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japanese drift meet

Super Street Fresh Meet – Tokyo Drift: Underground Traffic jams consisting purely of modified Japanese cars, police blockages lighting. A Documentary About The Underground Drift Scene In Japan. It's Initial D In Re | Check out 'Drift Hunter: Japan's Underground Drifting Scene' on Indiegogo. In this in-depth story, Ollie Stallwood visits an illegal Japanese drift scene and reports first-hand on the culture he discovers.

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Another noteworthy car was the apolcalypse spec Suzuki Swift, complete with chicken wire on the windows. The orange Supra with the crazy widebody kit and massive rear wing was quite a sight too. I loved the atmosphere of the meet too, the whole underground vibe of the event and the enthusiasm of everyone around me. It was a completely different feel to something like a Sunday morning meet at Daikoku or a McLaren track event for example.

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After spending an hour and a half inside, we went outside to see some of the cars in action. If anything, the show outside was crazier than the one inside. Despite the police presence on the road, people still wanted to put on a show for the hundreds of spectators.

You had motorbikes doing wheels, cars accelerating hard off the lights, and even a few attempting and failing miserably to powerslide. Due to not being able to stop in time, before getting to the bend.

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Often crowds of people would watch from the dam's walkways, watching as the cars shoot by before entering the touge route.

This makes this touge route a very high speed one, making it very dangerous when it rains or at night. As managing your speed through the course becomes very difficult, due to very easy loss of traction or darkness of the corners.

Super Street Fresh Meet 2017 – Tokyo Drift: Underground

Orimasu is one of touge drifters favorite spots, and most well know. This Mountain gets its name, from its terrifying descent down the road's route. As this mountain features one touge route, but it's very technical and underestimated.

Although a short touge route, it is most acclaimed for people sliding and crashing right through the guarid rail. Sliding right down the mountain, to the road at the very bottom. This route also features awkward bends, which there are very long straights in between the bends. Prompting drivers to give a clutch kick, or two. To make it to the top or bottom, of the mountain. Misairu Missile Mountain Mt. Misairu is anything but tame, from the blizzards to the stunts that go on here.

There is always something to do, as Mt Misairu offers skiing and snow trails to insane stunt shows.

japanese drift meet

There is a stunt park, where snow drifting, stunting and rally racing goes on. With visits of the world famous rally driver Ken Block, this mountain in particular is very popular with the tourists of Japan.

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In the little towns of Mt. Misairu, some drifting even goes on. As people like watch the low hp and speed slides from there cabins, and homes. Due to the happy community, no tells ; In particular, Mt. Misairu really like Christmas. From the decorated lights to the Christmas themed performances, i swear you would think that you were at the North Pole.

These tracks never end, and we can go for hours on end. These tracks feature two end points, and we turn around at each end point. Point To Point Route Message: Asphalt Drift Track Type: If you want your team, to book a drift meeting with us.

First you have to register your team, in the bookings list. Registration For Booking List: Yes No - Is there any certain sections you would like us to run? Or do you want us to choose. Don't show up with over the horsepower limit, the wrong tires, or have to tune your car a whole bunch of times.

japanese drift meet

As Team Vintage Japan will think that you are not serious about this meet, and will just leave. The meet will automatically end. But fail to show up, your team will never be able to book with us again. As we do not have the patience to deal with failed meetings. You can either fill out the registration for the booking list on the forum, through a private message, or through my profile: The passes are judged as explained above, however there are some provisos such as: Overtaking the lead car under drift conditions is OK if the chasing car doesn't interrupt the lead car's drift.

Overtaking the lead car under grip conditions automatically forfeits that pass. Spinning forfeits that pass, unless the other driver also spins. Level of smoke from the tires. Increasing the lead under drift conditions helps to win that pass. Maintaining a close gap while chasing under drift conditions helps to win that pass.

Points are awarded for each pass, and usually one driver prevails. Sometimes the judges cannot agree, or cannot decide, or a crowd vocally disagrees with the judge's decision. Sometimes mechanical failure determines the battle's outcome, either during or preceding a heat.

If a car cannot enter a tandem battle, the remaining entrant who automatically advances will give a solo demonstration pass. In the event of apparently close or tied runs, crowds often demonstrate their desire for another run with chants of 'one more time'.

For example in Australia, the chase car is judged on how accurately it emulates the drift of the lead car, as opposed to being judged on its own merit — this is only taken into consideration by the judges if the lead car is on the appropriate racing line. This system is also being tested in some European series. Usually the track for such a system is broken up into several sections usually three and the system automatically generates scores based on speed, angle and fluidity of the driver in each section, combining the scores for the final score.

In certain situations judges can change or overrule a score, which happens, though rarely. The King of Europe Drift ProSeries has developed its own Telemetry System, which uses GPS data to accurately measure speed, angle and line, thus leading to a very objective result for the qualifying sessions. Early on AWD cars without conversion were allowed in some drifting competitions, usually the rules allowed only a certain percentage of power to be sent to the front wheels, but are banned in most if not all drifting competitions today.