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meet nurses in houston

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The agency also began annual planning sessions relating to feedback received from constituents relating to the regulation of nursing.

History - Texas Board of Nursing

The Board also authorized the hiring of an in-house attorney instead of relying soley on outside counsel. A financial aid program for nurses was established by Senate Bill and initially funded with a license surcharge, and a special study of the nursing shortage authorized. Senate Bill amended the definition of professional nursing to include carrying out orders of podiatrists. APNs were given limited prescriptive authority at sites serving medically underserved populations.

The Board implemented its computerized phone system in Through the automated system, licensure verification could be done 24 hours a day via the phone system.

meet nurses in houston

The agency began holding workshops throughout the state concerning the NPAfunctions of the Board, Peer Review, continuing education, and the investigatory process. Numerous Texas contributions were cited which lead to receiving the award including the many leadership roles held by agency staff, publications and research involvements, membership on state and national committees and presentations on the role and responsibilities of the NCSBN and the Texas Board.

House Bill granted authority to do criminal background checks in conjunction with investigation of a complaint, and a process was established for students to obtain declaratory order of eligibility for licensure.

Sunset staff met with board staff in and Sunset recommendations were enacted in The Sunset Bill, HBadded: A Health Professions Council was created to coordinate activities of the various health professions licensing boards with operation beginning in July HB addressed peer review laws and mandatory reporting. Nursing peer review laws were amended to require that: Mandatory reporting was amended to give authority to adopt rules to minimize reporting of minor incidents and duplicative reporting and to require mandatory reporting by peer review committees to the Board.

In Septemberrandom auditing of nurses began to verify compliance with the hour continuing education requirement. The CE requirement was added by rule in following 14 months of study by the Continuing Education Advisory Committee which began in The Board of Vocational Nurse Examiners was required to develop rules relating to LVNs licensed in other jurisdictions practicing temporarily in Texas.

RNs were given protection from retaliation for refusing to engage in reportable conduct. The qualification relating to practice experience of practice members of the Board were clarified.

HB also added proof of good professional character as a requirement for licensure and mandatory reporting was expanded to include students experiencing problems with chemical dependency. The Board began referring to advanced nurse practitioners ANPs as advanced practice nurses APNs in an effort to avoid confusion caused by the nurse practitioner title.

Inthe Board moved to its current location, the William Hobby Building in downtown Austin, which also houses other health occupation licensing agencies. Senate Bill granted authorization and funding to conduct pilot test mechanisms to help assure that RNs maintain their competency after initial licensure, and that RNs are knowledgeable of the laws and regulations governing their practice.

The Diploma educator position on the Board was changed to an APN educator position which was filled by appointment of Dr. Linda Rounds in SB also gave the authority to collect information needed to identify students who may be disqualified or licensure upon graduation.

The Board launched its web site in April, Today, percent of nurses renew their licenses online. The BON web site now includes online examination, endorsement, and renewal applications as well as licensure verification. The Compact became effective January 1, Senate Billregulating CRNAs administering anesthesia in outpatient settings, required creation of a registry and inspection of anesthesia equipment in outpatient settings.

By the end of FY, nurses had completed and returned the declaration forms to the Board. In response to increasing numbers of phone callsin FYthe BON created the Customer Service Group utilizing cross-training of Customer Service and Licensing staff to provide better responses to callers during peak times.


SB also created the Nursing Workforce Data Center to study the nursing shortage but did not add provisions to fund the Center. A requirement for two hours of continuing education related to Hepatitis C to be obtained between and was added by HB Senate Bill amended the Medical Practice Act MPA to expand the types of sites that qualify for prescriptive authority for advanced practice nurses.

The combined member Board included members from both boards and the Board of Vocational Nurse Examiners was abolished in February, Texas joined 45 other states with combined boards of nursing. Nurses were licensed and regulated under the Nursing Practice Act. Dementia training requirements were added for nurses working in facilities providing care to dementia patients by House Bill The BON began conducting criminal background checks on candidates for nurse licensure by examination and endorsement in following passage of House Bill which granted authority to conduct FBI criminal background checks as part of the licensing and licensing renewal process.

Senate Bill gave the BON authority to conduct pilot programs and evaluate systems designed to encourage identification of system errors. APNs were added to the standardized credentialing of providers. Board members appointed by the Governor to the new combined board included former members from the Board of Vocational Nurse Examiners which ceased to exist in Februarythe Board of Nurse Examiners and new appointees.

The entire fourth floor of Tower Three of the William Hobby Building was now a single board of nursing. The number of staff employed by the Board increased from 55 employees to 81 employees. Staff from both boards worked together to draft new agency rules relating to all nurses, arrange offices, combine information technology resources, and merge the day-to-day operations of the two former boards. The new combined board began conducting criminal background checks on LVN licensees by examination and endorsement.

House Bill established a criminal investigations unit within the BON to access National Crime Information Center NCIC data during investigations; added automatic revocation of nurse licenses for a variety of criminal offenses including certain felonies; permitted the BON to impose emergency restrictions on licensees; and permitted action based on deferred adjudication judgments in nurse criminal cases.

House Bill reduced the licensure requirements for retired nurses whose practice is limited to volunteer charity work. Senate Bill directed the Higher Education Coordinating Board to conduct a study of retention rates in Texas nursing education programs and created financial incentives for nursing faculty including tuition reduction for children of faculty and preceptors and a home loan program.

The practice environment of nursing was addressed through several bills. The Board of Nursing responded to Sunset Review, required for all agencies every twelve years, which included: However, it cannot be issued if there are questions about license eligibility based on fitness questions.

It takes a couple weeks for the Board to issue a temporary permit.

Meet the Board - Texas Board of Nursing Roster

It is valid for only days. Candidates who have not practiced in the recent past may be required to get a special temporary permit to do refresher work. Applying for Licensure The candidate must meet additional eligibility requirements. If the candidate is unsure of the license eligibility due to issues in the past, the candidate can file a petition to have the background considered, and eligibility determined, even before the candidate begins the nursing coursework.

The Texas BON requests that candidates turn in applications days before graduation.

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Applications can be found on the Board site http: It is also possible to complete the application online. The candidate should also initiate a criminal background check. If the candidate is in-state, the candidate can have the prints captured electronically through the approved vendor. An appointment will be required. After the student has completed all graduation requirements, the candidate will get the dean or director of the program to sign a form.

The candidate must also register with the testing company www. Once the eligibility has been determined, the candidate will be sent an ATT which will be valid for up to 75 days. The candidate will need to take the exam during this time frame. A graduate can work as a GN Graduate Nurse.

Welcome to the Texas Board of Nursing Website

The candidate can verify that the candidate has this status by going online. Before the status expires, the candidate will need to have passed the licensing exam plus the online jurisprudence exam. After the candidate applies to the Board, the candidate will be able to access the exam at the following web address: There is no additional fee for the jurisprudence exam.

meet nurses in houston

However, they must continue to turn in an application to the Texas BON and pay applicable fees. A US educated candidate must pass within four years of graduation.

The last application must be made at least days before eligibility ends. An RN must apply separately to do radiologic procedures in certain settings. Endorsement and International RNs An RN may be endorsed into Texas if the candidate has already met the licensing requirements in another jurisdiction.

meet nurses in houston

This includes taking the appropriate licensing exam. The candidate will need to take the online jurisprudence exam before the candidate receives permanent licensing. A nurse who does not have recent experience will need to do additional work before the candidate can be licensed.

meet nurses in houston

This may take the form of a refresher course or extensive orientation. The candidate will need a special kind of temporary permit to complete requirements — this is not the same as licensure.