Goldfin invitational swim meet definition

How to survive an invitational swim meet

goldfin invitational swim meet definition

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Most meets of this style have no limits as to the number of swimmers that a team can enter, and only limit the number of times a swimmer can swim in order to make the flow of the meet manageable. Meets of this style can be at any level of swimming since all of the higher level meets use this style of meet with just more restrictive rules applied.

Meets of this style usually do not have entry time standards, but can have them to either reduce the size of the meet, or raise the competition level. Most LSC's split these up into two separate meets. The meet style is an invitational meet open only to club teams within the LSC. Almost universally, entry time standards are applied so that only the top level swimmer of the LSC can attend; only a few of the smaller LSCs do not have a time standard.

Each LSC sets their own time standards due to LSC size differencesso the competition level of the meet is not exactly the same across the country. These meets are also of the invitational format, but the entry time standards are even higher so that only the fastest swimmers of Zones qualify. Zone and Sectional meets are of the same competition level, but serve different purposes.

Zone meets are for age group swimmers and Sectional meets are for Senior swimmers. While the intention is to have one champion for the whole Zone, this is generally not possible because to have a meet of that high of a competition level, there would be very little difference between this level and the next level, so the entry times can only be made so fast.

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Thus, there are sometimes too many swimmers qualifying for this meet to have only a single meet in a Zone. Currently, the Central States Zone is the only one that has more than one Zone Championship meet Age Group swimmersand all four zones have multiple Sectional Championships Senior swimmers. After Zone meets for age group swimmers some may qualify for Junior Nationals. Swimmers race in both Olympic and non-Olympic distances, but only receive points for Olympic distances. Any swimmer of any nationality can compete in the PSS but are not eligible to some of the prizes.

The National Championships are also of the invitational meet format and offer extremely high level competition. Only a very small percentage of people who ever swim will make it to this high a level of competition. This meet is generally used to determine the US National Team for various international level meets each year, but is not used to determine the US Olympic Team. Currently, there are 2 National Championships each year, but the Spring Championships have traditionally been of a significantly lower level of competition than the Summer Championships.

This is because the Spring Championships are so close to NCAA Championships and the fact that Spring Championships are rarely used as a selection meet for national teams. In many other sports, the National Championship of the sport is known as the "US Open" and while swimming did have a very high national level meet by that name each year, it was just a high level meet and not a national championship meet.

Since there is no "US Open" meet of the old format, the National Championships specifically Summer '08 have begun to be called the "US Open" to bring it in line with the nomenclature of other sports. US Olympic Trials[ edit ] This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

goldfin invitational swim meet definition

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goldfin invitational swim meet definition

June The Olympic Trials are held once every 4 years. Since this meet offers such a coveted prize a spot on the US Olympic Team it never fails to attract the absolute fastest in the sport of swimming in the United States.

goldfin invitational swim meet definition

Because of this, the entry time standards are even faster than the National Championships. However, even though this is a faster meet and would actually offer a truer indication of who is the fastest swimmer in the United States, the winner of each event in this meet is not officially considered a National Champion and this meet is NOT held in place of the National Championships every 4 years although the Nationals are generally not held when the Olympic Trials occur, or other selection trials.

However, forthe winners of the Olympic Trials were indeed officially be a National Champion with the trials meet taking the place of the National Championship meet for It is unclear if this will continue for future trials.

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So now on to how these meet things work… Swimmer Location: If swimmers are housed on deck most likely you will not be able to go there with them. So be sure to send their necessary stuff with them and remind them to pay attention to which event is in the water so they know when to line up for their events. Writing their heat and lane assignments on their hand is also a good idea. Make sure to pre-plan a location where you will meet after the meet, and possibly at certain points during the meet.

If there is a gym or other swimmer area often parents are welcome to stay there with their child. So take a deep breath and enjoy watching the kids have fun…even if it is a little or a lot noisy.

Through the chaos be sure to help your swimmer pay attention to what events are coming up. Often meets will have white boards to announce what events are on call, while other meets do things like make announcements either through a sound system or with a person walking around shouting events, still others have more creative ways of handling communicating when the kids should line up for their events.

The key is to figure out what the system is, and pay attention to it. Make sure to send caps and goggles with them when they head to Clerk of Course. Older swimmers are usually expected to get themselves behind the blocks before their events.

If you or your swimmer are confused tell them to ask their coach for help. Swim meets are long days, there is just no getting around that…. However properly preparing yourself for the day will make things go more smoothly and reduce your stress level. Team suit Goggles and back ups…goggles always break at the worst times! My kids like to wear athletic shorts or pants, and a t-shirt.

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A sweatshirt might be a good idea as well especially if you are in a gym between events. Blanket — If swimmers are housed in a gym between events a lot of them like to bring a blanket to sit or lay on. Drinks- water bottle, sports drink, etc.

Not pop or energy drinks. Broken glass and hundreds of barefooted swimmers do not mix!! Pack some healthy snacks…fruit, crackers, a sandwich etc. No candy, pop, energy drinks, or other sugary stuff. Things Parents May want to bring: Cool clothes- It gets hot! Especially if you are working on the deck or sitting in the stands. Some parents bring shorts and t-shirts.

goldfin invitational swim meet definition

Camping type chairs if you plan to sit in the gym.