction over the state capital area, and the federal Archivist. The vote certificates must be received in Washington by December For example, back inPresident Barack Obama won the popular vote in Pennsylvania and its 20 electoral votes.

On December 10,the governor and secretary of state for Pennsylvania filed a certificate of ascertainmentlisting the election vote count, and the names of all electors for all eligible parties.

The Pennsylvania electors for the winning party met and signed a Certificate of Vote on December 17, at the state capital in Harrisburg, Pa. Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, a Democrat, was among the 20 electors.

where do electors meet

Inthe new federal Congress convenes on January 6 for the official Electoral College vote count. The Vice President will open the vote certificates and pass them to four members of Congress, who count the votes. If there is a majority winner with at least electoral votes and there are no objections filed by members of Congress, the Presidential election is certified and over. Each state has as many "electors" in the Electoral College as it has Representatives and Senators in the United States Congress, and the District of Columbia has three electors.

When voters go to the polls in a Presidential election, they actually are voting for the slate of electors vowing to cast their ballots for that ticket in the Electoral College.

How the Electoral College Works

Electors Most states require that all electoral votes go to the candidate who receives the plurality in that state. After state election officials certify the popular vote of each state, the winning slate of electors meet in the state capital and cast two ballots—one for Vice President and one for President.

House of Representatives About this object The contested Presidential election brought Senators, and the electoral certificates under investigation, into the House Chamber. In the modern era, very rarely have electors voted for someone other than for whom they pledged. Though still rare, electors more commonly changed their vote in the 19th century—particularly on the vote for Vice President.

There has been one faithless elector in each of the following elections: A blank ballot was cast in Inseven electors broke with their state on the presidential ballot and six did so on the vice presidential ballot.

where do electors meet

Procedure Since the midth century, on January 6 at 1: He passes the votes to four tellers—two from the House and two from the Senate—who announce the results. House tellers include one Representative from each party and are appointed by the Speaker.

At the end of the count, the Vice President then declares the name of the next President. The date of the count was changed in,and Sitting Vice Presidents John C. BreckinridgeRichard NixonHubert Humphreyand Al Gore all announced that they had lost their own bid for the Presidency.

where do electors meet

Objections Since3 U. During the Joint Session, Members of Congress may object to individual electoral votes or to state returns as a whole. An objection must be declared in writing and signed by at least one Representative and one Senator. In the case of an objection, the Joint Session recesses and each chamber considers the objection separately in a session which cannot last more than two hours with each Member speaking for no more than five minutes.